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Top 15 Things That Kim Jong-Un Loves To Eat and Drink


Top 15 Things That Kim Jong-Un Loves To Eat and Drink

Kim Jong Un is one of the most hated leaders around, but the North Korean dictator loves food. Even though he rules over an impoverished people, Kim indulges in all kinds of delicacies from shark fin soup to Cristal. Because of the things Kim eats, obesity and other health issues plague plague the dictator.

15. Caspian Sea Delicacy

Technically caviar is the roe or ripe egg masses of Caspian Sea and Black Sea sturgeon. This is the most coveted and expensive version of caviar, but other species of fish are acceptable as well including salmon, trout and whitefish. caviar is a delicacy that is used as a garnish or a spread on thin crackers or sometimes a small pancake called a blini. However, if you want to cut out the middle man you can eat caviar right off the spoon. You are supposed to use a mother of pearl spoon to avoid changing the taste of the fish. Kim Jong Un is a man of expensive tastes so of course he wants only the beluga sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately, this species of fish is very much endangered and could go extinct so chalk up another atrocity to the North Korean dictator. 

14. He Always Drinks Wine

Kim Jong Un may not be a vampire, but he’s probably even more frightening. When he’s not making life difficult for his people he likes to relax with a nice glass of wine. What kind of wine you ask? this Kim Jong Un so only the best will satisfy his discerning palate.  According to reports the pudgy dictator favors French wine and has boasted about drinking 10 bottles of the expensive alcohol in a single evening. A look at his girth might make it easy to believe he’s capable of this dubious feat. But on the other hand he is a Communist tyrant who lies with the ease most people breath so we can’t really take Kim at his word. Like most reports that trickle out of North Korea it’s often hard to know what’s true and what isn’t, but according to some reports Kim has lost some of his passion for wine in favor of Russian Vodka.

13. You Say Potato, he Says Vodka

Vodka originated in Russia and Poland and was traditionally made from potatoes. More recent varieties of the liquor can also use fruit or sugar as the base. Despite the potato’s lowly reputation Russian vodka is a coveted commodity that has not escaped the attention of Kim Jong Un. Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has recounted a story in which he hung out with the Communist dictator in North Korea. At the party vodka flowed freely as they enjoyed karaoke and the company of attractive women. Rodman emplaned that everyone got quite drunk on copious amounts of the Russian staple, but that’s still no excuse for Rodman to enjoy the company of a brutal dictator. However, it isn’t all puppies and rainbows for Kim. In February 2019 Dutch customs officials seized 90,000 bottles of Russian vodka they believed was on its way to the hermit kingdom.

12. Like Father Like Son

Kim Jong-Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, the previous ruler of North Korea, was known to have a fondness for pizza and he liked to top his pies with salami, pepperoni and prosciutto. According a chef that worked for the Kims pizza was a favorite dish. Kim Jong Il liked pizza so much that he eventually ordered that an Italian restaurant be built in his Communist paradise. After all, who doesn’t like a good pie? A lot of people do, but there’s almost no chance anyone but the Kim’s favored few ever get to eat at the restaurant. Apparently the Kims gravitate toward the meat lovers varieties even though the the people of North Korea rarely get any meat except perhaps some fish heads. Kim Jong Un’s love of cheese has been well documented so we can assume he likes generous amounts of cheese on his pizza along with piles of fatty meats.

10. Hermit Kingdom?

Information out of the Hermit Kingdom is scarce, even about what it’s leader, Kim Jong Un eats. There doesn’t seem to be specific information about whether he has a sweet tooth or not – so he might not enjoy a sweet hermit cookie. The hermit cookie has a long tradition in America going back to colonial times. It’s a sweet and spicy treat made with ingredients like molasses, cinnamon, cloves and raisons. You can either form the dough to drop cookies or bake the dough in a pan like brownies. However, while attending the June 2018 summit with the American president, Donald Trump, Kim was served a deliciously warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. By the size of his waist line can we assume Kim enjoyed the decadent dessert? Intelligence sources would probably conclude that this was less than certain, but it would probably be a pretty good bet. 

