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Top 25 Funniest Christmas Tweets Of All Time!


Top 25 Funniest Christmas Tweets Of All Time!

Every year it seems like the Christmas starts earlier and earlier. Typically the rule of thumb is that people shouldn’t begin decorating their house or drinking egg nog for breakfast until after Thanksgiving but there seems to be more and more people buying X-Mas trees, hanging their Christmas lights and gaining weight as soon as Halloween is over. While it’s only the first week of December it does feel like it’s within the realm of what is the real Christmas season. So, at the risk of contributing to everything people hate about X-Mas, let’s delve into the top 25 funniest X-Mas Tweets ever!

25. The Benefits of Only Having a Short Term Memory… 

Cat forgets christmas top 25 christmas tweets

24. The Sequel to Fury, Called… Furry

cat in a tank top 25 xmas tweets

23. Speaking of Puns…

xmas puns top 25 tweets about xmas

22. Visual Puns Count, Too… Especially when they’re Perfect

visual puns top 25 xmas tweets

21. Wrapping Paper is Hard (pt. 1)

20. Told You Wrapping Paper is Hard (and Apparently Really, Really Heavy?)

wrapping paper metal pole top 25 xmas tweets

19. It’s a Valid Reaction

Dildo or sex toy top 25 christmas tweets

18. Dog vs. Turkey (Winner TBD)

Dog eats turkey top 25 xmas tweets

17. Dog Elf Escapes North Pole… 

elf dog escapes factory top 25 xmas tweets

16. Valid Question…

Frozen v Lion king 25 top xmas tweets

15. The Horror!

FB IRL top 25 xmas tweets on twitter

14. Speaking of the Horrors of X-Mas Break…

top 25 xmas tweets helping parents with phones

13. This is Either Really Funny or Really Depressing

xmas presents top 25 xmas tweets

12. Introducing the Carey Conundrum

The Carey Conundrum top 25 xmas tweets

11. While We’re Looking at X-Mas Song Lyrics…

Merry Little Xmas top 25 tweets

10. Bizarre? Or AWESOME?

Portal Xmas Tree top 25 xmas tweets

9. Or Maybe Those Closest to You Do Know You After All! 

same xmas gift top 25 xmas tweets

8. When X-Mas Meets Halloween (or Insanity, Take Your Pick)

Snowman Bones top 25 xmas tweets

7. Someone Call TLC!

13th day of X-mas top 25 xmas tweets

6. Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama top 25 xmas tweets

5. The Internet Sees All

The internet sees all bulb picture top 25 xmas tweets

4. Those Aren’t Balls

Dog likes fruit top 25 xmas tweets

3. At Least (S)He Earned it?

crafty kid on amazon top 25 xmas tweets ever

2. To Boldly Go Where No Queen Has Gone Before… 

Queen Elizabeth Star Trek top 25 xmas tweets ever

1. *Cues* “Black Jesus”

Tupac Hail Mary lyrics in Church top 25 xmas tweets

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