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Wanna Know What Worry Does To You? 15 Reasons To Read Along!


Wanna Know What Worry Does To You? 15 Reasons To Read Along!

Worrying about going back to school? Excessive worry can impact your lifestyle and health so much so that people living around you can begin to feel the brunt of your stress. Worry can take a toll on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Researchers have proved that worry can be detrimental to us. The way our body reacts to an accident is the same as it reacts to worry.

When we are faced with a danger our body releases chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream that prepares the body and mind for the attack, the very same things happen when we worry about silly things. Theresa Francis Cheung, author of Men and Depression says that increased levels of these chemicals flowing into the bloodstream for an extended period of time can cause heart attacks, affecting the nervous system as well as causing stomach ulcers.

According to The Daily Mail, excessive worry can also weaken one’s immune system leading to lingering infections. It’s a good idea to educate ourselves well on what worry and fear does to us and find ways to deal with them. Here are a few ways worry affects our body! 

7. Relationships

Worry or anxiety attacks can be detrimental to relationships due to ill effects on our sanity. Depression and irritability are the pesky cousins of worry. They create conflict and constant bickering among couples and jeopardize normal functioning in any home.  

Anxiety and depression are subjects that are gravely misunderstood. According to The National Institute of Mental Health reports, close to 18 per cent of grownups in the United States are living with anxiety issues. Twenty-three per cent of these cases are believed to be extremely critical in nature yet the amount of awareness is nominal.

This has led to lack of empathy from partners. Then, there are those who are unaware how to deal with such behavioral patterns. Therefore, it’s very important to surround yourself with people who understand your condition and can lift you up and support you.

6. Sleep Deprivation

It is funny how vicious the circle of worry and depression can be. When given into excessive worry and fear, it results in lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation has its own ill effect on your mind causing further anxiety attacks.

According to a survey conducted in the year 2007 by Anxiety Disorders Association of America, most people who have anxiety disorders face sleep issues at least once a week and 54 per cent of such people complain that they face further anxiety issues and various other abnormalities due to lack of sleep.

According to a finding, about 61 per cent people sleep seven hours and 4 days a week compared to 67 per cent back in 2005. Sleep deprivation affects a person’s productivity, their ability to concentrate as well as their behavior. 

5. Performance at Work

Anxiety attacks and worry can be the main causes for loss of sleep or mental peace and has been linked to low performance at workplaces. According to a survey done among 7,428 employees across the United States of America, 23 per cent of people experience insomnia that affects workplace productivity. Even though insomniacs are comparatively as regular as their well-rested coworkers, they cost their employers $2280 of unproductive work for about 7-8 days.

It is believed that insomnia has cost employers about $63 billion annually in the U.S. Most research participants did not miss work but they showed up at work drained or too exhausted to perform, said Ronald Kessler, Ph. D., a psychiatrist snd epidemiologist from Harvard Business School. And insomnia has been on the rise in recent times according to a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist from Stanford University School of Medicine, in Palo Alto. 

4. Mental Stress

Worrying is not always bad when done within limits. worry helps us for instance to get through our exams well by studying well, worry helps us to use essential resources like money, water or electricity carefully, thereby using them sustainably, however excessive worry does more harm than good.

Worry is the assurance for things hoped for, conviction of things not seen. When we worry about unforeseen things it is no more a worry but phobia, and phobia has a debilitating impact on an individual’s psychological and physical condition. Researchers have proved that worry is one of the major causes of depression, anxiety attacks and insomnia. (American Psychological Association).

“They can’t distinguish between a problem- solving thought and a nagging worry that has no benefit” stated Dr. Elizabeth Hoge who is a psychiatrist at the Centre for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital, while emphasizing on the need for mindfulness. 

3. Physical repercussions

According to several researches it has been observed that worry releases chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol into the body at an increasing rate which causes gastritis problems eventually  leading to stomach ulcers. If worry is not dealt with for a long period of time it can cause heart diseases, central nervous system as well as temperamental issues that can cause constant irritability and conflicts.

Frequent headaches, loss of appetite and excessive weight loss or weight gain as a result of binge eating are some of the problems we face physically when we allow worry to creep into our lives. 

2. Emotional Stress

Do you feel lonely from time to time? Do you lack the ability to fall asleep easily, or stay awake staring at the ceiling in the mid hours of the night? Worry and stress can make us extremely emotional, sensitive as well as isolate us from people, giving us the feeling of being a loner and vulnerable.

Stress and worry has been linked to suicidal thoughts, that has infact led people to end their lives as a result. According to a survey conducted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause for death in the U. S. A. Every year an average of 44, 193 people die by committing suicide and 19.6 per cent of people who commit suicide are from the age group of 45 years to 64. 

1. Impacts normal functioning

Have you ever been so stressed that you have not been able to put your mind to things at work? Or have you cooked a horrible meal just out of sheer stress?Don’t wait long before you can realise the damage worry and stress can do to you. If it is not dealt with at the right time, it can begin to slowly disturb every area of your life.

Worry only leads to trouble which in turn leads to even deeper trouble. Negativity takes over and you start to believe that you are a failure, it is a vicious cycle! We don’t like to think that we are not capable of functioning normally but when we allow fear and stress to take over our minds it voluntarily starts to upset the normal course of life making us appear like a failure. 

Now the question is how do we overcome stress at the first instance? 

While trying to confront these areas of weakness can be rather tough, the good news is that there are ways to overcome the anxiety and live a stress-free life. Here are a few ways to bid yourself goodbye to a toxic cycle of worry and stress. 

8. You are not a failure!

They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Self pity is dangerous and must not be entertained at any cost. Even if you missed, the wisest thing to do is get back up on your feet, clear the mess and TRY AGAIN.

