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Top 25 Nerf Blasters [According to /r/Nerf on Reddit]

When most people think of Nerf, they think of the “gun” or football that they had as a child. They don’t realize that there is a relatively large, organized and active the Nerf community to this day. You can find multiple message boards or a sub-Reddit with almost 25,000 people online or if you live near a major city, at least one Nerf group that all focus on essentially getting together for battles with all sorts of different rules. While the type of blaster (not “gun”) you use depends on the type of game or objective, we asked the people of /r/Nerf to list the top 25 blasters if they had to choose them from an all-around point of view and they were surprisingly open, helpful and kind. So, here’s the top 25 Nerf Blasters according to /r/Nerf! 

25. Hyperfire Elite – The “Official Nerf Dirt Tag League” Blaster for Awhile 

24. Rayven – Great if You’re Looking for Some Variety (as it Comes with Standard and Elite Darts)

23. Roughcut 2×4 – Released as Part of the Multi-Shot Madness Series… ‘Nuff Said

22. Demolisher – A Pretty Sick Two-in-One with a Missile and Pump Action? Sign Me Up!

21. Modulus – Not a Blaster, but a Series of Re-Released Blasters with TONS of Modification Possibilities 

20. Action Kenner (Vintage) Crossbow

19. Tri-Strike – Gives So Many Options Which Comes in Handy During the Craziness that is a Nerf Battle!

18. Proton –  While it Sounds A Lot Like a Ghostbuster’s Main Weapon it’s Actually a Pretty Slick Secondary Blaster

17. Kenner Arrowstorm – Arrows that Travel Super FAR and that can be Shot FAST

16. Nemesis – Now This is What Everyone Should Use! Who Needs to Re-Load? 

15. The Deploy (Makes the List Thanks to the Trolls! It’s Actually Apparently the Worst Blaster Ever Released)

14. Apollo (XV-700) – If it’s a Single Blaster it Must Be Good (Accurate and Powerful, Which it is!)

13. Hera (MXVII-700) – Now This is a Blaster Built for Battle (Say that Ten Times Fast!)

12. Alpha Trooper CS-18 – The First of Two Alpha Trooper’s on this List!

11. Alpha Trooper (CS-12)  – One of the Most Mentioned Blasters by Redditors

10. Swarmfire – The Future is Now! 

9. Flywheel – A Football Punting Machine in a Nerf Blaster… Ouch

8. RapidStrike CS-12 – The Blaster That’s So Good that it Appears Twice on this List (CS-12 Means 12 Darts… but That’s Not All!)

7. Hammershot – Just Look at this Thing! You Feeling Lucky, Punk?!?

6. The Longshot – A Modders Dream and a Zombie’s Nightmare

5. Titan – The Beast of the Nerf Blasters (Just Look at the Thing!)

4. Nerf Stryfe – The Top Vote Getter on /r/Reddit 

3. Rapidstrike  – Lives Up to Its Name… And Then Some! 

2. The Longstrike – Basically a Sniper Rifle that Shoots almost 500 Feet Per Second!

1. Nerf Retaliator – A Shotgun with the Chance to Modify It in Multiple Ways (Check Out the Light and the Scope!)

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