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Top 25 Photos by Journalists in 2017 [Part II]

2017 was a really strange year for people all across the globe. Thankfully, there are still people brave enough to enter some of the more terrible situations on our planet and document what they see. With the internet being basically omnipresent in people’s lives these days, this images actually do end up making a difference by perhaps showing people things they’d otherwise never see. So, let’s take a look at the next crop of images from journalists all across the world!

25. A Refugee Haircut

24. A Migrant Arrives in Libya

23. A Human Tower in Spain

22. A War Widow Says her Goodbyes… 🙁

21. Hurricane Maria, Part I of XIVII

20. More Fires, this Time in Cape Town, South Africa

19. Aerial View of the Devastation from the Tubbs Fire in California

18. Hurricane Maria Aftermath

17. The Earthquake Epicenter in Suan Juan, Mexico

16. A Horse in the Netherlands

15. A Syrian Man Kisses his Children’s Hands at a Refugee Camp in Cyprus

14. FORE! 

13. Maybe Avoid Chinese Ham?

12. The Eclipse!

11. A Rebel in Kenya

10. Houston… 

9. A Fire… This Time in France!

8. Santa!

7. A Full Moon in Greece

6. A Woman Rides her Horse Adjacent to the Tour de France

5. A Gymnast in France

4. A Firefighter Watches the Flames in Portugal

3. Ramadan in War-Torn Syria

2. A Protestor in Venezuela

1. A Father Tries to Save Her Daughter from ISIS in Iraq

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