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Top 25 Hilarious Post-Christmas Gifts


Top 25 Hilarious Post-Christmas Gifts

Now that the Holidays are over there’s a ton of stuff for sale so we thought that we’d save you the work that comes from scouring the internet for the best deals and instead find the top 25 post-Christmas “deals”! So, without further (or any, really) ado, here are the top 25 post-Christmas deals you didn’t realize you needed! 

Oh, and in case you didn’t realize… These are supposed to be funny! 

25. Stripped from an Episode of ‘The Office’

24. How Does he Drink that Coffee?

23. It Burns!

22. Only 2,700 RPM?

21. Regular Puzzles too Easy?

20. This One, I’d Buy

19. What Could Go Wrong? 

18. Could Come in Handy in Prison

17. Rocky Road Joke!

16. Might be an Improvement for Some… 

15. That’ll Show ’em Who’s Boss

14. I Swear Some of These Would Sell

13. Mmmmm… Bacon

12. Pocket Stir Fry!

11. I Think These Exist… 

10. So, They’ll Be Able to Clean Up After They Do This? 

9. Sadly, People Would Use This

8. The Attention to Detail… 

7. Discount Tech!

6. Someone at Work Told Me This was Real? 

5. Stole this from the Simpsons! 

4. The Smell… 

3. ‘My First Fire’ for Adults!

2. As if this Beard Didn’t Already Scream That You’d Given Up on Life

1. Like Driving in Minnesota in the Winter!

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