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Tops from Each Super Bowl [Part I]


Tops from Each Super Bowl [Part I]

The Super Bowl is set to be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will be the 52nd time that the best team from the NFC and the AFC have met in what is the biggest game of any sport (in America, anyway) of the year. The New England Patriots are facing the Philadelphia Eagles in what is a rematch of the 2004 Super Bowl, a game in which the Patriots came away victorious over the Eagles and Tom Brady was still merely a mortal man. So, let’s take a look at the top images from the Super Bowl, one image for each year going all the way back to the first Super Bowl in 1967! 

25. Super Bowl 51 – The Patriots Mount the Biggest Comeback in Super Bowl History

24. Super Bowl 50 – Peyton Manning Wins his Second Ring

23. Super Bowl 49 – The Interception Heard Around the World

22. Super Bowl 48 – The Seahawks Top the Broncos in the Most Lopsided Victory Perhaps Ever

21. Super Bowl 47 – The Ravens Win in the Battle of the Harbaugh Brothers

20. Super Bowl 46 – The Giants Best the Patriots Again

19. Super Bowl 45 – Aaron Rodgers Becomes a Packers Legend

18. Super Bowl 44 – Drew Brees Wins One for New Orleans

17. Super Bowl 43 – Santonio Holmes Makes the Catch of His Career

16. Super Bowl 42 – The Catch Allows the Giants to Give the Patriots Their Only Loss on the Season

15. Super Bowl 41 – The Colts Best the Bears, Giving Peyton Manning the Ring Many Said He’d Never Get

14. Super Bowl 40 – The Steelers Best the Seahawks

13. Super Bowl 39 – The First Patriots/Eagles Super Bowl this Century

12. Super Bowl 38 – A Second Super Bowl for Tom Brady 

11. Super Bowl 37 – The Bucs top the Raiders in the Battle of Gruden’s Teams

10. Super Bowl 36 – The First Super Bowl for Brady and the Patriots Thanks to the Leg of Adam Vinatieri

9. Super Bowl 35 – The Ravens Showed the Giants and the Rest of the NFL that they had Perhaps the Best Defense Ever

8. Super Bowl 34 – The Best Ending to a Super Bowl (or Game) Ever

7. Super Bowl 33 – Elway Celebrates Back to Back Wins and Rides Off Into the Sun Set

6. Super Bowl 32 – Finally, Elway Gets his Ring

5. Super Bowl 31 – Reggie White Comes to Green Bay and Brings a Ring

4. Super Bowl 30 – The Last of the 90’s Cowboys Championships (Courtesy of the Herschel Walker Trade)

3. Super Bowl 29 – Jerry Rice Wins Another, This Time with Steve Young Throwing Him the Ball

2. Super Bowl 28 – The Final Loss by the Bills Who Made it and Lost Four Super Bowl’s in a Row

1. Super Bowl 27 – Jimmy Johnson Gets a Gatorade Bath After Destroying the Bills


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