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Top 10 Wendy’s Menus Items Ranked Worst To Best


Top 10 Wendy’s Menus Items Ranked Worst To Best

There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting to the front of the drive thru line, and having no idea what to order. This problem is only intensified when at Wendy’s, where absolutely everything looks delicious and reasonably priced! In order to assist customers so that they don’t end up leaving the line up with one of everything, this list has been created of the Top 10 Wendy’s Menus Items Ranked Worst to Best.

10. Chocolate Frosty

Starting out away from the entrees that Wendy’s serves to satisfy savory hunger needs, there is one classic menu item that is absolutely synonymous with the Wendy’s brand: the original chocolate Frosty. Thousands of children across North America are familiar with the after practice or the post game Frosty run. With continuous summer specials, there is no cheaper and tastier way to put a smile onto the face of a child or an adult! The style in which one eats a frosty is one of the most fun parts of the Frosty itself. People can use a spoon, straw or just their mouths like a chocolate shake! However, one of the most popular ways of eating the frosty involves a side order of fries. Dipping the sea-salted fries into the sweet chocolate frosty offers a flavor profile unmatched by most fast food restaurants. A surprising fact that many might not be aware of is that the original frosty favorite is actually a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavoring! It’s no wonder that this treat is such a crowd pleaser! The taste of the saltiness from the fries against the sweet chocolate frosty provides the ultimate balance in flavor. Just watch out because if fries were already a dangerously addictive item, adding them to a frosty will only increase their likeliness of non-stop snacking. The Frosty is a classic Wendy’s treat that has been satisfying customers since opening day, and it’s hard to imagine that these tasty treats will be going anywhere anytime soon.

9. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

It seems these days that a fast food restaurant is barely functional without a phenomenal chicken sandwich. As the chicken sandwich wars between Popeyes, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A and more continue to heighten in tension, customers are continuing to benefit with delicious new and flavorful options. Luckily for Wendy’s, their spicy chicken sandwich, already near perfection, did not need any assistance. In fact, when voted upon by anonymous customers on the internet the Spicy Chicken Sandwich has been ranked as one of  fast food customers’ favorite products. While many continue to cut red meat out of their diet, Wendy’s is able to stay ahead of the curve with their many flavorful and perfected chicken options, while still filling the burger standard that customers crave and the restaurant was founded on. Just because someone is cutting out the beef, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be left asking “Where’s the taste?” Wendy’s has ensured that the flavor is not missing along with the beef. These chicken sandwiches are serving up hot, crispy, crunchy deliciousness that is accompanied by classic Wendy’s toppings like lettuce, tomato, and mayo. If the spicy chicken seems a little too intense, the home style chicken offers a similar taste with less intense spice! These are a menu must have!

8. Sour Cream & Chive Baked Potato

A surprising and potentially controversial addition to this list is the Wendy’s Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato. Although this may be one of the less flavorful and exciting menu items, it is the simpleness of this dish that makes it special. Although many of the other Wendy’s options offer up incredible value and intense and exciting flavors, the Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato offers something that very few fast food restaurants are able to achieve: simple comfort. An intense shift at the office does not call for a hot, spicy, or greasy meal. These dishes all have their own shining times in the spotlight. Wendy’s offers a light and simple addition to the menu that can be eaten at lunch time or late at night. This easy and cheap addition to the menu offers up an option that is filling and easy on the stomach. It’s not the first thing one typically craves, but it’s the feeling that eating this simple dish offers inside that will have customers craving one of the easiest fast food items ever added to a menu. Besides, how many other fast food joints are serving up baked potatoes? If the sour cream and chive is not preferable, Wendy’s also offers a completely Plain Baked Potato as well as a Bacon and Cheese Baked Potato. If neither of those options seems the right fit, any true Wendy’s fan must try a simple Wendy’s hack. Ordering a small chili and adding it to a plain potato is an exciting and easy way to satisfy both carb and carnivore cravings!

7. Baconator

There’s no doubt that every self-proclaimed carnivore has bitten into one of the meatiest burgers known to humanity: The Baconator. With a name like “The Baconator” the branding certainly delivers promises that the burger has definitely been able to live up to. This burger skips out on the fresh vegetable toppings that Wendy’s burgers are commonly garnished with and focuses on one major ingredient: meat. Two beef patties are topped with American cheese and an obscene amount of bacon. To finish it off, the burger is sandwiched between two buns with the classic ketchup and mayonnaise sauce choices that Wendy’s is well known for. Although the burger is attributed for greatly increasing Wendy’s sales in the 2000’s, apparently no one loves the burger more than Canadians. The Baconator is known as the official burger of the Canadian Football League (CFL) after Wendy’s signed into a promotional contract with the league. A smaller version of the sandwich known as “Son of Baconator” is also available on the Wendy’s menu along with a new and exciting addition to The Baconator family. As Wendy’s has expanded into the breakfast market, a Breakfast Baconator is now available at select locations for now. Swapping out the classic burger patties for sausage patties and a fried egg is a fast and delicious breakfast option. The sandwich is served on a soft brioche bun. Finally Baconator fans no longer have to wait until lunch to enjoy the Baconator- a sandwich topped with the ultimate breakfast food!

6. Taco Salad

So what is it about Wendy’s taco salad that makes it such a standout meal? While the price and value are phenomenal, it is the versatility of this dish that makes it a standout among Wendy’s best menu items. To begin with, Wendy’s boasts that the salad itself is almost entirely put together by the customer – meaning that the majority of the toppings that will turn this garden salad into the taco salad of dreams is served on the side. The salad comes topped with only tomatoes and cheese, and even these items can be removed or served on the side! After that, it is up to the customer to decide how they will dive in on this hearty meal. It’s not very often that a salad is described as hearty, but this taco salad is just that! Load up the basics with thick and delicious chili, nacho chips, salsa and sour cream to turn this salad from wow to WOW! The best part? Saving a little salsa with chips and leftover chili to finish the meal brings the perfect accompaniments to an already perfect dish! This salad has been getting people through the workday for years. Salad does not have to be boring and Wendy’s delicious taco salad is proof of just that.

