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Tops from Each Super Bowl [Part II]


Tops from Each Super Bowl [Part II]

The Super Bowl is happening today but really has been going on (and building) for the people of Minneapolis for the past two weeks. From the parties to concerts, it’s not hard to see why cities vie for the Super Bowl each year as it’s been a huge boon to the economy of the Bold North. Because of all the celebrities and strobe lights it’s hard to remember that there’s an actual game that’s being played this Sunday as well, between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. So, let’s take a look at the top image from each Super Bowl ever, part two (from the first Super Bowl through to the mid-2000’s). 

25. Super Bowl 25 – The First of FOUR Consecutive Appearances and Losses by the Bills

24. Super Bowl 24 – Elway Fights for Yardage in a Blow-Out Loss 

23. Super Bowl 23 – Jerry Rice in a Rematch of Super Bowl 16

22. Super Bowl 22 – Timmy Smith Runs for His Life in a Win Over the Broncos

21. Super Bowl 21 – Mark Bavaro Celebrates a TD Score

20. Super Bowl 20 – Ditka Doing a Madden/Lombardi Impression 

19. Super Bowl 19 – Joe Montana Proves that Even the Biggest NFL Legend Celebrate the Game like a Kid 

18. Super Bowl 18 – Matt Millen Celebrates a Raiders Victory

17. Super Bowl 17 – The Red Skins Over the Dolphins

16. Super Bowl 16 – The First 49ers/Bengals Match-Up in the Super Bowl

15. Super Bowl 15 – Jim Plunkett Becomes a Raiders Legend

14. Super Bowl 14 – Steelers Over Rams and Bradshaw Becomes a Legend

13. Super Bowl 13 – Steelers Just Barely Beat the Cowboys

12. Super Bowl 12 – Cowboys Top the Broncos

11. Super Bowl 11 – John Madden Doing his Best Vince Lombardi Impression

10. Super Bowl 10 – The Steelers Beat the Cowboys in a Game for the Ages

9. Super Bowl 9 – The Steelers Best the Vikings

8. Super Bowl 8 – The ‘Phins Upset the Vikings 

7. Super Bowl 7 – The Dolphins Get Revenge on the Red Skins

6. Super Bowl 6 – The Cowboys Make Mincemeat of the Dolphins

5. Super Bowl 5 – The Colts Top the Cowboys

4. Super Bowl 4 – The Chiefs Stun the Heavily Favored Vikings

3. Super Bowl III – Joe Namath Makes Good on his Prediction

2. Super Bowl II – Another Packers Win Means Lombardi is Carried Off the Field

1. The First Super Bowl – Max McGee Makes a Touchdown Catch for the Packers


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