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Top 100 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 3


Top 100 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 3

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but that’s sort of an undersell. As these pictures will show, a picture can actually be invaluable, it can change history, it can save lives and it can show truths that otherwise would be suppressed or hidden. These pictures show the human condition in that they show the full range of what it means to be human (both good and bad). Some of these pictures show humanity at it’s worst, but it also can show the hope that exists in humanity that one day we might stop killing one another. So, let’s take a  look at the third part of the Top 100 most influential photos of all time! 

25. The Valley of the Shadow of Death

24. Young Lincoln

23. First Image of Yosemite 

22. Deadliest Day of the Civil War

21. Old School Bandits

20. First X-Ray Ever

19. Moonlight on the Pond

18. The Vanishing Race (of Native Americans)

17. Boulevard Du Temple 

16. Dovima and her Elephants

15. Young Love

14. Steerage

13. A Blind Beggar 

12. A Brick Layer 

11. First Photo Ever 

10. Couple in Raccoon Coats

9. The Loch Ness Monster

8. A Migrant Mother

7. Fort Peck Dam

6. “Oh the Humanity!”

5. A  WWII Baby

4. Lunch.

5. Churchill’s Portrait 

4. New Orleans Trolley

3. The Hague

2. Girl in a Cotton Mill 

1. Falling Soldier



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