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Top 15 Successful Sports Wives

Many professional athletes are considered celebrities in our society, and who doesn’t love a famous person? A good handful of male sports stars fell for women who were successful and maybe even famous on their very own.

Just because your man is a big time athlete doesn’t mean you have to languish in the shadows. These ladies have hit their own home runs in business and entertainment. Some are still standing by their sporting man, but a few have moved onto greener pastures. 

15. Maripier Morin

Recently married to tough guy hockey player Brandon Prust, Quebec beauty Maripier Morin made a name for herself on a local dating reality show. Now, the popular TV host and columnist is the star Hockey Wives, another Canadian reality show that follows the lives of NHL players’ spouses and girlfriends.

She also featured in Simple Plan’s “I Don’t Wannna Go To Bed”music video. When Prust played for the Canadiens, Morin became the most sought-after hockey girlfriend in Montreal.

14. Candice Crawford

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one lucky retiree. He is married to Candice Crawford, a former beauty queen — she won the Miss Missouri in 2008 and finished top 10 in the Miss USA pageant. She then worked as a Dallas news reporter covering lifestyle segments and high school sports.

Her brother is actor Chance Crawford, the major hottie who starred in Gossip Girl. After a lavish wedding, the couple announced they were expecting their first son. They now have two children.

13. Stefenie LaGrossa

This baseball player knocked it out of the park. Boston Red Sox pitcher Kyle Kendrick married rugged bombshell Stephenie LaGrossa in 2010.

She competed several times on Survivor and is one of the most popular contestants ever on the reality TV show. She was cast in PalauGuatemala and again in Heroes vs. Villains. The couple married in 2010 and have two children. 

12. Gena Lee Nolin

Married to NHL player Cale Hulse, Gena Lee Nolin is beautiful, rich and a definite go-getter. She paved her own way to success long before marrying her hubby.

Nolin started out as one of Barker’s Beauties on the Price is Right. But, she hit it big when she became every teenage boy’s fantasy playing lifeguard Neely Capshaw on the hit show Babewatch — ahem — Baywatch. She married Hulse in 2004 and they are proud parents to two children. 

11. Jessica Simpson

This blonde bombshell made it to Hollywood thanks to her successful singing career. Her fame took off when she starred in her own reality TV show with then husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. Her silly, “dumb blonde” comments had TV audiences in stitches.

After her divorce from Nick, she remarried to former NFL star, Eric Johnson of the San Francisco 49ers. He is much more behind the scenes and Simpson remains the star in this couple.

Not only is she beautiful and has a great voice, but she is quite the savvy business woman. She has a massive shoe and clothing line that rakes in millions of dollars each year. She is a triple threat. Watch out world, we don’t know what to expect next!

10. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker made heads spin when starred alongside funny man Adam Sandler in the comedy Just Go With It. The busty blonde made us all drool in that the beach scene when she came out of the water with a 12 on 10 body. It’s no wonder that when tennis star Andy Roddick laid eyes on her he never looked away —he married her.

As a successful fashion model, she has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated multiple times. Decker has also made guest appearances on hit television shows like Ugly Betty and Chuck. The couple currently lives in Texas and welcomed a son in 2015.

9. Kristin Cavallari

You may remember this California blonde from the MTV reality TV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Though she didn’t play nice with others on the show, perhaps marriage and mom life softened her over the years. She married current Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cavallari has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars. After Laguna Beach, she was also appeared in its spin-off The Hills, which gained a huge following increasing her fame. Since then she’s appeared on Dancing With the Stars and CSI:NY.

She and Cutler are the parents of three boys. Cavallari is quite active in charity work and has served as spokesperson for several campaigns.

8. Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is owning the music business. At 12 years old, she worked with MC Hammer and met legendary rap artist Tupac Shakur. She’s had major musical success; several of her albums were certified platinum. She even starred in her own reality television series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. It documented her personal and professional life.

She is married to NBA player Daniel Gibson and have one child together. She announced their divorce in April 2017.

7. Elisha Cuthbert

A major power house on her own, Elisha Cuthbert married Ottawa Senators defenceman Dion Phaneuf in September 2012. The 34-year-old Canadian bombshell best known for playing Kim Bauer on 24 as well as Darcie in the hit movie Old School.

She can play comedic roles as well as more serious ones. Her hotness level went through the roof when she starred in The Girl Next Door. She was a sizzling pin up girl in the 2000’s, appearing in men’s magazines such as Maxim. During the summer, the happy hockey wife resides in Prince Edward’s Island in Canada.

6. Shakira

Nobody can forget when Shakira came onto the music scene years back. It seems like only yesterday we were all shaking it to Hips Don’t Lie and singing along to her unforgettable hits. The Colombian cutie fearlessly pursued her music career and is very famous and successful today. Selling 50-60 million records worldwide, Shakira is a proud to be the highest selling Colombian artist of ALL TIME. This beautiful star made Girard Piqué very happy in 2010 when she became his wife. Like a true latina, Shakira went for a soccer player. Piqué currently plays for FC Barcelona and Spain’s national team. 

5. Carrie Underwood

This blonde beauty has come a long way since the American Idol audition that changed her entire life. As the winner of the popular TV show’s fourth season, a star was born. She went on to win several Grammy awards. Married to NHL star Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators, Carrie often sings the national anthem at her husband’s home games.

Happily married, they have a baby boy named Isaiah. In 2013, she was the top earning American Idol winner, raking in $31 million that year — more than Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj.

4. Gabrielle Union

Married to the Chicago Bulls’ Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union has found success in Hollywood. Union is mostly known for her comedic roles in movies. She is most famous for roles in Deliver Us from Eva, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Brothers.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this power couple though. After dating for four years, career demands split them up. Wade and a longtime friend then conceived a son. A month later, he and Union reconciled. They married in 2014.

3. Hayden Panettiere

The near-invincible cheerleader on NBC’s Heroes and current star of CMT’s Nashville, Hayden Panettiere is in a longtime relationship with two-time world heavyweight champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The couple had a little bit of a rocky road, but they’re steady now after the ups and downs.

Panetierre said she experienced post-partum depression after the birth of their daughter in December 2014. The actress is also a social activist. In 2007, she joined The Whaleman Foundation to disrupt the annual dolphin hunt in a prominent whaling town in Japan. 

PETA awarded her the “Compassion in Action Award” for her efforts.

2. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is almost as famous as her husband, one of the hottest soccer players ever, David Beckham. Posh Spice was already ruling the world as a member of Spice Girls. She caught the athlete’s attention in one of her band’s music videos, dancing in a sexy black catsuit. Spice Girls broke record after record and can still sell out concert venues in a split second.

It’s rare to see celebrity couples still together and madly in love after so many years. She and her sweetie are the real deal. Besides being a loving mother to their four gorgeous children, she founded a fashion empire. Her multiple business ventures and passion for what she loves make this woman shine. Girl Power!

1. Gisele Bündchen

This leggy powerhouse owns the runway with one fierce step in front of the other everyday. Not only is she one of the most famous models in the entire world, she’s holding down the fort on the home front. She married NFL star Tom Brady and together they have a baby boy named Benjamin Brady.

Her famous quarterback husband brings in $26.5 million a year and holds a net worth of $180 million. In comparison to the Brazilian model, Gisele is racking in the big bucks and sustains a net worth of $360 million so far in her career. It’s no wonder she owns that catwalk. This model is hot, hot, hot in more ways than one!

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