9. General Joe’s Coffee

What would go nicely with a fresh baked hermit cookie? A hot cup of Brazilian coffee. Still no word on whether Kim Jong Un enjoys hermit cookies, but he does like a good cup of Brazilian joe. the North Korean dictator spends several hundred thousand dollars a year on the coveted coffee from South America. He not the only one who likes Brazilian coffee since the country produces 2/3 of the world’s coffee supply. Like many coffee lovers Kim probably appreciates the low acidity levels found in the beans that are grown and harvested in Brazil. Some areas of the country have a rich red soil that produces relatively sweet, fuel bodies coffee beans. The best Brazilian beans can sell for as much as $500 a pound. it seems a little ridiculous to spend that kind of money on coffee, but for a dictator that presides over one of the poorest countries in the world it’s obscene. 

8. Better Dead Than Red Lobster

Back during the Cold War people used to say “better dead than red,” but perhaps Kim Jong Un thinks more about red lobsters than Red Communist ideology. It seems Kim’s father loved lobster too and had tried to set up a freshwater lobster breeding project at a turtle farm before he died in 2011. However, to his son’s great disappointment, the turtle farm failed to produce any lobsters. Kim Jong Un was very unhappy when he toured the farm in 2015 and found that the lobster project had been a complete failure. People in North Korea know they don’t want to be on the dictator’s bad side for even the most trivial reason and being between him and his stomach doesn’t seem trivial at all. If the wide waisted despot wants to see lobsters boiling in a pot he’ll have t go to Red Lobster like everyone else.

7. Cristal Geyser

Cristal champagne was created in 1876 by an enterprising Frenchman named Louis Roederer. He developed the sparkling wine for Alexander II, the Tsar of Russia. The Tsar demanded that the champagne be put in clear glass or “cristal” bottles instead of the usual dark green tinted bottles so his enemies couldn’t assassinate him with bombs placed in the bottles of sparkling wine. Does this kind of paranoia remind you of any present day dictators? Kim Jong Un likes champagne, but he loves Cristal because it is considered the best. He keeps both his pleasure resort and pleasure train well stocked with all his favorite delicies and these include Cristal along with other wines and spirits. Kim also likes caviar and it just so happens that this delicacy pairs very well with Cristal. Any champagne would do, but nothing but the best for the fearless leader.

6. You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl

When people of a certain age think of sharks they likely think about the giant Great White shark in the 1975 movie, Jaws. It’s a good bet that when Kim Jong Un thinks about sharks he thinks about shark fin soup. This is a traditional Chinese dish that is prepared either as a soup or a hardier stew. The soup dates back several centuries to the Song Dynasty where it was served to the emperor and his court. Interestingly, the shark fin only provides texture to the dish while the flavor comes from other ingredients. Since the shark fin isn’t providing much in the way of flavor it seems kind of pointless to include it in a soup and then call it shark fin soup. Because shark fin soup is so popular in Asian cultures some people are worried sharks are being hunted to extinction. So onto of all the other bad behavior by the North Korean dictator, he is also contributing to the demise of some of the world’s great species of fish.

5. Raw Fatty

Fatty sushi doesn’t seem particularly appealing, but when you’re the brutal dictator with a couple nukes you can have what you want when you want it. Sushi has long been an Asian delicacy and we often associate with healthy eating, but Kim, like his father, prefers torro, the fatty part of the tuna, when he indulges in sushi. Kim’s father had his own personal sushi chef who used to prepare their favorite kinds of raw fish, but he had left North Korea for a time. After Kim Jong Un took power after his father died he invited the chef back. Perhaps surprisingly, the chef decided to accept the offer to cook for the dictator. Apparently he kept his taste for the fatty part of the tuna and continues to eat it as a regular part of his diet. Leave it to a brutal and glutinous wretch like Kim Jong Un to go out of his way to eat the unhealthy kind of sushi.

