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Top 10 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 1


Top 10 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 1

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words and if anything this list is going to prove that perhaps whomever came up with that adage perhaps low-balled the number a bit. Some photographers focus on the world of sport, or art, and they are both definitely represented in this list, but beyond that, there are also those photographers who are brave (or crazy) enough to go into war with nothing more than their camera and a vest/hat that says “Press” (which is war code for “Don’t kill me! At least on purpose!”). Considering that there have only been around 270 years of peace in the past 3,400 years of human civilization it’s incredibly important that photographers are there though as they can catch the devastation of war that otherwise wouldn’t be noted by the public. So, let’s hop into the first batch of photos from Time Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Photos ever!

25. A Milk Drop Proves Scientists Correct 

24. A Shot from the Moon 

23. Tragedy at Kent State

22. Vietnam in One Image…

21. … Okay, Maybe Two Pictures

20. Che Guevara, a Photo that Launched 1,000,000 College T-Shirts

19. The Most Influential Real Estate Photograph of All-Time

18. A Defector from East Berlin, Just Like What’s Happening Today with North Korea

17. Malian Celebrations from the 20th Century

16. Police Crack Down on Protesters in Birmingham, Alabama

15. A Monk Commits the Ultimate Sacrifice to Protest Vietnam

14. Frame 313 from the Zapruder Tape Shows the Frailty of Human Life and How Quickly the Future of a Country Can Change

13. The Beatles have a Pillow Fight!

12. Ali Bests Liston in what May Be the Most Iconic Sports Photograph of All-Time

11. The First Photo Inside the Womb

10. Chairman Mao Goes for a Swim While His People Starve

9. The Earth Rises from the Moon

8. Suffering in Africa

7. Jackie Kennedy – Style Icon

6. A Massacre in Munich

5. Allendes Last Stand in Chile

4. A Fire Escape Collapses and Brings Change to the Housing Code in NYC

3. The Soweto Uprising

2. Refugees Fleeing the Vietnam War (Okay, Three Pictures!)

1. Post-Modern Photography Icon Caught in a Regular Photograph


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