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Top 15 Mind Blowing Moments From The Infinity War Trailer!


Top 15 Mind Blowing Moments From The Infinity War Trailer!

Can’t get  enough of that Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer? Us neither. Considering the film comes out in April it’s actually pretty surprising that Disney/Marvel waited this long to show us a trailer.

Marvel made us wait and speculate before finally giving a sneak peak. And it was worth the wait! Without spoiling anything, let’s check out and analyze the 15 biggest bombshells hidden in the Infinity War Trailer!

15. Asgard… Is Dead…

One of the biggest takeaways from the recently released Thor: Ragnarok was the fact that Thor and Loki allowed Asgard to be destroyed because it was the source of power of their evil sister, Hela. And because she was stronger than both of them together, it was inevitable that she was going to take over.

So they released Surtur and gave him the Eternal Flame from their father Odin’s weapons vault so he could “kill” Hela while destroying Asgard. Thor, Loki, Hulk and others had the surviving citizens of Asgard board a gigantic ship and escape before Surtur or Hela could stop them.

While Asgard was destroyed, it was technically a happy ending. The post-credits scene, though, implied looming danger as the ship full of Asgardians ended up running in Thanos’ gigantic ship.

In the comics, they end up smack dab in the middle of the Mid-West so a lot of people assumed that’s where they would go. However, a scene in the Infinity War trailer heavily implies that all of the Asgardians die while Loki offers the Tesseract — Space Stone — to someone.

14. Blonde Widow and Captain Scruffy?

The trailer was released a day or two after a couple magazines released images from the cast. Black Widow is now rocking blonde shoulder-length hair. Black Widow is on the run from basically the entire world after her actions in Captain America: Civil War.

It’d make sense that she’d flee to Wakanda with Cap and Bucky Barnes. But, while Black Widow has changed her look from film to film, old man Steve Rogers has basically looked the same the entire time.

Now that he’s also an outlaw — dropping his shield at the end of Civil War after some mean prodding from Iron Man — he’s pulling a David Letterman and letting his facial hair grow (as well as his hair) for the first time in his adult life.

Fans think that he may be representing the character Nomad, which is the name that Steve Rogers took after abandoning the name Captain America in the comic books a few decades ago. 

13. Hulk is Back on Earth!

Seeing Bruce Banner pop up in Infinity War was exciting even though this is an Avengers film — we knew he was going to be in it already. Thor: Ragnarok is fresh in everyone’s minds and he was amazing in that film.

In the trailer, Dr. Strange and Wong find Bruce Banner laying in rubble after he apparently broke through the sorcerer’s Sanctum Sanctorum — and then through some stairs. Seeing him there means a couple things, first that Thanos clearly wrecked shop on the Asgardian ship.

Again in the trailer, Loki steps over dead Asgardians to give up the Space Stone. It’s possible Thanos tossed Hulk aside, through space and into the Sanctum.

Secondly, it’s very similar to how the Earth-based heroes in the comics learned of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Silver Surfer is similarly tossed through space and into the Sanctum only to scream that Thanos is coming to Strange and Wong.

We also get a glimpse of Banner reconnecting with Black Widow. After how he reacted to her video in Ragnarok, it’s sweet enough to cause type 2 diabetes.

12. Thanos has the POWERRRRRRR! On Titan?

Thanos first appeared in the after credit scene in the first Avengers film and he looks drastically different in the trailer. He’s been behind a lot of the carnage in the MCU thus far. He gave Loki  the Mind Stone so he could conquer Earth and capture the Space Stone — which ended up on Asgard.

He next appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and tasked Ronin the Accuser with retrieving the Power Stone for him. Ronin kept it for himself and the Guardians defeated him by utilizing the Power Stone (which Peter was able to do because his father is an Elder of the Universe), eventually giving the Stone to the Nova Corps on Xandar for safekeeping.

Thanos then appeared in another Avengers after-credits scene, this time after Age of Ultron. Vault doors opened and the Infinity Gauntlet appeared. Thanos walked up to the Gauntlet and said “Fine… I’ll do it myself.”

