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Top 100 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 2


Top 100 of All-Time (According to Time Magazine) Part 2

Without any further ado, let’s get right to the second group of photos from Time Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Photos ever!

25. Bosnia 

24. Famine in Somalia

23. A Vulture Waits

22. Pillars of Life 

21. Torture 

20. First Cell Phone Picture Ever 

19. 99 Cent Store 

18. The Falling Man on 9/11

17. Soldiers Come Home 

16. The Photo that Created New Digital Aging Technology

15. “Christ in Piss”

14. One of the Most Iconic Images Ever: Man vs. Tanks

13. Most Expensive Contemporary Photo Sold at Auction Ever 

12. North Korea

11. Gay Pride in the 70’s

10. Black Power at the Olympics

9. Gorillas in the Congo 

8. Oscar Selfie!

7. Pregnant Demi Moore 

6. Surfing Hippos 

5. Iranian Firing Squad 

4. Capturing Domestic Violence 

3. Air Jordan 

2. Neda RIP

1. The Situation Room

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