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Top 10 Worst Candies Ever Made RANKED! (Part 2)


Top 10 Worst Candies Ever Made RANKED! (Part 2)

Everything in life has a good side and a bad side. Sadly, candy is not an exception to that rule. You might think that something this sweet and delicious could do no wrong, but you would be fooling yourself. Here are the Top 10 Worst Candies Ever Made RANKED – (Part 2).

10. Laffy Taffy

If you want a candy that’s ridiculously annoying to eat, Laffy Taffy is the perfect candy for you. They’re not so bad in taste, granted, but the overall struggle you have to go through to be able to enjoy one is just simply not worth it. Have you ever tried to unwrap one of these bad boys in less than 5 seconds? Impossible. And if you have? Then you deserve a round of applause. Sticky, gummy and viscous isn’t exactly the appealing description you’re looking for when in search of a sweet treat. In addition to every single bite getting stuck to your teeth, Laffy Taffy doesn’t have a very refined texture, making them a little useless and obsolete in the modern candy world. Yes, they used to be big back in the day, and were advertised as having a “long-lasting” flavor, but that’s all in the past. They have had their 15 minutes of fame. As Elsa from Frozen would say – let it go. No one wants a trip to the dentist to get their fillings redone after one bite of these slimy, sticky sticks. If you’re still set on eating Laffy Taffy, but care about your dental well-being, here’s a little tip for you: Use a hairdryer. It sounds weird, I know, but some people have said that heating up the candy softens it up a bit, making it “safer” to eat. So, not all hope is lost. And for those who can’t stay away, you can still “Shake that Laffy Taffy.” 

9. Raisinets, More Like RaisiNOT

First of all, who likes raisins. Who has ever gotten excited to find out that it’s not chocolate chips in your oatmeal cookie but raisins? Okay, some of you might have, there’s no judgment here, but, usually, raisins are not exactly people’s favorites. This is why chocolate lovers are generally appalled with this weird, kooky combination of chocolate and raisins. What a wild concept. Taking the creamy and delicious taste of chocolate and mix it with the funky and dried texture of a raisin. Let’s just say they aren’t exactly everyone’s first pick when going to the candy store. Or even the second pick – or third – They’re just not very popular, alright? Made by the Ferrara Candy Company, Raisinets are not the only variation of the dried-up treat. There’s a whole other bunch of dried fruit covered in chocolate, like cranberries and cherries. What is it with people and dried fruits covered in chocolate? Cover anything in chocolate and it becomes that much better, I guess. If you’re one of those who actually enjoy raisins, worry not; you won’t get laughed at if you eat some in public, but you’ll most likely get labeled as the “health nut” instead of the “cool kid” who brings treats, like cupcakes and brownies for everyone. It’s sad that the healthiest candies are almost always the ones that don’t taste as good because, after all, raisins are fruit, but maybe just not the kind you would bring to a fondu dinner party. An old creation from the 1920s that maybe should’ve stayed there. Kind of a ” what happens in the 1920s, stays in the 1920s” thing. 

8. Dubble Bubble Trubble

Dubble Bubble? More like one bubble and maybe 15 seconds of flavor if you’re lucky. This famous chewing gum brand, mostly seen around Halloween and in baseball dugouts, is as old as time. It was created in 1928 by Walter Diemer, an accountant whose hobby was creating bubble gum recipes. Peculiar hobby, but still honorable. Dubble Bubble has since become America’s top-selling wrapped gum and an overall icon. But, just because something is “iconic” doesn’t always mean that it’s for the right reasons. A pink, hard-as-rock, and ready to break your jaw treat isn’t exactly the best way to reach the top of the charts, but hey, it seemed to have worked for this one. The flavor is there for maybe 4-5 chews, and then, it disappears, and you’re left with a stale piece of rubber to chew on. It’s just an overall disappointing waste of time and energy. To put your teeth and jaw muscles through this torment is a gruelling process that doesn’t give you much of anything in return. Except maybe for muscle cramps and a chipped tooth. That’s crazy talk. Flavorless, insipid, and flat, Dubble Bubble probably shouldn’t be your go-to in you’re looking for something that’ll satisfy your craving for bubble gum. But for those diehards, keep on chewing! 

