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Top 25 Tweets about Marriage

While a lot of readers of Babble Top are relatively young, most of us will know what marriage is and feels like now that people of all sexual orientations are allowed to marry. So, while this may seem like something you want to click over, keep in mind that this kind of advice is priceless and that perhaps you can avoid a divorce (or two) by learning as much as you can about marriage as possible before you actually get married. The best way to do that is to speak to the people who are currently married, and so let’s take a look at the top 25 Tweets about Marriage from 2017!

25. It’s the Small Things… 

24. … and the Big Things, Too!

23. The Sooner You Realize who Wears the Pants, the Better

22. It’s the thought (if that counts as thought) that counts!

21. That Sounds like a Perfect Date

20. Mmmm… Go On… 

19. Husband Level – 5,000

18. Sounds About Right… 

17. RIP Kids. And Kalvin.

16. Wives and their… Ears, Right Fellas?

15. That Doesn’t Sound Very Amish

14. Mind Game Level = 10,000

13. Not to Mention Someone that Keeps the House Temperature at around 67 Degrees!

12. Let Us Know When it Hits 100

11. Logic Adds Up! 

10. I Hope He Said Yes

9. Better than Doing it at the Event, I guess

8. Kalvin Again? His Wife Must Be in Stitches!

7. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree!

6. Or basically anything… 

5. Is That Sarcasm? 

4. Prove It!

3. That’s a form of snoring?

2. Jealous? 

1. And the Number One Spot Goes to… 

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