5. Strawberry Lemonade

Although most fast food restaurants stick to the classic flavors offered by either Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola – classic, diet, lemon lime, iced tea, etc – Wendy’s has gone above and beyond in terms of their beverage options. In addition to offering the Coca Cola Freestyle machines at various locations allowing for thousands of flavor options, Wendy’s has also added one of the best fast food beverages in the world. The Strawberry Lemonade is the ultimate thirst quencher. One of the best parts about this product is it’s all natural properties. Made using the original lemonade recipe, the store then adds delicious strawberry purée meaning that the drink is filled with real delicious strawberries! The sweetness of the strawberries does an incredible job of cutting the tartness of the lemonade, all while turning it a beautiful pink color. Bold customers may opt for the original lemonade recipe, which offers an equally refreshing but slightly more tart taste. Be careful with these beautiful and delicious drinks! Although they are tasty they are also incredibly packed with sugar. Definitely a beverage to consider though the next time when driving on a road trip and in desperate need of a hydration stop. These tasty sippers will do just the trick!

4. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

One of the best parts about Wendy’s is their incredibly fresh menu selections. Not only does the restaurant continually advertise the benefits of their fresh never frozen beef, the motto seems to have slipped into many other aspects of the menu. The freshness of Wendy’s salads is very apparent when someone takes the very first bite. Working ahead of the curve, Wendy’s began offering salads in 2002 over growing demands for healthier and more nutritious options at fast food establishments. This was 3 years before Mcdonald’s, one of the clear industry leaders, decided to add a salad selection to their own menu. It’s hard to believe that only less than 20 years ago, menus were boxed into burgers and fries! The wild popularity of the salads has led to several different specialties added to the menu, but one of the clear winners is the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. Topped with delicious grilled chicken breast, blue cheese, apple slices, pecans and dried cranberries, this salad offers an unfamiliar sweetness in comparison to many of the other menu items. It’s fresh and delicious! There is only one thing to watch out for when it comes to this salad and that is the dressing. While incredibly delicious, it is also incredibly high in sugar. If anyone is eating this salad for pure taste, enjoy, however if a salad is the option when searching for healthier choices-maybe go a little light on this super sweet and delicious pomegranate vinaigrette. Packed with veggies, protein and flavor it’s hard to beat this incredible menu item.

3. Junior Bacon Cheeseburger

This item is so highly regarded not only its incredible flavor, but it’s placement as a value menu item. The Junior Bacon Cheeseburger was one of Wendy’s finest menu items. Although small in size (only when compared to the normal menu burgers like the massive Wendy’s Baconator!), this burger is packed with all the flavor that one desires when they order a fast food hamburger. Not only does the burger offer up the fresh never frozen promise at a fraction of the price of the other burgers, it does not cut corners when it comes to the fresh and flavorful toppings! The patty is topped with bacon and cheese and is placed into a bun with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise. Although the single version of this burger will be more than enough to fill the stomachs of many customers, for those who love the JBC flavor but may be left unsatisfied hunger wise, Wendy’s is now offering double and triple patty versions of the classic sandwich. Now even the biggest hunger can be satisfied with the phenomenal Junior Bacon Cheeseburger value. They’re best enjoyed with fries, a salad, or another Junior Bacon Cheeseburger!

2. Chicken Strips

Although Wendy’s chicken nuggets are well known for their impressive value and taste, this list is forgoing the classic value menu option in favor of a slightly more expensive, yet considerably more tasty chicken option. Wendy’s chicken tenders have a flavor and consistency that is difficult to find at any other fast food restaurant. In fact, these delicious chicken strips may possibly even rival those of some fried chicken restaurants themselves! When these chicken tenders are served piping hot with dipping sauce, it is absolutely mouthwatering! With 6 delicious flavors to select from, adding a side of s’awesome sauce means the chicken strip will never be lonely. And there’s always ketchup for the young ones, and the young at heart. Truthfully, when a chicken strip is this delicious, it doesn’t matter what you’re using as a dip. Although as a deep fried addition to this list it may be less nutritional, the flavor of these chicken strips accounts for any potential downfalls. There’s no doubt that if one needs chicken for cheap, the value nuggets will do the fix, but this slightly more expensive option serves up so much more flavor for a marginally steeper price. Beware though, once a customer bites into these phenomenal chicken strips, it’ll become an unstoppable future craving!

1. Wendy’s Chili

With so many incredibly delicious and value filled options on the Wendy’s menu, this spot has been claimed by an unsuspecting yet versatile contender: Wendy’schili! There is absolutely nothing better on a cool day, or just when you need a hot feel good meal in the stomach, than a bowl of chili. Wendy’s has been serving customers delicious bowls of fresh chili since opening day in 1969, and with flavor like this, there’s no question as to why it’s popularity still reigns supreme. The taste stems directly from their clever use of the previous day’s burgers. This ensures that the chili offers up the same fresh never frozen qualities that can be found in the Wendy’s classic burgers. Anti-waste is not a new fad for Wendy’s. Despite using the chili in a variety of Wendy’s products such as chili cheese fries, chili cheese nachos, baked potatoes and taco salad, one of the best aspects of chili is how it offers an entire meal in one bowl. There’s no better food to eat right away, or to pick up on the way home as chili will not go soggy like many other fast food takeout options. Whether the chili is acting as a meal itself, or simply as a side dish alongside a Wendy’s burger or sandwich, it continues to be a Wendy’s classic that so many know and love.

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