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Top 20 Celebrity Reactions to the Disney/Fox Deal


Top 20 Celebrity Reactions to the Disney/Fox Deal

If you hadn’t heard already, Disney Corporation “merged” (or purchased) Fox this week after months of backroom dealing. The deal will have wide-ranging implications for the landscape and future of both how media is created and distributed as Disney is quickly expanding it’s lead as the world’s largest media conglomerate. While the first thing that popped into people’s minds was the fact that Marvel Studios now has access to essentially all of its characters (with Spider-Man still being on loan from Sony), there is a lot more to it than that as Disney now owns Fox’s television networks as well (which means shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy are part of the same company as Mickey Mouse!). It’s really one of the largest bits of news in the history of Hollywood and because of that, celebrities that are directly impacted (and that weren’t) were quick to comment on the deal on social media. We’ve compiled some of the better responses here for your reading pleasure, so let’s hop right into it! 

20. The One Person Who Wasn’t Ecstatic About it… Perhaps He Has a Point

19. Not a Celebrity, Just a Reminder that The Simpsons Predicted This… In 1998!

18. Rob Liefield is the “Creator” of Deadpool

17. Business is Business! 

16. Oswalt Retweets Tweet … Tweet

15. Someone Make This Happen! 

14. Does that Make Mulder the Prince? 

13. The First Rule of the Ride is that You Don’t Talk About the Ride… and That You’re > 54″ Tall… 

12. … Cause He’s in Both… And Frozen, Also! 

11. You Knew it’d Get Political! 

10. You Have to Love Ryan Reynolds

9. James Gunn, Writer/Director of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chimes In 

8. That Makes Murdoch Galactus?

7. This Tweet Wins

6. Deadpool is ALWAYS Prepared. It’s the Pouches.

5. Phew!

4. Gunn Has Access to the Full Cosmic Side of Marvel Now? Wow.

3. Why I Oughta!

2. To Be Fair… Walt Disney Would’ve Fit Right in at Charlottesville… 

1. It’s Clobberin’ Time! 

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