4. HeNasty Man

It’s been well established that the North Korean dictator likes to indulge in the finer things in life. This includes plenty of foods, but it also includes some of the higher end alcohol available. For Kim Jing Un it appears that price is no object so when he wants a glass of cognac the Communist ruler reaches straight for the Hennessy. Hennessy is a kind of wine that technically must be produced in the Cognac region of France. The process that produces a bottle of Cognac is exact and time consuming as there are many steps. This rigorous process starts with harvesting the best grapes then moves to a long distillation process and finishes with aging the wine in wooden barrels to add some of the beverage’s distinct color and flavor. This seems like a lot of trouble for some fermented grapes, but people who enjoy wine consider Hennessy Cognac to be a true luxury. With all the resources Kim devotees to acquiring and consuming delicacies one has to wonder if he actually appreciates these luxuries or he’s just a poser who likes people to know he has the wherewith-all to obtain them.

3. Why Did it Have to be Wine?

A lot of people enjoy a good glass of wine now and then and Kim Jong Un is one of those people. Like Indiana Jones, the intrepid archeologist of movie fame, a lot of people don’t like snakes. Apparently Kim isn’t one of those people because he enjoys sipping glasses of snake wine. This isn’t just a colorful name for an exotic wine it’s literally wine with a snake in the bottle. Snake wine is usually made from rice wine or grain alcohol, but a snake is put in the bottle to infuse it with certain curative properties. Snake wine was introduced in China centuries ago and spread throughout Asia because of its reputation of being able to cure a number of ailments. This sounds a lot like what we in the West would refer to as snake oil. The North Korean dictator supposedly drinks the strange beverage in an  attempt to increase his virility after having trouble conceiving a second child. Regardless of the reasons one might drink snake wine it seems like it would be an acquired taste at best. 

2. The Rarest Steak

A lot of people like their steak rare, but Kim Jong Un decided to take this literally. The dictator has developed an appetite for Japan’s rare and expensive beef that comes from the Wagyu breed of cattle. This coveted meat is commonly referred called Kobe beef after city in Japan where the beef comes from. Japan has a specific system for raising its cattle in order to produce the high quality beef with its characteristic flavor, tenderness and marble structure and even the color of the meat. The choicest pieces of Kobe beef earn an A5 grade. This kind of quality doesn’t come cheap as a pound of this meat can cost you $150. Even the lowliest cut of beef is well beyond the hopes of most of the North Korean people who subsist on things like boiled rice, porridge and bean paste. It’s likely Kim favors the A5 Kobe beef if he can get it. Countries like America work to interdict and disrupt the smuggling operations North Korea uses to procure all the delicacies and luxuries Kim demands. High quality steak is fine, but you have to wonder if Kim Jong Un ever gets a craving for a simple cheeseburger. 

1. Say Emmental!

Emmental cheese originated in Switzerland and is named after the area of the country it came from. It is a medium-hard cheese that is often described as having a savory, but somewhat mild flavor. Of course many people know it by its distinctive holes. The holes used to be considered a sign of imperfections or mistakes made during the cheese making process, but in more recent times they holes have come to embody the product. Emmental cheese is often used in cooking certain dishes such as fondues and gratins. maybe Kim Jong Un enjoys fondue, but it’s more likely the round dictator just hacks off big pieces of cheese from a wheel and shoves them in his mouth. Kim Jong Un is such a fan of Emmental cheese that his indulgence in this luxury food has reportedly contributed mightily to his ever expanding waist line. The cheese also is said to have contributed to the dictator’s bout with gout, a joint disease caused by high levels of uric acid. Gout can be a painful condition, but let’s face it: the North Korean dictator deserves worse than some foot discomfort from eating wheels of pricey cheese while his people go hungry.

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