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Top 25 Reactions to the Disney/Fox News!

It’s Official! 

Nerds of the world rejoiced this morning as it was announced that Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, meaning that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally have access to ALL of the characters from The Fantastic Four and X-Men Universes (including Deadpool)! With the partnership that the MCU carved out with Sony a while back that means that all of the comic book characters in the Marvel Comic Universe are now essentially part of the MCU (although it does seem like Sony is planning on using some of Spidey’s side-characters for their own films like Venom and Silver Sable). This is amazing news and it’s essentially broken the internet, so let’s take a look at the Top 25 responses from Twitter about the Disney acquisition and cross our fingers that Hugh Jackman reconsiders that whole retirement thing (especially as he did say the one thing that’d make him change his mind would be this exact scenario). 

25. That’s Not a Bad Logo… 

24. That Might be the Best Part!

23. She Earned It!

22. Not Everyone is Happy, Though… 

21. The Simpsons are Always Right!

20. New Disney Employees Already Sucking Up

19. 2018: Disney Buys World for $1

18. Is that a Good or a Bad Thing?

17. Best Question

16. Hit the Nail on the Head

15. What About Wonder Woman?

14. What a World We Live In!

13. That Escalated Quickly…

12. Poor Inhumans… 

11. And Most Importantly, a Proper Dr. Doom!

10. Unlimited… POWER!

9. I Don’t Think That’s How That Works… 

8. Perfect.

7. I’m Assuming They’d Use Smoke as a Weapon?

6. Sounds Good!

5. Or… Full of Doom? 

4. Someone was Just Itching for This News So They Could Post This

3. Get Out of Here with Your Logic

2. Some People are Never Happy… 

1. More Love for Anastasia!

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