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Two Kids Get Locked in a Grocery Store, It Goes as Expected

For many, the thought of getting stuck or locked in a grocery store sounds like heaven on earth. Being able to gorge yourself on all sorts of sweets, meats and treats without paying or being judged sounds too good to be true. 

Two pre-teens in Scotland weren’t locked in the store but reportedly hid in the clothing section until the store closed for the night. They had the place to themselves for a few hours — the store closed around 10 p.m. and early morning workers didn’t arrive until 2 a.m. When those workers did arrive they found the boys with almost $400 (£300) worth of food and alcohol on their persons and two relatively expensive memory cards and a camera were reported missing.

The kids were returned home to their parents, who must’ve thought that one was sleeping over at the others house. A spokesman for the grocery story said:

“Parents were called and the children were picked up and are safe and well. Following further inquiries three items have been reported stolen. Inquiries are ongoing with Sainsbury’s.”

Since the kids got in trouble with their parents — and authorities — it probably wasn’t worth all the snacks they ate. However, as far as stories go this is a pretty great one to share— after the grounding of a lifetime, of course. Perhaps the silver lining here is that the grocery store chain is apparently stepping up its security. They said:

“It’s shocking that security guards failed to notice the two boys.”

It’s even more shocking that they’re the first to think of it! This has fake YouTube challenge written all over it like those “Getting mailed across the country”/sitting in a box for a couple hours challenges!

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