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Top 10 WTF Fast Food Restaurant Incidents


Top 10 WTF Fast Food Restaurant Incidents

Anyone who has ever worked at a fast-food restaurant knows there is some crazy stuff that goes on in them. We are going to explore the oddities of not only fast-food customers but the workers as well. As anyone can tell you, sometimes the most interesting stuff that goes on at a restaurant happens behind the counter. The customers can be oddballs, and sometimes the workers are even more out there. These are the top 10 WTF fast food restaurant moments we could find.

10. Get married at Taco Bell

Do you have nacho cheese flowing through your veins? If so, then you need to head on over to Las Vegas. You already know that it’s possible to get married by Elvis in Las Vegas. Did you know you can get married at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas? Who doesn’t want to start their journey of wedded bliss at a faux Mexican fast food joint? It’s not like anything that you’ll eat south of the border, but the stuff is pretty tasty. Taco Bell has proved if you add seasoned beef and cheese to anything, it’s possible to pass it off as Mexican food. What’s the best thing about getting married at a Taco Bell? You don’t have to worry about what your guests will eat. You’re at a freaking Taco Bell! Let your guests order what they want while you spend your precious time second-guessing this whole wedding thing. It’s not the fact that you got married at a Taco bell that’s causing you to flip your lid. Now you’re wondering if you can spend the rest of your life with someone who squeezes the tube of toothpaste instead of rolling it up. Come on, man, how hard is it to be neat in the bathroom? It’s little things like these that can make or break a marriage, regardless of whether or not it was brought to union in a Taco Bell of all places.  Believe it or not, you can actually get married at many other fast-food restaurants, in fact, most of them will also provide food catering for your special day, if that’s your thing. But there’s just something extra WTF about getting married at Taco Bell, which is usually more known as a late-night, post-party, fast food fill.

9. Driving through the drive-thru backward

There’s always one comedian in the bunch. Usually, this happens late at night after all the bars have closed. If you’re lucky enough to run the drive-thru after the bars let out, you’ve probably seen this a time or two. A car of jokers thinks it’s a good idea to drive backwards through the drive-thru. No one ever finds it as funny as the people actually pulling off this WTF stunt though. They get more eye rolls then laughs from hungry on-lookers. It’s even worse if they come up with this idea when they’re sober, one could excuse a designated driver for being peer pressured into doing this by their “had one too many” friends riding passenger in the car. The worst part is when they pull up to the window and laugh as they’ve just pulled something off that no one has ever thought of. While yes this is a WTF fast food moment, it happens more than you would think. Ask anyone who’s ever worked the night shift at a drive-thru in a busy area, they’ll have a story or two. And for anyone wondering, or thinking “hey, that might be kind of funny”, yes, it’s illegal to drive backwards through a fast food restaurant drive-thru, and yes you can and will get pulled over if a cop is in the area, the ticket is probably not worth laugh.

8. An alligator and a thirsty man

Joshua James was thirsty one day when he spotted a gator on the side of the road. No one knows if the alligator was hitchhiking and needed a ride home. For whatever reason, Mr. James decided to grab the baby alligator and take it for a ride. That’s when the guy realized he was mighty thirsty. What does a thirsty man do when he has a gator in his truck? He goes through the drive-thru to grab himself a refreshing cold drink, obviously. What happened next was as fitting as it gets for an event labeled as a WTF fast food moment. This was far out of the ordinary, even in the deep south. The guy threw the baby alligator into the restaurant after they opened the drive-thru window to give him his drink. You can’t make this stuff up, we obviously have no idea what he was thinking, but the man’s mother later said that his actions were nothing more than a silly prank. Well, while his mother may call it a silly prank, we call it one of the weirdest WTF fast food ever. And yes, in case you’re wondering, this “silly prank” did indeed land him in hot water after receiving multiple of charges from local police, which was not a prank.

7. Some customers will do anything to get free food

How much free food have fast-food workers given out to customers that you knew were lying? A lot, it happens all the time if you’re a restaurant worker. Some people will do or say just about anything to get something for a free, or free meal in this case. The best lies are the ones that you hear time and time again. The old classic of there’s a hair in my food is always a good one. You can ask them what color the hair is, and there’s no one working with hair of that color, but the customer is always right so you’re left with no choice but to replace the meal. Another classic is the overcooked, undercooked complaint. This is often subjective so again you’re forced to go with the old adage that the customer is always right, even though you know that the person is lying and is trying to say or do anything to get free food. The worst offenders are the people who call and say you messed up their order. They want another meal since someone in the kitchen made a mistake. What do you do next? You tell the person to bring the food back, and you’ll replace it. There’s just one problem, and the person says they threw the food away. Yeah, and pigs fly. But this is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and every fast food manager deals with it on an almost weekly basis. All of these occurrences will have anyone who’s ever worked at a fast-food restaurant thinking WTF, as they basically give out entire meals again for free.

