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Top Ten Untold Truths of Wendy’s (Part 2)


Top Ten Untold Truths of Wendy’s (Part 2)

Wendy’s fans who crave the fast food chain’s square burgers, golden fries, spicy chicken nuggets and Frosty drinks will love discovering ten more untold truths about this beloved international brand. While Wendy’s does lack a signature sandwich, it has plenty to offer to fans of affordable and classic, American-style grub. 

10. Dave Thomas And Colonel Sanders Were Buddies

Some fast food junkies don’t realize that Dave Thomas and Colonel Sanders had a long relationship. They were co-workers and friends. When Dave was getting his career going, he worked for Colonel Sanders at some Indiana-based Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants. In the early 60s, Dave was given the chance to relocate to Ohio, to try and improve business at some less-than-successful Kentucky Fried Chicken locations. If Dave Thomas boosted business, he’d get a big reward, which was 45 percent ownership of earnings for those locations. To get a big share of the profits, Dave put a lot of major changes into effect. For example, he streamlined the menu and improved the branding by ordering chicken bucket signs that drew customers in. The restaurants flourished. When he got his 45 percent, he sold it back to the Colonel for a million and a half bucks. This cash was the startup capital for Wendy’s. This Wendy’s-KFC connection is very interesting, isn’t it? Some people are aware of the connection, but others have no clue that Dave Thomas and the Colonel were close. Sadly, Dave passed away in 2002, at the age of 69, after a battle with cancer. The Colonel passed away in 1980 and rests in Louisville, Kentucky’s Cave Hill Cemetery. These men were inspiring business legends who really lived the American dream.

9. The Junior Burgers Got Smaller

In 2007, Wendy’s Junior burgers got a little more junior. They burgers did shrink a little bit, but most people probably didn’t notice. The change was made in order to ensure that the fast food chain could make a good profit on the burgers. The patties were downsized just a bit, because ground beef is the most expensive ingredient in a typical fast food burger. A few eagle-eyed fast food fans did notice the difference and some of them posted about it online. They weren’t really happy about getting less for their money, but they weren’t irate, either. Wendy’s has a lot of loyal fans who are more than willing to roll with the changes. The fast food world is competitive and chains like Wendy’s do need to adjust their menu items sometimes in order to compete. It’s about staying profitable through economic ups and downs. With so many burger chains fighting for business, it’s no surprise that Wendy’s changes it up when changes are needed. Most restaurants and food manufacturing companies don’t exactly shout out information about shrinking the size of products from the hilltops. They usually try to do it quietly. Of course, they have to release nutritional information and this means that it’s always possible to find out almost anything about a fast food menu item, from Wendy’s or another fast food joint. 

8. Free Meals May Be Available

At Wendy’s, customers who complain politely will possibly get free burgers in return. This has really happened. The company does wants its customers to feel valued. It’s not 100 percent certain that every complaint will lead to free food, but it’s possible that complaining will result in free food. People definitely shouldn’t complain when there’s nothing to complain about. Fast food workers have enough to deal with during their shifts, without handling bogus complaints from customers with ulterior motives. They work very hard, without the tips that some service workers get. Sometimes, customers do have legit complaints and Wendy’s staff members will do the best that they can to neutralize the impact of bad customer experiences. There is an urban legend out there about another way to get free food at Wendy’s. As the legend goes, you’ll need to let a clerk know that you have no money and you’re hungry. This rumor has been around for ages, but this urban legend has been debunked. Letting Wendy’s staff know that you’re broke won’t lead to a free meal. You may get a sympathetic glance, though. If Wendy’s really did dole out free food whenever customers came to the counter and said they had the munchies, but no cash, they’d be damaged financially, because a lot of people would take advantage. 

