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Top 25 Cities to Live in 2018

There’s no denying that there’s a massive re-urbanization happening in the United States right now with Millennials choosing to live in the middle of where the jobs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports games and basically everything is. After a flight from the cities that started occurring in the mid-20th Century, major cities have been growing at a faster rate than anytime in the past 50 years. So, let’s take a look at the top cities to live in in the United States (based on jobs, schools, healthcare, etc.) by showing a photo from each city!

25. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Land of … Like Ten Lakes? Not to Mention an Amazing Economy

24. Columbia, Missouri: Sort of Spendy but Chalked Full of Smart People

23. Fort Collins, Colorado: Balances City Living with Beautiful Outdoor Amenities

22. Tempe, Arizona: Beautiful Weather in a Beautiful City

21. Seattle, Washington: A City in the Sound that Doesn’t Rain as Often as You’d Think

20. The Woodlands, Texas: A Beauty of a Town that Balances the Outdoors with Lavish Living

19. Provo, Utah: A Great Nightlife (for Utah)

18. Austin, Texas: The Liberal Heart of Texas

17. Naperville, Illinois: Beautiful Homes Just Close Enough to Chicago

16. Richardson, Texas: The Home to the Most Gorgeous Wildflowers in the Country (By Law)

15. Round Rock, Texas: So This is Why So Many People Live in Texas

14. San Francisco, California: Surprisingly Low on This List for a City This Iconic

13. Alexandria, Virginia: Just Close/Far Enough Away from Washington, D.C.

12. Sunnyvale, California: Home of the HQ of Yahoo!

11. Irvine, California: The Sunniest Place on This List!

10. Bellevue, Washington: One of the Most Healthy Places to Live in the U.S. of A!

9. Rochester, Minnesota: Home of the Countries Best Hospital, The Mayo Clinic

8. Berkeley, California: A Great Place to Live as Long as You’re Not Named Milo

7. Boulder, Colorado: A Great Place if You Hate Commuting 

6. Overland Park, Kansas: What’s NOT The Matter with Kansas?

5. Plano, Texas: A Small(er) Town with a Nightlife and Toyota’s HQ

4. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Home of the Wolverines!

3. Columbia, Maryland: The Second Columbia on this List, Tops in Nightlife

2. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Home of the Best Schools in the Country

1. Arlington, Virginia: Sure, It’s a County… But it’s Also Considered to be the Premiere Place to Live Around the Nation’s Capital 

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