6. Passed out in the drive-thru

If you work the drive-thru and haven’t encountered someone passed out at the wheel, then you haven’t been running it long enough. There are several reasons why someone may be counting sheep at the wheel, and it could be from a late-night, medication, or just plain being tired. And while no, a person really shouldn’t be driving in these conditions, letting alone waiting on their order of fresh fries but it happens more than you would think. Sometimes a long day or life, in general, has a way of catching up to a person at the worst times, like when making their order at their local drive-thru. What do you do during this WTF moment when a driver falls asleep holding up the line at the drive-thru, or while you’re trying to hand them a bag of food? If you’re lucky, someone else in line will honk their horn and snap the driver out of it but more then likely your only way out of the this WTF moment will be something along the lines of trying to make some noise by rattling the bag, or giving them a quick shout. But if worse goes to worst, the worker will have to go outside and try to physically shake them out of their slumber. Tucking them in and allowing them to sleep it off just isn’t an option since there is a whole parade of cars behind them full of hungry customers, we feel bad for any workers who’ve had to deal with this WTF fast food moment, but many have.

5. A hungry robber cooks himself a burger

A man waited until Wendy’s was closed to break into the place so he could steal all of the money in their safe. He got the money, and for most robbers, that would’ve been enough. Not for this guy. He was hungry and, surprisingly, couldn’t refuse an always fresh never frozen Wendy’s beef patty. Who can turn down the opportunity to eat one of the world’s best burgers? It’s not possible, no matter if you’re a thief or an outstanding citizen. The robber proceeded to fry himself up a burger so he’d have something to eat while on the road. No one knows what fixings he liked on his burger. Was a Classic Single type of guy? Hopefully, he got his fix of fast food burgers since he won’t be eating them in the big house. It says quite a bit about a restaurant’s food if someone can’t leave without cooking themselves something to eat. Maybe he should’ve got a job at Wendy’s instead of trying to rob the place blind. Who knows, perhaps the manager would’ve allowed him to take a burger or two home with him after work.

4. A woman gave birth in a Chick-fil-A bathroom

Chick-fil-A seems to have some of the most die-hard fans of any restaurant chain out there. No one is more brand loyal than a Chick-fil-A customer. They’d drive countless hours for their waffle fries. They’re that good, and it’s the truth. That’s why Chick-fil-A is becoming one of the biggest names in the world of fast food. A loyal customer who happened to be pregnant stopped by her favorite Chick-fil-A for a bite to eat and gave birth in the bathroom. It looks like some people are starting teaching their kids at a young age what a good fast food meal should be like. What do you do when a woman gives birth in the bathroom of one of your restaurants? Chick-fil-A gave the baby free food for life. Yes, the cute little girl will get her fill of delicious Chick-fil-A for the rest of her life for free. Doesn’t that make you wish your parents delivered you in a Chick-fil-A? Who wouldn’t want free food from Chick-fil-A for the rest of your life? Don’t go hating your mom because she gave birth to you in a hospital and not inside a Chick-fil-A’s bathroom.

3. How long did they wait in line for free Burger King?

It seems that Burger King had a troubled past in France. The restaurant chain didn’t take off. They closed their doors in 1997, and everyone wondered if that was the last they would hear from the King. No, it wouldn’t be the last time royalty would grace the palets of the French. Burger King decided to make a triumphant return in 2013. It may have seemed like Burger King was gone forever, but they had loyal fans who were waiting to savor all that makes this burger joint what it is. Burger King decided to give away free food on the day it reopened its doors. The free food was such a hit that people stood in lines for hours to get some of it. Think about this for a minute; France is known to have some of the best restaurants in the entire world. People there were willing to stand in line for hours to get free Burger King food. That has to tell you something about the quality of the King’s food. If it’s good enough for refined French palate’s, then it’s got to be good enough for the average peon.

2. McDonald’s coffee is hot

Have you ever read a coffee cup at McDonald’s? If so, you are warned that coffee is hot. It’s too bad they can’t remind us that the sun is bright and the freezer in your refrigerator is cold. Who doesn’t stick their head in the freezer and wonder why it feels like they have an ice cube sloshing around in their head? It’s too bad the good folks over at McDonald’s can’t remind us of more things that should be common sense. They don’t need to remind us how delicious the Big Mac is. All of these years have gone by, and there’s a reason why it’s one of the world’s most famous sandwiches. The reason why McDonald’s has to tell you that coffee is hot is that a woman spilled a cup on her crotch. Somehow she ended up spilling a cup of piping hot coffee in between her legs. It might even be more surprising that she was able to sue McDonald’s and get money from them. There are a million and one jokes that have been said about this woman, a cup of coffee, and her crotch. We’ll leave the archive of jokes that already exist to prove our point. If you’re too young to remember those jokes, do a quick search on the internet. You’ll be surprised by how this woman’s crotch discovered how hot coffee is.

1. Bathing in Wendy’s sink

Who can ever forget that guy who took a bath in a Wendy’s sink? Working at a fast-food joint can make anyone sweaty and stinky. It’s not all that surprising that someone would want to get fresh and clean after pulling a long shift cooking up burgers. Most of the things you hear about going on behind the scenes at restaurants are only left to your imagination. Not this event since his coworkers decided to break out their phones and make videos. Can’t a man get a little privacy while he’s taking a bath in the sink at Wendy’s? Apparently not since he was filmed being shirtless while scrubbing up in the sink. The clean as a whistle, Wendy’s worker was fired once the video went viral. That’s not surprising at all since anyone who takes a bath in a sink meant for dishes is going to end up getting fired. What is surprising is that the Wendy’s restaurant passed a surprise inspection after the local health department got wind of what went down. He probably was a top-notch worker and cleaned out the sink after he was done taking a bath. If only Dave Thomas were alive to see what happened back in the kitchen. Chances are pretty good he wouldn’t have reminded the guy to make sure to wash behind his ears.

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