7. The Brand Is Being Modernized

Wendy’s has that classic, All-American image down pat. It’s a wholesome image that has made the fast food chain a success all over the world. While the Wendy’s brand definitely stands out, the company has taken steps to modernize the brand to keep it strong and relevant in the future. Modernizing a beloved brand is complicated. It needs to be done with finesse or loyal customers may be alienated. To do it right requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Ultimately, it’s about understanding the brand and its customers, as well as the ways that society is changing. The focus is still on quality, which was what Dave Thomas believed in. Quality is always priority one, but some tweaks to the brand’s marketing, including the tone of ads and social media posts, have given the brand a fresher image. The modernization process began several years ago, when free Wi-Fi became yet another perk of being a Wendy’s customer. 

6. There’s A Downside To Spicy Chicken Nuggets

We’re not saying that these spicy nuggets aren’t fun to eat. They are tasty. Also, they’re popular. They were taken off the menu in the past, which sparked complaints, so Wendy’s brought them back. The issue is, according to a Wendy’s team members who posted anonymously online, that these nuggets with a spicy kick aren’t always as fresh as other Wendy’s menu items. While they’re popular, they don’t get ordered as often as some other products, so they may sit around for a while before they end up in your order. You may consider this a bit of a downside, but don’t worry too much, because other Wendy’s staffers who have posted anonymously have let people know that they can request freshly-made food when they order. It may take a bit longer to get the food, but Wendy’s will make fresh stuff for you if you specifically request it. Wendy’s food tends to sit for no more than a hour, which means that food from this fast food chain is very fresh, but some anonymous staffers report that certain location managers let food sit around for longer, such as a couple of hours to three hours. These online confessions aren’t verifiable and may or may not be true. We all have our own palates, and spicy food is adored by some, but too much for others to handle. Those who shy away from spice, because it doesn’t agree with them or they don’t like how it tastes, tend to go for menu items with less seasoning and there are plenty of those menu items to choose from. They sell in greater quantities. 

5. Dave Thomas Was An Adoption Advocate

Adoption is a beautiful thing. Dave Thomas knows this, because he was adopted. Dave was born on the 2nd of July, 1932. His birthplace was Atlantic City, New Jersey. His mother was a young woman who wasn’t married. When Dave was six weeks of age, he was adopted. Auleva and Rex Thomas welcomed the baby boy into their lives and had no way of knowing what a huge success he would make of his life. When Dave was an adult, he created a Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. He advocated for adoption. Sadly, his adoptive mom passed away when he was only 5 years of age. After that tragic event, Dave’s father would move around the USA, seeking out employment. Young Dave was a go-getter who got his first job when he was only 12 years old. Of course, the job was at a restaurant. Unafraid of hard work, driven, and blessed with vision, Dave Thomas was destined to reach the pinnacle in his chosen field. With his Foundation for Adoption, he gave back. This non-profit organization lives on after his passing. It helps kids who are in foster care to find their “forever” families. This non-profit does amazing things and it’s a powerful part of the Dave Thomas legacy. 

4. Black Bean Burgers Didn’t Last Long

While Beyond Burgers are all the rage these days, some attempts by fast food chains to introduce healthier menu options have fallen flat. One example is Wendy’s Black Bean Burger. It just didn’t hit the target with customers, most of which visit Wendy’s for the usual fast food indulgences. Maybe, if the Black Bean Burger had been launched today, when there is so much buzz about the benefits of plant-based diets, it would have done better. We’ll never know. So, what was this burger all about, anyway? Well, Wendy’s began testing the veggie burger in 2016. It was designed to satisfy people who don’t eat meat. It included a patty made from black beans, corn and roasted red pepper. The burger featured pepper jack cheese, spring veggies, tomatoes and a sauce with Parmesan Ranch flavor. The burger had a multi-grain bun made from a host of seeds and grains. It all sounds pretty good in theory, doesn’t it? Maybe it was delicious. It was, however, a idea whose time had not come. The Black Bean Burger experiment failed. People didn’t like the taste of the burger, or just weren’t into the whole meatless thing, or something. By summer of 2017, the Black Bean Burger was off the menu. It’s not uncommon for fast food chains to garner poor sales for their healthier menu items. Most people come to burger joints for beef burgers, salty fries and other typical fast food. They go other places, such as Whole Foods, when they want super-healthy things to eat. Most fast food joints keep salads on the menu, even though they don’t sell like burgers, nuggets and fries do. They do it give their customers options, rather than to make a bundle. Some of these fast food salads are truly healthy, while others have a surprising amount of fat and calories. 

