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YouTube Demonetization of BabbleTop

YouTube snapped their fingers and fully demonetized BabbleTop's channel

An open letter to YouTube’s Creator Support Team and Susan Wojcicki…

We are a small but growing channel and YouTube is the one source of revenue that we have and unfortunately, we have been demonetized for reasons that we are not aware of. We are aware that this is not a copyright issue, as we are fully compliant with all fair use guidelines. Please review our channel BabbleTop so we can have our channel remonetized. Also, we are launching a new channel on June 1, 2019, with original, self-shot content

We’ve recently contacted YouTube multiple times about strange traffic on one of our older videos (not food related) published on Sep 25,2017 This video has many views outside our usual traffic and has very low view duration.

We found it strange and were contemplating deleting the video as it was not food related. However, when we contacted YouTube Support on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, they told us everything was ok with this video. However, just one day later YouTube demonetized our entire channel. So we have taken the proactive approach and have now deleted this video from our account.

Without YouTube, our company would not exist. We put a lot of time and effort into making our content. All of our videos require a team of researchers, writers, content editors, voice actors, sound engineer, video editors, graphic designers, etc. On average, each video takes us 24 working hours to produce. We have a team of 5 full-time video editors, 1 full-time designer, 1 full-time script editor, 1 full-time sound engineer, as well as many freelance writers and video editors.

We’ve uploaded over 500 videos since May 2017. All of our videos have original scripts averaging 2500 words in length, original voice-overs, and are creatively edited to match the voice-overs. All visuals line up with what the voice actor is saying. We’ve never taken any full videos from any YouTube users or otherwise, always abiding by fair use. We do not do any mashups/compilations whatsoever. Every one of our videos provides a narrative (beginning, middle, end). All of our content is uploaded to YouTube first, then later on our social media accounts. We monitor our content to make sure no other channels re-upload our content. All of our videos provide significant commentary and educational value. Our channel currently has no strikes and our account status is “good”.

We’ve recently updated our logos, headers, and channel description to make it very clear we are a food channel. All videos have unique, handwritten descriptions with full details of what the video is and what it’s about. We include all timestamps to make sure our users can navigate our content as they please. We provide full Subtitles on all of our videos. We have a full website: and we link back to YouTube from our website. We also have a full suite of active social media accounts to promote our channel.


We have actively collaborated with Ballistic BBQ:

His video:
Our Video:

As well as collaborating with Thomas DeLauer ( In our “Thank you for 100K subscribers” video, you see both Ballistic BBQ and Thomas DeLauer: ( Video is private and will go live Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 9 am.

We’ve had a great relationship with our former YouTube rep.

We took part in the YouTube Research study to help improve the YouTube Studio Beta CSM.

We’ve attended workshops at the New York, Los Angeles and Toronto YouTube Spaces. We go to many conventions, VidCon, Vid Summit, etc.

We’ve been interviewed at VidSummit 2018 by VidIQ:

We’ve even consulted with Darrel Eves to improve our channel:

We closely follow the model laid out by our fellow YouTubers

Will you be demonetizing them and everyone who produces similar content as well? The only difference with the latter examples is these Channels have millions of subs, while BabbleTop does not.

We love YouTube, it’s helped us grow our business. Please escalate this to your team, as our business cannot afford to wait 30 days for a response. If we don’t get our monetization re-instated, we simply cannot recover and will have to lay off all of our employees immediately.

Thank you for your assistance.

Below is a screenshot of YouTube’s response to our letter…

YouTube's email response to the demonetization of BabbleTop

YouTube has falsely demonetized BabbleTop’s channel.

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