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Top 16 Reality TV Celebrity X-Mas Cards of 2017!


Top 16 Reality TV Celebrity X-Mas Cards of 2017!

There’s one Christmas tradition that seems to become more and more popular with each passing year and that’s the Family Christmas/Holiday Card. Thanks to the fact that everyone has a digital camera in their pocket and access to a multitude of photo editing and sharing apps and websites, there seem to be more people sending out X-Mas or Holiday cards now more than ever. It doesn’t cost nearly as much as it used to, or anything at all, depending on whether or not people physically print out their cards or just post them on sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Celebrities (Especially Reality TV celebrities) are used to taking and posting pictures of themselves and tend to go all out for their yearly Holiday cards, as it’s really a way for them to get free press. Sometimes that press isn’t the good kind, but like they say, any press is good press! So, let’s take a look at the top Celebrity X-Mas/Holiday cards from 2017!



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