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Top Ten Sherlock Alternatives


Top Ten Sherlock Alternatives

Since Sherlock’s last episode was aired on January 2017, many of its avid fans are craving for more. Although there are a lot of other Sherlock adaptations both on TV and big screen, many are enamored by the Cumberbatch – Freeman duo. Many are hoping for more episode of the Modern Sherlock Holmes to be aired.  Fans are so obsessed and demanding that actor Martin Freeman, who played the role of Dr. John Watson, got tired of it. He commented that fans’ expectations are “not fun anymore.” This comment didn’t go well with Benedict Cumberbatch who played Sherlock Holmes. He did not agree with Freeman saying that his comment his “pathetic.”

If you are also an avid fan and still having a Sherlock “hangover,” have a look over the list of other ten alternatives of the famous t.v. show. It seems like there is still no hint of any upcoming new season so here are the other alternative crime drama series that you will surely like. Most of the listed t.v. shows in here are British and are also highly rated and very popular. So if you are really into mystery and suspense, you can binge watch all these as much as you like.

10. Killing Eve

This television show is based on a novella series titled Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings. The story of Killing Eve revolves around two women. Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh, is a smart and high-level MI5 security officer. But she is bored and stuck behind the desk. She wants action and her current position is not fulfilling her fantasy as an active spy. Villanelle or Oksana Astankova, played by Jodie Comer, is a talented assassin but with a dangerous temperament. She enjoys and lavishes herself with the luxuries her dangerous job provides. What can goes wrong when these two totally opposite women meet? 

When the notorious Villanelle started leaving trails on several high profile murder across several countries, Eve, connected assassinations after assassinations. She theorized that the assassin is a woman but her superiors dismissed her theory. But the information was confirmed by a remaining victim. She was fired when this witness was killed under her care. But the MI6, impressed by her ingenuity, hired her. Soon, she’s on the trail of the psychopathic killer. She became obsessed with Villanelle. When Villanelle knew who’s after her, she became fixated on her. Although Villanelle is a psychopath, she is an extremely intelligent woman. She’s luring and trapping Eve. The show is a suspenseful game of cat and mouse.

9. Hard Sun

Hard Sun is also a highly rated British TV show that premiered on January 6, 2018. It is a crime drama and sets in a pre-apocalyptic contemporary London. The lead characters are two mismatched police officers: Detective Inspector Elaine Renko, played by Agyness Deyn, and Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Hicks, played by Jim Sturgess. The incompatible duo stumbled upon an extremely dangerous evidence. They found out that a mysterious cosmic occurrence will destroy the earth in five years. This proof was being kept as a secret by the government for a very long time from the public. When the MI5 forces discovered that they know about this huge conspiracy, they started chasing two to silence them for good. But then, the evidence is showing that the occurrence will come true? What is going to occur that will obliterate earth? You gotta find out it yourself.

8. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an exception to this list. This TV series was aired in Australia and also an amazing crime drama series. This is based on novels written by Kerry Greenwood. Set in the late 1920s in Melbourne, the TV series centers in both the personal and professional life of a dazzling detective Miss Phryne Fisher played by Essie Davis. As the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents became the catalyst of who he became, the kidnapping and death of Miss Fisher’s younger sister when they were young became her motivation to solve any kind of injustice. Armed with her sharp wit and a pearl-handled handgun, she struts through the city’s dark lanes and lively clubs to fight crime. She mainly fights for those people who can’t help themselves, for helpless girls, and exploited people. She is doing this while trying to accomplish her biggest mission that is to make sure that Murdoch Foyle stays behind bars, the man responsible for her sister’s tragic fate.

7. Whitechapel

Whitechapel is another famous British TV crime drama series. It follows the story of a Ripper copycat committing gruesome murders in the Whitechapel district of London. The murders are investigated by three unlikely protagonists: a novice detective inspector Joseph Chandler played by Rupert Penry-Jones, a cynical veteran nearing his retirement detective sergeant Ray Miles played by Phil Davis, and the weirdly brilliant Jack the Ripper tour guide Edward Buchan played by Steve Pemberton. DI Chandler realized that the grisly murders were copies of the 1880s Jack the Ripper. The copycat murderer kills people on the same date, the same number of wounds in the same place. He unwillingly leads a team of veterans, whom upon being told of the connections, immediately dismissed the idea. The insubordination is led by DS Miles himself. With all the intelligence at Chandler’s disposal, he doesn’t know everything. He takes advice from the unconventionally knowledgeable person – Buchan – the Jack the Ripper tour guide. Although the storyline is not unique and there are a lot of other Jack the Ripper inspired TV shows out there, this one stands out on its own for its suspenseful pacing and of course, of its three unusual lead characters that made the show interesting. So are you a Ripperologist and interested in knowing the way of killings of the legendary murderer? Then you gotta watch this TV show.

