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Top 20 CRAZIEST Fast Food Menu Items of the Last DECADE! (Part 2)


Top 20 CRAZIEST Fast Food Menu Items of the Last DECADE! (Part 2)

Fast-food is one of the few things we can count on to never change. It’s always going to centre around the classics: burgers, pizza, and fried chicken. But chains like to mix things up a bit by coming out with new and sometimes odd items. So, here are the Top 20 CRAZIEST Fast Food Menu Items Of The Last DECADE (Part 2).

20. Ghost Pepper Fries – Wendy’s

If you thought your life was lacking a little bit of spice, then all you needed to do was head down to your local Wendy’s and order some of their spiciest fries yet, the Ghost Pepper Fries. Back in 2016, the delicious but destructive fries were released to the public, and they were anything but suitable for the faint of heart. A plate of French fries smothered with shredded cheese, cheese sauce, and some fresh jalapenos seemed reasonable enough. But the real takeaway? The ghost pepper sauce that would sneak up on you and give you that extra pep in your step. With online petitions to bring these back, it’s safe to say that despite its craziness, it was one heck of a good snack! 

19. Angriest Whopper – Burger King

Because the old Angry Whopper was apparently, not angry enough, in 2016, Burger King released a new and improved version of their spicy burger series, the Angriest Whopper. Apart from the jalapenos, the Angriest Whopper was a pretty normal burger. Oh, except for the bright red, hot-sauce-infused bun, the angry onions, and the angry spicy sauce. But you know, other than that, just your plain, old standard burger. The fruity mango habanero-style sauce was, however, more on the sweet side than spicy, so it complemented perfectly the spiciness of the burger. Not only did it look angry, but it also looked like a mean meal as well. 

18. Chizza – KFC

America isn’t the only place in the world where fast-food gets a little crazy. In 2015, KFC in the Philipines wanted to dab into the world of pizza by making one of their own. So, they said hello to the Chizza. It was nothing too out there, just some fried chicken with some pizza toppings, no biggie. But the real madness comes from the idea itself. Why would a fried chicken joint want to make a pizza? Well, the answer KFC gave was “why not?” And they really delivered. It became so popular, it eventually expanded to other countries, like India and Thailand – but has yet to come to America. While we’re waiting, we’ll just stick to regular pizza!

17. Cheez-It Stuffed Pizza – Pizza Hut

Another crazy take on pizza from the last decade was that time Pizza Hut joined forces with an iconic snack, the Cheez-it, and created a hybrid beast. The Cheez-it Stuffed Pizza was basically a crossover that no one really asked for, but we weren’t exactly complaining about it either. It was everything a pizza should be, cheesy and full of hearty tomato sauce, all stuffed into a giant Cheez-It-shaped pizza pocket. What’s not to love, right? While it was a rather odd combination of ingredients, it certainly made as statement. Plus, it did stand out from a typical calzone or stromboli. Extra points to Pizza Hut for creativity, and a couple more for the taste.

16. Gracoro Burger – McDonald’s

This McDonald’s item from the Japanese menu in the 1990s made an unexpected comeback in 2012. The Gracoro burger was basically every mac and cheese lover’s wildest dream. Much like the McRib, it’s only available for limited-time offers, and people usually patiently wait for its return. And in the case of the Gracoro burger, it’s only available during the cold winter months. This seasonal burger features a patty made with a breadcrumb crust filled with macaroni, shrimp, a white, demi-glace sauce, and some cheddar cheese. Sadly, it went away as quickly as it came and hasn’t been available since. Anticipation grows for the day it will make its acclaimed return. But for now, this under-the-sea burger will remain there. 

15. Fritos Pie Pizza – Little Caesar’s

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what Fritos on a pizza would taste like, then Little Caesar’s had the perfect pizza for you. The Fritos Pie Pizza was a test-run item in certain Tenessee locations back in 2019 and featured chili cheese, taco sauce, and was topped with chili cheese Fritos. Well, it “could” be topped with the Fritos. You see, you would get the bag separately and it was your job to sprinkle them onto your pie. So, technically, you could put just about any kind of chips, really. But, Fritos were the chosen ones. If you still truly feel like you missed out, you can always recreate this one at home, it’s not that hard, really. 