11. What are those Circles?

Some are pointing out that the circles in the sky represent a typical Marvel trope which is that they’ve always got portals in the sky in their films. That assumes that they are portals in the first place as all we’ve seen from them is that they are circles in the sky over Manhattan and presumably somewhere else.

There is a massive army in Wakanda and considering that Loki hands Thanos the Space Stone he could’ve just opened a portal himself and sent them all there. While the first Avengers film explained what was needed to open and sustain a portal, Thanos is extremely powerful and intelligent and probably knows how to control the Stones.

He also has the Power Stone next to the Space Stone. He has the Gauntlet which could make the person who wears it capable of wielding the Stones on it without exploding like the Collector’s Slave did.

Lastly, the Circle over Manhattan could also be a weapon of some kind that destroyed the Sanctum Sanctorum. As we know, the Sanctum is housing one of the Infinity Stones (the Time Stone) so it’s extremely important.

10. Winter Soldier is Back… With a New Arm?

Bucky Barnes elected to go back into a cryogenic coma at the end of Civil War (because he can’t trust himself until they are able to de-program him from Hydra’s brainwashing.

So, while seeing him in the trailer may not be that surprising — as they obviously need all the help that they can get — seeing his new arm is. Perhaps surprising isn’t the right word, let’s go with exciting, as his new arm is obviously going to be made from vibranium as they are in Wakanda.

He could be more powerful than Steve Rodgers — once he picks up the Shield. While it hasn’t been explicitly stated, it’s clear that Barnes’ only “power” isn’t just his metal arm. Hydra did have some super soldier serum and injected Barnes with a full dose.

He’s shown an ability to stand toe to toe with Rogers when they two have fought in Winter Soldier. So, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not things shake out that way.

9. Vision the Human? Vision the… Dead?

Thanos has been haunting the MCU since near its inception, so when Vision was introduced towards the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, you knew the Mind Stone in his forehead would fall into Thanos lap eventually.

It was jarring to see Vision laying on his back and screaming in agony as someone (that is one of Thanos’ Black Order) presses Loki’s Scepter from the first Avengers film against the Stone to remove it.

It’s not really known exactly how the Mind Stone works in conjunction with Vision. He himself says in Civil War that he doesn’t understand it yet. In the trailer, he seems to have gained the ability to change shapes as he appeared human while sharing an intimate moment with Scarlet Witch.

8. Where in the World/Trailer is Ant-Man!

While fans were ecstatic about how amazing the trailer was, many people did end up asking one question: “Where is Ant-Man?!?”  Now both Ant-Man and his new partner, the Wasp, are both confirmed to be in the film.

Their joint film titled, Ant-Man and the Wasp will be the first post-Infinity War movie — slated for a 2018 release as well. So it’s surprising that neither was shown in the trailer. But at the same time this was a teaser trailer so it’s not exactly easy to fit in every single hero in the film. 

7. Hulkbuster is Back! With War Machine inside?

One of the best fight scenes so far in the MCU occurs in Age of Ultron, with Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster suit taking on the Hulk.

Most doubted we’d ever see the suit again, so it was quite the amazing surprise to see the Hulkbuster suit in Wakanda of all places alongside Bruce Banner who looks to first appear in New York City after crashing into Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum after spending the last two years or so in space. 

Because Hulk is in Wakanda it could mean that it’s Tony rocking the Hulkbuster suit in the fight to protect Wakanda from Thanos’ minion army. But considering that the trailer also shows Iron Man and Spider-Man fighting Thanos two on one on that orange planet, the strong money is on War Machine in that suit. 

6. Doctor Strange and Wong!

While a lot of the solo films have increasingly become ensemble pieces, Dr. Strange was sort of disconnected from the rest of the MCU. Not anymore though. We last saw Dr. Strange assisting Thor as he and Loki searched for Odin in Thor: Ragnarok.

