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Top 25 Movie Posters of All-Time


Top 25 Movie Posters of All-Time

In the day and age where you can watch the trailer for a film on your watch, there’s not a ton of need for a film’s poster. However, they are still a huge component of a film’s prerelease marketing campaign and when done correctly it can be an amazing addition to that plan, but when done incorrectly it can detract from the film and lose people their jobs. So, let’s take a look at the top 25 film posters of all-time! 

25. Raiders of the Lost Ark 

24. E.T. 

23. Jurassic Park Effectively Simple

22. The Thing: A Poster Better than the Movie Itself

21. American Beauty: How Do You Communicate Jail Bait on a Poster? 

20. Moon: New, But Classic

19. Trainspotting a Classic Poster for a Classic Movie

18. Blade Runner, Of Course

17. Attack of the 50 Foot Woman! 

16. The OG Batman is Almost as Iconic as the Film Itself

15. Kaiser Sose! 

14. Gone With the Wind: A Top Poster for a Top Movie

13. Forbidden Planet: Amazing, Indeed!

12. The Exorcist: A Terrifying Poster for a Terrifying Movie!

11. Anatomy of a Murder: Gets Points for Being Different

10. Hello, Clarice!

9. Pulp Fiction: It’s the Attention to Detail With This One

8. Metropolis: Almost as Ahead of its Time as the Film Itself

7. A Clockwork Orange: Is There Any More Iconic? 

6. Vertigo: A Poster that Nails the Feeling the Film Conveys

5. Star Wars: A New Hope Before It was Known as a New Hope

4. Jaws: Duh-Duh… Duh-Duh…. DUHDUHDUHDUHDUH…

3. Alien

2. Ghostbusters: Who You Gonna Call? 

1. Back to the Future… Nothing Beats This


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