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Top 10 Untold Truths Of Why Americans Love Taco Bell


Top 10 Untold Truths Of Why Americans Love Taco Bell

Taco Bells gets 10 billion bucks in sales every year. This mammoth fast food chain clearly knows exactly how to give the American public what it wants. There are so many reasons why USA residents love Taco Bell. This list features 10 reasons why Taco Bell reigns in the USA.

10. Celebs Freakin’ Love Taco Bell

Katy Perry is a Taco Bell fan who has concealed part of her face while slinking into a Taco Bell under cover of darkness. This is endearing. Katy is someone who can get any food on this earth. She has an estimated net worth of 330 million dollars, based on info from Yet she chooses to surrender to cravings for Taco Bell menu items. Most people can surely relate. While it’s great to “eat clean” and suck back green juices on the regular, there are times when most of us weak mortals want fast food. Katy once treated her tour crew to a feast at Taco Bell while in Glasgow, Scotland, but she’s surely indulged in fast food fare from Taco Bell in America, too. You bet she has. In late April of 2019, Katy quipped that she was “pregnant with Taco Bell”, according to This was shortly after her engagement to Legolas – sorry, we mean Orlando Bloom – was announced. Katy made the joke because she would be taping American Idol on Mother’s Day, 2019. She said she would announce her faux-pregnancy during the taping and that she had a special outfit just for the occasion. Katy isn’t shy about giving shout-outs to Taco Bell. Taco Bell execs surely adore the pop diva. Katy dressed up as a hamburger for the 2019 Met Gala after-party, but her heart clearly belongs to Taco Bell. Bless her heart.

9. The Whole Doritos Thing 

Want a hard taco with a shell made from Cool Ranch Doritos? Then, Taco Bell is the place for you. This fast food chain rocks America because it provides easy, affordable access to tacos with Doritos shells. The Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos are beloved in the USA, but they aren’t the only option. There are lots of fun Doritos-enhanced menu items to inhale. Other excellent choices for Doritos fans include Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos and five other awesome menu items. Menu items with Doritos taco shells are so easy to customize, although customers may need to pay a bit more to get the add-ons and sauces that they love most. Even when you overload one of these menu items with add-ons and sauces, you’ll find that the total price isn’t going to take a big bite out of your budget, unless your total net worth is five bucks or something like that. Sure, you could just buy a bag of Doritos and eat them, and you probably do, but isn’t this more fun? It’s the novelty. Doritos taco shells fill an important need in the marketplace. They are something that American consumers probably didn’t even know that they wanted. Now, they do recognize the greatness of these crunchy, seasoned taco shells. 

8. The Tasty Nacho Cheese

Nacho cheese lovers in the USA flock to Taco Bell to get the orange, creamy goodness. There are a host of ways to enjoy Nacho Cheese at Doritos. One very affordable option is Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce. This menu item from Taco Bell will set you back just $1.59, in US dollars, and it comes in at 220 calories, based on information from the official Taco Bell website. Another way to get your nacho cheese fix is to opt for the Cheese Quesadilla menu item, which costs $2.89 USD and has 460 calories. Nachos Supreme, Pintos N Cheese, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme and scads of other Taco Bell menu items also feature luscious Nacho Cheese. You don’t have to get menu items with nacho cheese, but you sure can if you want to. This ingredient pulls in the customers. This is why so many Taco Bell Menu items include the restaurant chain’s tasty nacho cheese. Nacho Fries, which included seasoned fries plus nacho cheese dip, used to be on the menu at Taco Bell. They sold very well, but they are not available right now. In 2018, they were one of the the best-selling fast food items, according to 100 million orders for Nacho Fries were taken during the first ten weeks after they were launched. At this stage, Nacho Fries seem to be menu item that the fast food chain brings back once in a while to drum up excitement. Nacho Fries will probably be back in the future.