7. Almond Joy

You either love coconut, or you hate it. There is no in-between. You can’t just “kinda” like coconut-flavored things. It’s all or nothing, and that’s why Almond Joy is on this list. A milk-chocolate bar filled with almonds and coconut chunks doesn’t exactly sound like the type of candy bar that would please a large crowd. It’s actually a very small crowd who enjoys eating this mix of flavors. The overpowering coconut flavor and freaky pasty texture of the Almond joy have been the cause of many award facial expressions since the first introduction of the treat in the 1940s. Whether it’s the over-sweetness or the gluelike texture of the coconut center, Almond Joy seemed to never fully satisfy the public and is still pretty much the butt of jokes in the candy world. Except for that one famous catchy jingle, no one really gives a second thought to this candy bar, and yet, you would always find some at the bottom of your trick-or-treat bag as a kid. It was a sure thing. Every. Single. Year. There was always that one household in your neighborhood who wanted to be “healthier” than anyone else and thought Almond Joys were it. Better than getting an apple, I guess. Yes, the almonds make it “healthier” than a regular candy bar, but is it really worth compromising the taste? “Sometimes you feel like a nut,” and maybe sometimes you act like one too. If you like Almond Joy, be true to yourself and embrace it; just don’t expect everybody else to jump on the bandwagon. It’s an acquired taste – or something like that. 

6. Sixlets

Basically knock off M&Ms, Sixlets are allegedly disappointingly dry and underwhelming. It’s hard to imagine dry chocolate, but yet, these little round balls fit the bill. Well, they do resemble little toy beads, so it would be unfair to expect anything more. Many have claimed to dislike the low quality of the chocolate found inside and would rather buy the “real” thing, rather than these “wannabe M&Ms.” They’re just not the kind of candy you get excited about receiving as a gift. Made by Oak Leaf Confections, a company based in Ontario, Canada, Sixlets come in various colors like red, yellow, green, blue, and orange. Hey also have many Holiday variations, like white and pink ones on Valentine’s Day. Hard-shelled, packed with sugar and lacking in actual flavor, it’s easy to see why Sixlets aren’t among to most popular candies out there. Who would want to eat marble-looking chocolates out of a plastic tube? Although Sixlets bring back childhood memories for many, they just don’t hold up to today’s standards and sadly, seem to have not withstood the test of time. And, unlike M&Ms which “melt in your mouth and not your hands”, Sixlets will definitely still melt in your hands. No doubts about it. 

5. Peeps

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, slightly burned marshmallow over a campfire with your friends and family? Well, if you take that same marshmallow and mix it with corn syrup, then shape them into little animals, then you might get these unbelievably sweet treats: the Peeps. These mushy, gooey, and somewhat scary-looking marshmallows aren’t exactly the peak of candy creation. In fact, they might just be the opposite. Peeps are described to have a grainy and freakish texture, far from a campfire experience. Available in all sorts of shapes, like bunnies and chicks, these little sticky treats have now taken over all holidays and they just keep on coming at us with new and disturbing flavors, each sounding worse than the last; Sour Lemonade, Party Cake, Bubble Gum. The best, or worse part is, you can even find Peep-flavored milk. Marshmallow milk? The perfect pair!? Oh, and another thing, Peeps are almost impossible to destroy. Honestly, some people have declared the candy “indestructible” and have carried out tests to see what could get one to “break.” Nothing could do it –  from burning to dissolving using smoke or liquid nitrogen – nothing worked. That says a lot about what we’re willing to put in our bodies for a taste of sweetness: undestroyable madness. 

