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Top 25 Photos Taken by Journalists in 2017


Top 25 Photos Taken by Journalists in 2017

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, which means that this article is about…. 25,000 words long! 2017 was a strange year, but as these photographs show, it was also a year filled with beauty, struggle and pure humanity. With the advent of the internet and especially with smartphones, people are constantly connected to the rest of the world and it’s with images like these (and the internet that shares them), perhaps we’re actually a lot more alike than we think. With all of that in mind… Here are the Top 25 images from around the world in 2017.

25. Indian School-Children Attend a Yoga Session…

24. Kashmiri Muslims Reacting to a Relic of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

23. An Indian Commuter takes a Short Cut to Another Train…

22. A Man in Spains Rides his Horse Through Flames During a Festival Meant to Honor the Patron Saint of … Animals 

21. Mourners in the Philippines Look Down on Loved Ones Killed During the Drug Crackdown…

20. A Boy in Brazil Stands in a Water “Reservoir”

19. Iraqis on their way to Safety from Mosul, Iraq…

18. A Girl in a Dust Storm, India

17. Pro-Settlement Activists in Israel

16. Devastation in Syria

15. ISIS Militants

14. Iraqi’s Flee ISIS

13. The Festival of Color, Mumbai, India

12. Another Lighter One, Two Girls Pick Flowers in California

11. Hindu Priests in a Cave in India

10. A Spanish Rescuer Saves a Four-Day Old Girl in Libya

9. Parkour in Syria 

8. A Damaged Church in Mosul, Iraq

7. A Protestor Throws a Smoke Grenade Back at the Police in Venezuela 

6. A Vintage Car in Cuba Passes a Ton of Crabs

5. A Man is Publicly Flogged for Being Gay in Indonesia

4. Scarlet Ibis’ Flocking in Brazil

3. Workers Attempt to Clean a Store in Venezuela 

2. Not Sure What This Is… Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

1. Turkish Graduation Ceremony

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