14. Upside Down Whopper – Burger King

If there’s one TV show that really took over our screens in the last decade, it’s Stranger Things. Burger King seized the opportunity and partnered up with the series to promote the newest season. The Upside-Down Whopper was basically just a regular Whopper, but served… upside down! It was a nice reference for the fans of the show, but other than that, what other purpose did it have? It seems like the fans were the only ones really ordering it. Why else would you order a burger that’s reversed like that? As thoughtful as it was, we have seen much stranger things in the fast-food world than that – see what we did there? 

13. Mac and Cheese Bun Chicken Sandwich- KFC

It looks like KFC might have trouble staying in their lane as they tend to come up with random new menu items all the time. Then again, they do love innovation, so I guess a Mac And Cheese Bun Chicken Sandwich shouldn’t sound too crazy. Except that it does. It sounds crazy good! Imagine a piece of your favorite fried chicken, stuffed between two fried mac and cheese buns – how does that sound? Heavenly probably, but the only downside is, it’s not available in the U.S. Bring out the violins because it’s time to shed a tear. With KFC always getting so creative, why does it seem we’re always left out of the fun? 

12. Kit Kat Pops – Pizza Hut

This is another sweet creation America wasn’t lucky enough to get to know, the Kit Kat Pops from Pizza Hut in the Middle East. For starters, anything with the word “Kit-Kat” in it already sounds ridiculously amazing. It doesn’t take much to make an icon out of these classic chocolate bars, but throw them in sweet pizza dough and you have got yourself one decadent dessert that sounds too good to be true. At first sight, they resembled little corn dogs without a stick, but after the first bite, there was no mistaking. Everything that’s good about a Kit-Kat, baked into pizza dough, what more could you possibly want? 

11. Blueberry McGriddle – McDonald’s

The McGriddle is arguably one of the best breakfast items on McDonald’s menu. This and the McMuffin, hands down. So what exactly could be so wrong about McD’s trying to make this already delicious invention a little tastier? Well, it turns out, not a lot, because the blueberry McGriddle is to die for. At least, it was – before McDonald’s discontinued its famous McGriddles for an unlimited period due to the current situation. While it’s no longer available for the moment, it doesn’t take away the fact that these are both delicious and iconic. Adding some blueberries gave them a little extra sweetness, perfect to start your day right. Blueberry McGriddle, we’re patiently awaiting your return!

10. Dry Pork and Seaweed Donut – Dunkin’

It’s safe to say that the flavors we’re used to in America are probably not the same in every other country. What we like here might not be liked somewhere else and vice versa – like for example, how in Asia, they usually like to put seaweed into basically everything. Sure, here we enjoy the occasional sushi, but Dunkin’ in some parts of Asia took the seaweed game one step further and created a donut with dry pork and seaweed. While here, it sounds like this would be a big no-n0, it seemed to go over quite well in Asian countries. Since it’s made of yeast dough, it’s more on the savory side than the sweet one, so keep that in mind if you ever get the chance to try one!

9. French Toast Sandwich – Burger King

If you constantly find yourself hesitating between having a sweet or a savory breakfast, Burger King had the perfect combination for you. The French Toast Sandwich was a savory seasoned sausage, a fluffy egg, and some creamy American cheese all in-between two sweet, golden brown, French Toast slices. It made its debut on the menu as a limited-time offer in 2019 and it probably should’ve stayed a little longer, considering how popular and delicious it was. Maybe this will be our lucky year and this next-level breakfast will make its long-awaited comeback. 

8. Red Ramen Burger – Red Robin

This one might be one of the weirdest inventions yet, but also one of the tastiest. The Red Ramen Burger from Red Robin was modeled after the original Japanese version created in 2013 by Keizo Shimamoto. It featured a beef patty with some chili-infused cabbage, carrots onions, and teriyaki and Chiu Chow aioli, but instead of the traditional bun, it was between a crispy noodle bun, because well, why not? While it sounds like an amazing idea, it was actually a pretty big mess to eat and didn’t exactly reach unanimity among all customers. But again, it was a burger made of ramen so that fact alone definitely made it worth a try. Maybe making one from scratch at home would give better results, who knows. 