Life is too short to cry over spilled milk. Things go wrong sometimes, relationships fail but if it costs your own life it is not worth. The worth of a person is in the amount of worth he or she attaches to themselves. There is nothing that a human being cannot achieve, if only he believes he can. It is not always our own strength of course , there is a higher power that works on our behalf when we decide to mend our lives, never ignore that truth and you will be way to go!

7. Go Hit the sack

You may be one among those millennials who is losing sleep worrying over a job or impending deadlines. Your mind wheels are on a roll and before you realise, hours have passed by since you said goodnight to everyone. It doesn’t end there, you then start to calculate the hours of sleep you may get before you can rush out for your office. Does this sound familiar to you?

I am sure we have all gone through this dichotomy and lost hours of sleep over it. Such thoughts only upset your sleep cycle and push you into a nasty cycle of insomnia. Such crushing experiences can derail us and make us susceptible to emotional trauma etc; Sleep is vital to our body and for healthy functioning of our bodies. Read a book, listen to soulful music, allowing yourself to relax sometimes.

Reading books really help you take your mind off unnecessary thoughts, and before you know it, you would have probably slept through the night. Don’t ignore physical exercise and don’t give into excessive physical strain either. Lack of physical activity can also hinder our sleep cycles. 

6. Fear is illogical!

Imagine you are in a lift, and suddenly the thought occurs to you, what if the lift stops? Then suddenly you reach into your hand bag and fiercely start to look for your phone so you can turn on the torch or call someone. You are already sweating profusely and before you know it you have reached the floor you intended to and you breath a sigh or relief. Fear has no logic, and it does not come true 99 per cent of the time.

We fabricate a story in our head that seems so real to us that we ignore reasoning. Ending unnecessary thought processes and reasoning are by far the most effective ways to expel fears. There is no point in entertaining thoughts that are only going to increase the issue of fear and stress in our lives.

Take a deep breath, tell yourself out loud, don’t be stupid and don’t fear, calm down! Take your phone or a book and try to distract your thoughts to something else. Make a conscious decision to end those thoughts of fear and soon you will be free! 

5. Take light!

I have seen that having a carefree attitude to life helps tremendously to deal with your fears and problems. Life is precious and it cannot be wasted on people who don’t value you. Happiness is a choice we have to make on our own, no one is going to do that for us.

Self- sympathy, blaming your life or others for your problems is not going to take you anywhere. Taking responsibility for your own actions as well as fighting for your own joy will help you become a stronger person. And then indulging yourself with some fun can be a real savior. Do something fun, take your mind off self-pity and see how great that feels. 

4. Engage in positive thinking and People

Most of us look for friends who will love us, accept us the way we are and be there for us when we need them the most, but unfortunately we end up with friends who are in the business of flaunting their bank balance and their most expensive car or their recent diamond necklace.

We lose sight of real happiness and start falling into that trap. We start thinking that if we don’t have all those fancy things we will lose our friends, but real friends stay no matter what. Moreover why surround ourselves with friends who are vain, or friends who think material riches are everything?

Find friends who are real, positive and adds value to your life! Rid yourself off friends who are always complaining about what is lacking, or those who constantly find fault with others. Such discussions can have a nasty impact on you. Think well of others as well as yourself, be happy with what you have and never cry over those you don’t have. 

3. Soak up the sun

Everyone is running the rat race. We are on the look out for fulfillment through our job, spouse, money or possessions. Time  is always ticking for some people, 24 hours is rather short for them. It is almost unimaginable to pause and breathe. Sitting by the beach or looking at the waves come at them is stupidity to most people today.

Nature has a reviving impact on our minds. The sun, the beach and the rains, they are a wonderful way to brighten up our spirit. The intriguing breeze, the gleaming sunset and the waves can calm our soul like cold ginger-lemonade on a hot sunny day. Escape the busy schedules, go to the beach, get a tan, go shopping, book yourself on a holiday, or be a flaneur in an unknown city, find yourself and the time to reflect on life and everything else.

Talk to people, help someone, get drenched in the rain and make a few fleeting friends. Treat yourself with a good break and enjoy the bliss of nature around you, Experience the joy of boredom! 

2. Let it go!

Has someone hurt you, or someone you have left behind because of a bitter fight? Life is too short to hold grudges. There are people you have held close to your heart, but you have been nothing but a need to them. Accept that there are people like that and they have their own reasons to behave the way they did.

There is a saying, “don’t feed pearls to pigs”, many a times we invest more than we should in relationships, it is none other than our fault. It is important to know that not everyone can be your support, you may be a support to one person while someone else may be your support. Some people come into your life to receive from you and they leave once that is done, that is all there is to it, the purpose has been met, done and dusted!

Don’t give it more importance than that. Then there are also people who come into your life to stay. They will be there for you, believe in you and make you value life and people, and if those are people you have left behind, go forgive and make peace with them! Very rarely you find real friends, and it is not worth losing them over ego trails. 

1. Talk to God, It Helps!

This may be a debate to many of you, but I believe in God. I believe there is a higher power up above and He cares! If you just pause to look for Him you will find Him whispering into your ears.

Talk to Him, tell Him what hurts you, tell Him your fears and ask Him to give you the willingness to let go of your fears. Counselling, anti-depressants have a shorter life-span, they can’t deal with your inner world. The only person who can change you inside out is the ONE who created you!

If you are standing at the end of the rope and you are ready to fall, call on Him! I promise, you will find peace. They say if you want something so badly you WILL find it, seek God diligently and you will find!

On that sweet note, I want to bid goodbye!

Live, Laugh, Love and yeah, don’t forget to Hope, because Hope keeps us alive!

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