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15 Weirdest Things That Fell From The Sky

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15 Weirdest Things That Fell From The Sky


Rain, snow, and hail – these are all things that we see falling from the sky on a regular basis. But what happens when it rains strange and bizarre objects such as frogs and sharks? It’s actually quite common to have weird things falling from the sky, and it happens all over the world. As bizarre as some of these may seem, most of them have a clear scientific explanation. Here are the top 15 weirdest things that have fallen from the sky!

15. Meteorite

Meteorites are debris from rocks in space that make it into the earth’s atmosphere. Only 5 percent of meteorites survive the fall and land on Earth. Often they are too small to notice, and land in isolated places such as forests and deserts. This makes them an unpredictable yet exciting phenomenon.

14. Frogs

We’ve all heard the phrase “raining cats and dogs”, but what about raining frogs? That’s exactly what happened in a town in Hungary after a thunderstorm in June 2010. Horrified people looked up to see tons and tons of frogs falling from the sky. Similar events have been recorded around the world in places such as Serbia, where it rained frogs in the year 2005. 

13. Worms

The most recent account of raining worms was in 2011 in Scotland. These creepy crawlies began to fall out of a clear blue sky in small brown tangled – up clumps. This is not the first incident of raining worms; in fact in 2007, it rained worms in Louisiana, USA.

12. Spiders

Never thought there was anything worse than finding a spider in your closet? In 2007, it actually rained spiders in an Argentinian town. This phenomenon takes place all over the world, and has happened in Brazil and Australia. Who would have thought that spiders could become even more horrifying? 

11. Fish

The most frequent animal to fall from the sky are fish! If winds are strong enough, particularly in thunderstorms, they can create small whirlwinds and mini-tornadoes which pick up fish when travelling over water. These fish can be carried for miles and miles before raining down on very surprised people. This has happened in India, Thailand and Australia.

10. Puppy

Ever wanted a puppy as a kid? If you were lucky enough, one could have fallen out of the sky and straight into your arms. That’s exactly what happened to a 7 year old child in California in the summer of 2007. The puppy whose name is now Heavenly, was dropped from the sky by a ferocious hawk that was probably preparing to snack on the adorable little pup.

9. Blood

In Columbia in 2008, a red liquid began to fall from the sky. Many believed it to be blood rain – which is simply rain with concentrations of red dust or algae. After careful observation, several scientists discovered traces of real blood in the liquid. Columbian locals believed that this rain was a punishment sent from the heavens. Whatever it was, it was weird enough to appear on this list.

8. Birds

Birds falling from the sky have been recorded all over North America and Europe. When this happens, up to 5000 birds may fall from the sky in a short span of time. Common causes of such incidences are loud noises and crashes. Flocks of birds may collide with tall buildings, power lines or trees, before tumbling down from above.

7. Meat

On March 3rd 1876, flakes of red meat began to rain down in Rankin, Kentucky. Some identified the 2 to 4 inch pieces as beef, while others declared it was lung tissue from either a bear or a horse. One explanation for this bizarre event was that vultures may have regurgitated their meals as a defense mechanism while flying.

6. Golf Balls

One day in 1969 in the Florida town of Punta Gorda, it began to rain golf balls. At first, locals thought it was just large sized hail stones, but to their surprise it was multiple golf balls falling straight from the sky. Locals concluded that this unusual event was caused by a storm that carried water – along with the balls in it – from a water sprout on a nearby golf course.

5. Money

There have been multiple instances of money mysteriously falling from the sky in cities around the world. This happened in a city in Dubai in 2015. People got out of their cars to collect hundreds of thousands of bank notes as they drifted down from the sky. Similar events have also taken place in Germany and in Kuwait.

4. Cow

Imagine seeing a 600-pound cow drop out of the sky. That’s exactly what happened in Washington state in November 2007. A couple celebrating their one-year anniversary were driving along when a cow fell out of the clear blue sky and landed on the hood of their car. Luckily, the couple remained unharmed. 

3. A Shark

In October 2012, a shark fell from the sky and bounced off the head of a golfer at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in a town in California. The animal was a 2-foot-long leopard shark that was still alive and breathing. The shark was later returned into the waters of the Pacific by one of the employees on the golf course. 

2. Jelly

According to a local report in Scotland, strange goop began to fall from the sky in 2009. The translucent matter was called star jelly. Multiple theories about the goop being from aliens began to circulate. After testing, scientists declared that it was undigested parts of frogs and lizards consumed by birds and later vomited. However, some people remained skeptical and refused to dismiss the alien theories.

1. Human Waste

In 2008 chunks of frozen human waste came crashing down from the sky on the home of an elderly resident in Calgary. The chunks fell through the roof, leaving behind a foot-wide hole. Authorities confirmed that the wreckage was indeed caused by toilet water, antifreeze, disinfectant and human waste that was unloaded off a plane while in flight. Though flights are prohibited from emptying their waste in the air, sometimes transitioning from cold air to warm air can cause certain leaking problems that may lead to unfortunate events like this one.

Some of these seem like things that would only happen in a sci-fi film, but they have all happened in real life. Next time you step out don’t forget to take an umbrella: you never know what weird things could fall out from the sky! Don’t forget to subscribe for more lists like this!

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