7. Popcorn Chicken Nacho Box – KFC

Is there anything more amazing than KFC’s Popcorn chicken? Well, it just so happens, yes there is, and it’s the Popcorn Chicken Nacho Box from KFC Australia. Last May, this part of the world was lucky enough to be blessed by the chain’s release of a recipe that would change the nacho game forever. The Popcorn chicken nacho box combined all of your regular nacho ingredients but with the added bonus of popcorn chicken, along with some salsa and cheese to round out the taste. If you want to make some for yourself, just check out the Instagram page and follow the recipe for some guaranteed satisfaction!

6. Cap’n Crunch Delights – Taco Bell

This genius invention from Taco Bell hit the menu in 2015 and left more than one person drooling. The Cap’n Crunch Delights were basically little fried pastries coated in the beloved Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal with a sweet milky filling. It was designed as a breakfast item, but perhaps it would’ve been a little more suitable as a quick dessert, seeing how sweet and sugary these little balls of goodness were. Let’s just say the “milk-flavored” center tasted more like a spoonful of sugar than a spoonful of milk, but hey, good is good, right? Perhaps if they were made a teeny, tiny bit less sweet, they could make a phenomenal reappearance on the menu!

5. Mac ‘n’ Cheetos – Burger King 

A lot of fast-food chains have toyed with the emotions of Cheetos lovers over the years by creating new and delicious items and then pulling them off the menu at the last minute. Burger King is no exception and their Mac ‘n’ Cheetos has been put on, and then pulled off the menu more than once over the years. They were basically fried sticks of mac and cheese covered in Cheetos dust and were only sold for a short period of time – but charmed so many in that short period. If you’re still sad about the departure of these delicious treats, Burger King has not left you hanging this time and you can now find boxes of mac ‘n’ Cheetos at your local Walmart! 

4. Cheesy Bites Pizza – Pizza Hut

Easily one of the most iconic menu items from Pizza Hut, the cheesy bites pizza is definitely a sight to behold. It takes the meaning of “extra cheese” to a whole new level by adding over 28 cheese-filled breadstick bites to the crust to “pull, dip, and pop.” You can start by the pizza and make your way to the bites, or go completely off-book and start with the crust! That’s what they’re there for, after all. There is a rumour going around that it’s coming back this year, but there’s still no sign of it yet, so let’s see how things unfold and hope that this ingenious creation will reappear once again. 

3. Doughnut Sandwich – KFC

What do you get when you combine two glazed doughnuts and a piece of the colonel’s fried chicken? You get the tasty, but greasy, Doughnut Sandwich from KFC. Again trying to find a new substitution for the good old bun, KFC decided to experiment and test out doughnuts as an alternative to the standard bun. Reviews have been mixed, but it’s probably because people aren’t ready for this innovation yet. While the mix of a doughnut and fried chicken might sound a little weird, it might just be weird enough to work. 

2. Gigantic Nacho Platter – Taco Bell

If you’re one of those people who likes everything to be bigger, you were in for a treat with this next item. The Gigantic Nacho Platter from Taco Bell wore its name well as it was the largest box of nachos the chain has ever released. The nachos were made principally of beef, refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream pico de gallo, guacamole, and jalapeños. Pretty loaded, and pretty delicious too. Unfortunately, these were only available for a short test-run, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to make some yourself! Like they say: Go big or go home.

1. Doughnut Sticks – McDonald’s

Doughnuts are already pretty easy to eat on the go. Yes, they can be a bit messy sometimes but that’s part of the charm. McDonald’s found a way to make doughnuts even more quick-and-easy and turned them into little sticks. Perfect for a car ride or a busy morning on the go, the doughnut sticks resemble little Churros dusted with some sweet, cinnamon sugar. They also come with a little chocolate dipping sauce, to make your morning even more special. McDonald’s might not be your first thought when it comes to pastries, but these are definitely worth a second thought. 

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