7. The Convenient App

Available for Android and iOS, the Taco Bell app is popular. It’s one more reason why Americans love Taco Bell. With the app, people can customize fave menu items, schedule preferred pick-up times, share and favorite food and drink and re-order fast, through the “fast favorite” feature. It’s also possible to track Taco Bell orders with the app. So, what else does the Taco Bell app have to offer. Well, it will allow you to check out locations, get status updates about orders in real time and receive other notifications. You can opt into notifications, so you don’t need to get them unless you want to. With the app, it’s also possible to use and add gift cards from Taco Bell. This information about the app comes from Google Play. This app was recently updated to provide more features and an improved user experience. Do you currently use fast food chain apps? If you do, and you’ve never tried the Taco Bell app, you may want to check it out. Restaurant apps and food delivery apps are a big deal these days. 

6. The Taco Bell Weddings

Do you love Taco Bell enough to get married there? If you do, you’re not alone. Couples have decided to tie the knot at this popular taco emporium. One Giant Bomb host, who spends his career talking about video games and playing video games, decided to wed his true love at Taco Bell. His name is Dan Ryckert. His wife’s name is Bianca. Dan is a long-time Taco Bell fan. He got to get married at Taco Bell because he won a contest, which was called the Love and Tacos contest. Isn’t that the cutest? Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda looked great on the big day. Dan was dapper in a dark suit and Bianca wore a fitted white gown. The winners of the Love and Tacos contest were announced on Valentine’s Day in 2017. Dan and Bianca were chosen as the first couple to tie the knot at the wedding chapel inside of the Las Vegas “flagship” Taco Bell. 150 couples entered the contest. 17,000 votes were collected. Dan and Bianca were the lucky ones. Dan and Bianca won a whole wedding experience. It wasn’t just a chance to get married in the new Taco Bell wedding chapel. Taco Bell was very generous. Dan and Bianca got airfare for six, a wedding photographer, a room at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and lots of other perks. According to, the wedding cake was made by Cinnabon and the couple toasted with champagne flutes filled with Twisted Freeze. If you want to get married at the same flagship Taco Bell in Las Vegas, you can. You will need a marriage license. That’s really the only planning that you’ll need to do, because it is possible to order a six hundred dollar Taco Bell wedding package right off the menu. Seriously. 

5. The Social Media Posts

Taco Bell has a fun social media presence which is aimed right at Millennials. The Taco Bell social media vibe is funny, modern and designed to enhance the brand. As of early May, 2019, the fast food chain’s Twitter feed is promoting Party Packs of tacos that look mighty tempting. Taco Bell wants everyone to get their party packs and, to quote, “liberate Tacos from Tuesday”. Taco Bell’s social media mavens are also quite playful with fans. They will respond to comments shared on social media sometimes, with amusing results. The Taco Bell Twitter account currently has 1.91 million followers. Maybe you’d like to follow Taco Bell on Twitter, too? Let the company know what you think of their food, apps and merch, but please be polite. There are more than enough rude trolls out there already.

4. The Newest Menu Items

Want to try the newest items at Taco Bell? There are plenty to choose from. One option is the Grande Nachos Box – Seasoned Beef. As the name would indicate, it’s a big box filled with a delicious pile of nachos, which are topped with seasoned beef. You’ll also get a medium fountain drink, based on facts from the official Taco Bell website. This box costs five bucks. Another new-ish menu item to enjoy is the Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco. It has two hundred and ninety calories and costs just one dollar. The Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco comes with seasoned beef, cheese, jalapeno peppers, nacho cheese sauce, red strips and lettuce. You can upgrade and add on to your heart’s content. You may want to wash your Spicy Loaded Nacho Taco down with a Watermelon Candy Freeze, which is also a feature of the “new” menu. It costs $2.39. There are plenty of new menu items to try and all of them sound good. Maybe it’s not the healthiest food in the world. It’s fast food, after all. As an occasional indulgence, it will hit the spot. In America, fast food still sells like crazy. People know they should be eating clean and all of that, but they just can’t resist the fast food taste and convenience. People amble into Taco Bell locations to get what they crave, or cruise through drive-thrus to get their Taco Bell fix. Hopefully, they balance their love of Taco Bell by preparing healthy foods at home much of the time. Balance is the key to making fast food a part of your life, without the fast food downside. The fast food chain is very open about the calorie content in its food. Nutritional information is also available. Visit the Taco Bell website if you want this information.