6. Endeavour

Endeavour is another British television detective drama series and a prequel to Inspector Morse, also a long-running series. The show follows the story of young Endeavour Morse, being played by Shaun Evans. Set in Oxford, England in 1960s, Morse left his University when he was still in the third year, therefore not being able to obtain a degree. He is brilliant but likes to be alone. He worked as a police constable in Carshall-Newton Police but became disillusioned in just two years. But before he can resign, he was sent to Cowley Police Station in Oxford City Police to help solve the missing fifteen-year-old girl case. He wanted to resign again but his superior D.I. Fred Thursday, played by Roger Allam, made him his “bag man” or assistant. D.I. Thursday guided him as he solves several complex murder mysteries, much to the jealousy of other veteran police officers.

Endeavour has five seasons with a total of 23 episodes. This charming and genius detective has captured a lot of audiences’ approval and surely, he will capture yours, too.

5. Agatha Christie’s Poirot

This TV series is based on the popular crime novels created by Agatha Christie. Aired from January 1989 to November 2013, and has a total of 13 series and 70 episodes. The story focused on the fictional sleuth Hercule Poirot played by David Suchet. Poirot is a retired Belgian police officer who decided to settle down in London. He solves mysteries, usually involving murders, for paying client or cases that pique his interests, basically like Sherlock Holmes himself. He also has a faithful English sidekick in the person of Captain Hastings, played by Hugh Fraser and a friend/rival from Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Japp, played by Philip Jackson. This eccentric yet extremely brilliant star sleuth, together with his trustworthy and sophisticated sidekick, solve each deception and crime in London using his sharp wit and intelligence. This classic show is a relaxing break from the other heavy, crime dramas.

4. Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect is a police procedural TV show. The story revolves around the life of Jane Tennison played by the legendary actress Helen Mirren herself. Jane Tennison is one of the first DCIs (Detective Chief Inspectors) in Greater London’s Metropolitan Police Service. While most of the crime drama series focuses on the leading character/s solving crimes, the theme of this show focuses on how the female detective struggles in a male-dominated world. Despite all this institutional racism, she rises to become a Detective Superintendent. Tennison is an unbending, gifted and extremely ambitious woman yet very unsatisfied and frustrated with her job as a female police officer who is always trying to prove herself to her male colleagues. She is determined to show her worth as she investigates and solves a series of cases in Manchester and London.

This TV show has 7 series with a total of 15 episodes. There’s also an American “re-imagination” of the series bearing the same title with Maria Bello playing the role of Jane Timoney.

3. Luther

Luther is also a massively popular British crime drama programme. The story centers on DCI John Luther, a brilliant crime detective. But his brilliance can’t save him from acting in impulse. He is emotionally driven, haunted by the evil side of humanity. Played by Idris Elba, DCI Luther is a dedicated and obsessed police officer. But this dedication has a very high price, as he is always devoured by the evil that he faces every day. He became strangely acquainted with the psychopathic Alice Morgan. DCI Luther suspected her as the murderer of her parents but he can’t provide concrete evidence because she destroyed everything. Alice became fascinated with Luther, and him being repulsed at first. It is when Alice helped Luther to find the person who murdered his estranged wife, Zoe that brought them together. Alice also helped Luther on many other circumstances, her brilliance and ingenuity in saving him from a lot of misfortunes that usually resulted from his impulsiveness. She is also very helpful to him in solving crimes as he is able to get insights from her on how a criminal’s mind works. A brilliant, intoxicating, and suspenseful TV show, it is definitely a must-watch show.

2. Dr. Who

Dr. Who is one of the longest running TV show in television history. It is also so popular that it gained a cult following and became part of the British pop culture. There are also a lot of other spin-offs and parodies. Dr. Who is a story of a Time Lord that goes by the name “the Doctor,” an alien who came from the planet Gallifrey. He explores the universe using TARDIS, a time travelling space ship. The ship can take the appearance of any object, but due to a malfunction, it remains as a blue police box that was popular in the 1960s. The Doctor usually finds interesting events, but most of the time, he is an advocate of justice. Sort of an alien superhero who doesn’t attract attention and has no interest on being popular. He stops evil forces from harming people or those who want to change the course of history. In his every adventure, he is usually accompanied by humans, as Earth is always a fascination to him. Also, during his travels, he gained a lot of dangerous enemies. Because Dr. Who is a Time Lord, he is centuries old. But he has the ability to regenerate his mortal body and also to change his appearance.

1. Father Brown

Set in the early 1950s in the fictional Cotswold village of Kembleford, the story is about a Catholic priest who solves murder cases named Father Brown. The show is loosely based on stories written by G.K. Chesterton. The sleuth priest has an uncanny ability to read a criminal’s mind. He made it his responsibility to catch wrongdoers as much as saving souls. Father Brown, played by Mark Williams, is a disordered yet temperate Roman Catholic priest, gives more attention to solving crimes, often neglecting his parochial duties. Local police officers are usually upset and jealous of the priest because more often than not, the priest is able to solve crimes correctly than they do.  Father Brown is not just a boring priest. He is very intelligent and insightful. He is also a veteran of World War I, serving Gloucestershire Regiment. But being a sleuth and priest is quite a contradiction. Priests believed in demons while sleuths don’t. They will rationalize everything. So when a homeowner asks for help from the priest to exorcise her house because of unexplained strange noises in the house, he just said that there are no such things as ghosts. The plot is wittingly unique in its own way and definitely worth to binge-watch.


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