He has yet to join the Avengers however. His and Wong’s appearance is a direct reference to the original Infinity Gauntlet comic book arc from 1991. Since the Time Stone is located in the New York Sanctum, it’s probably means Stark, Strange, Banner and Wong will go up against a Mad Titan in the early events of the film.

5. Spidey Sense!

While Spider-Man: Homecoming was lauded, some fans bemoaned that Spider-Man didn’t display his Spider-Sense. The debate basically became so heated online that both the director of Homecoming Jon Watts and Marvel Studio’s overlord Kevin Feige commented on it.

Watts’ point of view was basically that Spider-Man does, in fact, have Spider-Sense but that they didn’t really delve into it because it had been covered in the previous films. Feige said that he believes that Spider-Man has his Spidey Sense or that he will eventually have it as his powers develop over time.

‘The trailer basically reinforces that he does, in fact, have his sense, and also that perhaps it’s something new to him — although he did display it in Civil War. The hair on his arm stands up before he turns his head and sees that giant ring of death floating above Manhattan.

4. So the Soul Gem is in Wakanda, Right?

We’re basically at the point where the process of elimination has solved the riddle that was the location of the final Infinity Stone for us and the process has shown us that the final stone, the Soul Stone, is in Wakanda.

Black Panther is the final film before Infinity War, it is set in Wakanda, which has amazing technology lightyears ahead of even what Tony Stark can come up with. Remember how Ultron used vibranium and the Mind Stone to create Vision? Well, Wakanda is the sole place in the world that has vibranium and it also has an Infinity Stone.

Thanos wouldn’t send an entire army to Wakanda unless he wanted something there. It could be said that he just wants the heroes dead, but honestly, he could do that himself — especially after going to the collector to get the Reality Stone/Aether). 

3. The Guardians are Here!

Marvel loves putting big reveals after the title for the film comes up in their trailers. There’s always something really mind-blowing at the end because they want to create maximum nerdgasms, and — full disclosure — it works.

Part of the Guardians of the Galaxy’s appeal is the fact that they really had no connection to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the fact that they were fighting a Kree “Accuser” who was wielding an Infinity Stone.

Sure, Thanos was involved — Drax wants to kill him as do his kidnapped daughters Nebula and Gamora — but the filmmakers were basically free to do whatever they wanted without fear of stepping on anyone’s toes.

But, that’s about to end with things tying together now as the super-intergalactic team meets Thor. 

2. Iron Spider!!!

At the end of Homecoming, Tony Stark offers Spidey a spot on the new Avengers team after witnessing the bravery and strength Peter showed in taking down Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture all by himself. So not only did Tony offer him a spot on the team but he also created an entirely new suit for Peter — a cinematic version of the famed Iron Spider suit from the comics.

In the Infinity war trailer, Peter rocks the suit, despite turning it down at the end of Homecoming. But considering that Peter is going up to investigate the ring structure hovering over the city, it’s smart that he is wearing the suit. It must be a ton safer and more capable than even his other Stark-tech suit. 

In the comics, the suit has four robotic arms that make Peter look like a real human arachnid. But even with his new undisclosed powers, how will he and Tony fare against an all powerful Thanos? Does the suit come with a training wheels protocol too?

1. We should REALLY Worry About the Scene with Tony and Peter Fighting Thanos

There’s a scene in the film that is intermittently sprinkled in through the rest of the trailer. You first see the planet at the beginning from a satellite’s eye view, then it appears to be where Tony is when they first cut to him, with his head in his hands.

Thanos pins Iron Spider-Man to the ground and adds the Space Stone to the Gauntlet. He decks Iron Man so hard, he bites the ground. Lastly, it appears that the shot of Tony looking over his shoulder takes place there as well.

There were rumors that in other footage shown at events like D23 that Peter is seen crying, telling Tony he’s “sorry.” It almost feels like as the rest of the team fights Thanos’ army in Wakanda, Tony might have attempted to visit Thanos’ homeworld for some reason — to find a weakness? His family?

And perhaps Peter being Peter — and because of the relationship he has with Tony — he tagged along. Either way, this scene has bad news written all over it.

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