4. Smarties

Canadian fans, settle down, we are not talking about your beloved chocolate, candy covered Smarties, these are actually quite tasty. But, for Americans, yes, we are talking about the Smarties you’re thinking of. You know, those chalky, dry-looking tablets you would pop in your mouth as a kid and pretend you were taking your medicine? These Smarties have been out in the world since the late 1940s and are still – for some reason – in circulation today. Most likely to be found at the bottom of your trick-or-treat bag as a kid, these candies aren’t exactly the most interesting when it comes to flavor. Sure, they all come in different aesthetically-pleasing pastel colors like baby pink, yellow, and purple… but ultimately? They all taste the exact same: boring and blanched. Not only do they look like medicine, but they also taste like it. Making a candy look like a pill can only get you so far. They’re simply not very enjoyable to eat. Although, one thing on the plus side is that Smarties were confirmed to be vegan. That’s a good first step. The second step would be to add actual flavor. The third step would be to make it more candy and less chalk. Then, maybe, we could talk about removing Smarties from this Top Worst Candy list, or at least, moving it up a couple of spots. 

3. Black Licorice

Almost no one likes black Licorice. It’s like, a common acknowledgement. Really. The bitter and sour taste of the first bite is enough to send shivers down your spine and convince you to not take another one. This unique and rather disturbing taste comes from the extract of the roots of the licorice plant Glycyrrhiza glabra – A mouthful, I know – and is very similar to the taste of anise. While we know candy isn’t good for your health and doesn’t exactly contain a lot of nutrients, black licorice can be particularly harmful to the body if eaten in abundance. Turns out, you really can overdose from eating candy. In 2019, a man with no history of heart problems suddenly collapsed and died. The culprit? The two large bags of black licorice he ate every day for three weeks. The glycyrrhizic acid from the plant extract can lead to a dangerously low potassium level and cardiac arrest, which is exactly what happened in this case. Now, obviously, consuming a large amount of anything is never a good idea and everything should be taken in moderation, but the FDA has warned people to stay away from black licorice if you have any heart problems and to consume it with a lot of moderation. How incredible, a candy that, not only tastes bad, but that can also lead to your death. Exactly what you’re looking for when in need of a sweet treat.

2. Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix are literally just sugar in a straw. That’s it. Nothing more. Well, except maybe all the artificial flavors and citric acids. But, basically, yeah, it’s just sugar. Packaged in wrappers that resemble drinking straws, there’s really only one way to eat one: you need to pour the entire thing down your throat and hope you don’t get a sugar crash right after. It was put on the market in the late 1950s and was derived from another powdered candy, Lik-M-Aid, which was later modified and became what we know today as ” Fun Dip.” In any case, the primary goal of this candy is most likely to offer the most sugar possible and to do it in the least original fashion: straight from the package. For a while, there was even a Giant Pixy Stix which was over 15 inches long. A little too monstrous for modern days, it was eventually discontinued, but it’s still a scary thought that all this sugar could be consumed by only one person. Pixy Stix is still a fairly popular candy and is apparently the state of Georgia’s favorite Halloween candy. Gushing a load of powdered sugar from a colored plastic straw might be both one of the least original, yet easiest ways to consume candy. 

1. Candy Cigarettes

Just by the name, you can tell why these made it to the number one spot on our list of Worst Candy. The idea behind Candy Cigarettes seems to be pretty obvious: attract and convince as many kids as possible to start smoking. This candy is either made out of chalky sugar, bubblegum or even chocolate and, while they are not laced with tobacco, they still come wrapped in paper and carton packages, mimicking a pack of real cigarettes. Some products even contain hidden powdered sugar, so that the kids could “blow smoke” out of their cigarette. Now that doesn’t sound sketchy. Following some heated controversies, Candy Cigarettes were banned in most countries, but, are somehow still being sold in the U.S. of A. While the name did change to Candy Sticks in parts of the world where it’s still legal, many brands kept the original disputed packaging. The primary and only big manufacturer left is World Confection, based in New Jersey and they have become somewhat secretive about their whole process. Introducing children to smoking – even if it’s just pretend – at such a young, impressionable age doesn’t exactly send the right message. With enough anti-smoking ads going around, we can only hope that this childhood “treat” doesn’t turn into an adult habit, which can be a little more problematic. Candy is all fun and games and it should stay that way.

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