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Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Life Today


Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Life Today

Feeling kind of blue?  Going through people’s Facebook feed and thinking “God, my life sucks compared to this person?”  Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not that your life sucks. You just might be stuck and need a little boost. It’s so easy to put off everything to tomorrow, or the day after that, or “same time next week”, and to put off again and again and again… Sometimes the tasks are just too daunting, but if you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll and these things get easier every day. It’s all about keeping little habits to improve your daily routines. So whether you’re happy with the course of your life, or you wanna find little things you can do to improve it, here are the top ten ways to improve your life today.

10. Clean your Room

The first one on the list might be the most important thing. The way you start your day has an incredible impact on how it turns out. Just like how eating breakfast before work/school can improve your performance, or dressing for the job you want can get your mind “in the zone”, making your bed in the morning is like a final statement about the sleep you just had. You slept there, and now you’re gonna leave it in a state fit for a guest because you have control over your life. Now that you’ve made your bed, you’re ready to try the next few things.

9. Learn 10 Words in Another Language

They say learning another language gives you another personality. Every language has a different style and complex history explaining why it turned out that way, so every language has developed in a very particular way.  That is with the exception of esperanto! Why not learn a few words in a language you don’t know? If you learn 10 words a day for 300 days, you’ll already know three-thousand words, and the year won’t be over yet. If you want to start really easy, just learn to count to ten… that’s ten words right there.   Uno, dos, tres… !

8. Learn a Word Day

Now that we’ve spoken about languages you don’t know, what about the language you DO know? Being proficient in English is a dying art in the age of Twitter and Youtube comments, but together, we can keep it alive. After you’ve learned words in another language, why not spend some time learning new words in the language you already know?

7. Write a Letter to a Friend

Now that you have all these new words under your belt, why don’t we go old school and put those words to use. Grab a traditional pen and paper, and write a letter to your best friend. It can be anything from a heartfelt letter of appreciation, to a poem, or maybe a very well worded argument if you’re that type of person. Writing letters is a lost art, and your friends will be sure to appreciate you trying to revive it for them. Oh, and the post office will appreciate it, too.

6. Give your Family a Call

When was the last time you spoke to your family? Since you’ve written a letter to your friend, why not give your family a call? I’m sure no matter when you last saw your mom or dad, they would be happy to hear from you again. We spend so much time trying to build or figure things out that we forget about the people who are around us, and who raised us. Most of us could use a better relationship with our parents, so why not take the first step and give them a call.

5. Floss your Teeth

Tired of having smelly breath? How regularly do you floss? If it’s been a while, our resident dental hygienist recommends that you have a nice floss right now.  We’re serious, go grab your floss while you’re reading this! Get the floss and clean in between those sweet sweet food shredding machines. Your partner and family members will thank you for it.

4. Clip your nails

On that same note, take a look at the hands you’re typing away with, and look for any dirt under your fingernails. If it’s there, it might mean your nails are too long, so do yourself a favor and clip ’em off. It feels great to take care of yourself, and clipping your nails is a minimal act that you have to do regularly. It’s like cutting hair, in fact, both hair and nails are made of protein and are similar at a chemical level. Once you’ve finished your fingernails, take a look down there and see if your toes need some fixing.

3. Watch an Educational Video

The internet has been the spark for a new renaissance age. Now anybody can look up anything and do whatever they want. This means you have the greatest opportunity humanity has ever seen to ask questions about the nature of the world. Or maybe you just wanna entertain yourself with history. That’s why it can be fun to watch educational videos. They can be top ten lists, Ted talks or even just a “how to”, anything that teaches you something that you wanted to find out. Eventually this could lead to a hobby or passion, so use the power of Youtube.

2. Learn to Program

Computers are the inevitable future of humanity/mankind, they’re already taking over the world, but soon they’ll be doing a lot of our jobs and who knows what, then. Maybe life will be like the Pixar classic Wall-E. Anyway, back to reality! Picking up programming skills is not as hard as you would think it is, and these days, there are plenty of options on the internet for learning to program. Why not try it? Take a peek at one of the course sites, and see how you feel about it. It could be the beginnings of a new career.

1. Get Off the Computer Before Bed

Well now that we just told you to get on your computer, the final tip we have for you today is to get off your computer, at least an hour before bed. Studies have shown that being on your computer before bed can negatively affect the quality of your sleep. More specifically, the light shining on your face tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, and therefore not sleep time. It sounds challenging at first, but it is a lot easier than it seems!

So that was our wholesome list of things you can start doing today. Most of them are pretty easy and can improve your life significantly if you keep at them daily. You may not notice improvement at first, but it’ll quickly show itself once these tasks become effortless. So if you have to go to bed in an hour, start now and get off the computer! Oh, and don’t forget to make your bed in the morning.

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