3. The Fun Merchandise

Taco Bell has a store at its official website that sells some fun Taco Bell merchandise. You can buy a Sauce packet bikini or swim trunks. You can get cute t-shirts. Just visit the “Taco Shop” at the website to browse a full selection of interesting items. The swimsuits really stand out. They are Instagram-worthy. The summer collection of merchandise includes more than bathing suits. There is also a Hot Sauce packet pool float. It’s bright, fun and practical. It currently retails for $45.00. Lots of “summer fun” items are available, from waterproof speakers to coolers to hats and visors. The regular, non-summer inventory includes Sauce Packet t-shirts and lots of other cool items. You may not have realized that you could get this type of Taco Bell merchandise. Maybe a “Taco Every Day” t-shirt is what’s been missing from your life. It’s easy to order this stuff online, so getting what you need will be a breeze. If you’ve never worn fast food merchandise before, now may be the right time to start. Some people don’t like promoting brands through their wardrobes. Others think it’s fun to pledge allegiance to their fave fast food chains by wearing t-shirts, hoodies and caps.

2. The Backstory

The backstories of the biggest fast food chains are always interesting stories. Not every restaurant has the power and potential to become a multi-billion dollar fast food chain. Eateries that make the cut offer something special to consumers. According to the Daily Meal website, the founder of Taco Bell was Glenn Bell. He started out with a simple food stand that sold hot dogs. It was situated in California, in San Bernadino. It opened for business during 1946. Glenn was in his early 20s when he started the food stand. Several years later, he started another food stand that sold hamburgers. The name of this food stand was Bell’s Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. It was located in a neighborhood with a big Latino population. Glenn spotted a Mexican eatery close by and noticed that people were lining up for the restaurant’s tacos, which had hard shells. Glenn started eating at that Mexican restaurant. As he shoveled in tacos, he tried to figure out their recipes. He eventually got close to the owners and learned all of their recipe secrets. By the early Fifties, he started his very own food stand for tacos. He called it Taco-Tia. This eatery was a success. Bell evolved his business by buying more taco stands. Some were called El Taco. In the Sixties, he sold all of his food stands and opened the original Taco Bell. It was located in Downey, California. The rest is history.

1. Don’t Forget About The Baja Blast

We’ve talked about the tacos. We’ve talked about Katy Perry. We’ve talked about new menu items, including a tasty Watermelon drink. What we haven’t talked about is the legendary Baja Blast. This exclusive drink is something that American Taco Bell fans really appreciate. It’s last on today’s list, but definitely not least. People who love lime flavoring adore this drink, which is a variant of good old Mountain Dew. Known for its tropical lime taste and its aquamarine hue, it’s a drink that is revered in the USA. The drink was launched only at Taco Bell back in 2004. It was designed specially to complement Taco Bell menu items. The freeze version of the Baja Blast became available at some Taco Bell restaurants in summer of 2012. It’s still available today, along with other “freeze” bevvies. Taco Bell makes billions because it gives the public what they want. This fast food eatery has a Mexican vibe that is so hard to resist. This list may have you craving Taco Bell. If you do, treat yourself. There are so many fast food chains out there. Taco Bell keeps succeeding because its food and drink really resonate with consumers. Once they try it, they tend to want more. Now that you know why this fast food chain is so popular in the USA, you may be ready to test out its new menu items or sample some fave menu items that you’ve enjoyed in the past. Affordable and easy to access in America, Taco Bell will remain a powerful force in the world of American fast food.

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