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Wendy Williams Faints On Live Television


Wendy Williams Faints On Live Television

Gossip Queen Wendy Williams was in the middle of her Halloween program when she suffered a medical scare that was caught live on television and viewed by her millions of fans—and people who lost their remote.

Williams, 53, had voiced earlier in the week that she was going to film her show “under duress” as she wasn’t a fan of “adults in costumes.” Considering the fact that she also has been known her sense of humor, it was hard to tell at first whether or not she was joking when she began slurring her words as she introduced the costume contest portion of her show.

She attempted to say “our first guest” but ended up saying “Our first caress” and then appeared genuinely terrified as she stumbled backwards after abandoning her teleprompter. Williams appeared to steady herself before completely collapsing out of view of the camera. 

She quickly came to and said, “That was not a stunt. I overheated and did pass out, but I’m a champ and I’m back.” She even attempted to make a joke out of the situation saying, “Is that the end of the show? Was I passed out that long?!”

However, at least to her staff, it wasn’t a joke. They called 911 before she came to. New York Daily News reported that the FDNY responded to a call for a “medical episode” around 10:30 a.m. at the address for the studio where the show, “Wendy,” is filmed.

While authorities wouldn’t confirm it, it would be surprising if they didn’t call for assistance. The look on her face was one of absolute terror and probably mirrored the looks of those on her team.

The theory is that she overheated because of her costume, the make-up she was wearing and the overhead lights on the show. She tweeted after the show that she was doing “fine” and that she “just need[ed] some water and electrolytes.”

“On another note, I slayed and laid Halloween, LOL!,” she tweeted. Now, not to get macabre but there definitely could be a lot more to this than just fainting as it’s far too early for any test results to have come back that would find a stroke or any other issues with her brain.

Considering she finished her show and was back on social media right after, doesn’t sound like she spent a lot of time at the hospital—if she even did. Either way, you have to think that somewhere Tupac is laughing while playing his Wendy Williams diss track “Why U Turn on Me?”

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