3. Canadian Restaurants Offer Poutine

Canadians know that Poutine is a glorious treat. For many people in the Great White North, Poutine is a comfort food and a guilty pleasure. Composed of golden-brown French Fries covered in cheese curds and gravy, it’s filling, savory and oh-so-Canadian. Because it’s a classic Canadian dish, it’s available at Wendy’s fast food chains in Canada. A lot of fast food chains in Canada offer Poutine, including McDonald’s and A & W. Burger King, too. There are surely many more fast food joints in Canada that also offer this not-so-light menu option. Americans who want a taste of Wendy’s Poutine should cross the border and try it. It’s great with pepper and salt, or just salt. Some people add other spices or toppings to make it their own. In Canada, Poutine is big business and there are gourmet Poutine shops that offer some innovative spins on the classic recipe, such as Poutine with truffles or bacon. In Canada, at Wendy’s, classic Poutine is on the menu, as well as Bacon Poutine. They are sides which are hearty enough to stand alone. 

2. There Is a Secret French Fry Hack

Wendy’s food is renowned for its freshness, but, sometimes, customers want it even fresher. If you’re obsessed with getting the freshest fries, right out of the fryer, try asking for your Wendy’s fries without salt. When you do, the restaurant’s cooks will need to whip up a fresh batch of fries, as existing fries have already been salted. This tip comes from a Wendy’s staff member who posted online at an anonymous message boat. Of course, you can salt your fries on your own. While this request may lead to some inconvenience for fast food workers, who already have their hands full, some customers don’t mind making extra work for Wendy’s cooks. They request fries without salt to ensure that they get freshly-fried, golden-brown French Fries, which haven’t been sitting around. Another option for getting the very freshest Wendy’s grub is to order it during peak times. When a Wendy’s restaurant is very busy, it usually has crack team members on shift, who are very good at making a lot of fresh food quickly. Food doesn’t tend to sit around during these periods. You may need to wait in line for a bit when it’s very busy, such as during the lunch or dinner rush, but you will probably get food that’s extremely fresh. Most people do want salt on their fries, even though a lot of sodium isn’t so good for them. Salty fries are an international passion. Wendy’s French Fries are usually sprinkled with sea salt before they are served to customers, unless customers want them salt-free. These fries are natural-cut, from complete potatoes, with the skins included. At Wendy’s, French Fries are available in a range of sizes to suit every appetite. 

1. The Beef Really Is Never Frozen

Some people are skeptical of the marketing claims that fast food chains make, but Wendy’s employees who post anonymously online have verified that the ground beef used to make burgers at Wendy’s is, in fact, really fresh. Apparently, fresh, non-frozen beef is delivered to the restaurants frequently, such as twice per day. Wendy’s cheeky social media posts are often funny and one of those posts was a diss at McDonald’s. Wendy’s social media team decided to call McDonald’s out for using frozen beef in most of the burgers served at all of the “Billions Served” fast food chain. So, you will be getting fresh ground beef that’s never been frozen when you order a burger at Wendy’s. The chain relies on fresh ground beef that isn’t frozen to lure in customers, not that many loyal Wendy’s customers need much prodding to visit the restaurants. These Wendy’s fans love eating Wendy’s square burgers and other menu items. Now that you’ve discovered ten more untold truths of Wendy’s, you may be craving a Frosty, or a Bacon Jalapeno Triple Cheeseburger, or whatever other Wendy’s menu items please your palate. There are over 6,000 Wendy’s locations worldwide, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one close by. Drop by or use an ultra-modern delivery app to get classic Wendy’s taste that honors founder Dave Thomas’ enduring commitment to quality. 

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