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Top 10 Untold Truths of Twix Chocolate Bar


Top 10 Untold Truths of Twix Chocolate Bar

Twix rock. They rock no matter what and no matter where. Twix are so awesome, but, surely there is a whole lot you did not know about this tasty chocolate bar! Here is a list of the Top 10 Untold Truths of Twix Chocolate Bar!

10. Twix Can Be Used As A Straw

Say what?! Come again!? Twix can be used as a straw!? Oh yes! Yes, Twix can be used as a straw! Not only will this making drinking milk (or chocolate milk) amazing, but it will also make the Twix delicious! The cookie part of the bar will soak up the liquid and become kind of mushy, but not too mushy, and you will eat an explosion of something between a chocolate bar, cookie, and glass of milk. There should be a term of such a thing! If you are not a milk drinker but want to take advantage of this succulent unnamed Twix straw sensation then you can use the Twix straw on whichever milk alternative you like best! Honestly, whatever you suck up through the Twix straw will yield epic results. It will be like a mushy, creamy, chocolaty firework in your mouth. You could even do this with hot liquid – like coffee or tea or hot chocolate – but then you will have a much quicker explosion. You may only get to use the Twix straw once before it becomes a big mess. That’s okay though! This should not impede you from giving hot liquid a go! Use your Twix as a straw and delight in the unnamed result that is so magnificent you will wonder why you have not been doing this right from the start!

9. The Name Twix Has A Dope Meaning

Did you know that Twix were invented in the UK in 1967? Well, they were. In the United Kingdom there are many different names for things… The trunk of the car is the boot. The bathroom is the loo. Twix mean twin bix. What is a bix? Apparently, it is a short hand for biscuit and in this case cookie. So, that means that the name Twix technically means twin cookie. This is so cool! Doesn’t it make you look at the chocolate bar a little differently? Like, when you separate the pieces you have two identical pieces. Well, somewhat identical because no twin is exactly the same. There could be an epic video made of the twin cookie pieces being separated and then finding each other again! Maybe this has been done before? Maybe it is too real? Maybe we should not be personifying the chocolate bar that much… Either way, it is cool to know a little bit more history about the name of the chocolate bar! It can be pretty useful information if you want an ice breaker on a date. Picture this: you are on a first date at the cinema. You are sitting and waiting for the trailers to start. You are snacking on your popcorn and Twix and making small talk and then BAM! You whip out this information! You seem cute and funny and informed. You seem smart and cultured. It’s the little things that count! This one Twix fact could mark the difference between date number one and date number two! Don’t take facts for granted! People love them almost as much as they love Twix!

8. Left Twix VS Right Twix

Okay, okay, okay. Some of you may know about this already and some of you may not, but there is a huge portion of the internet devoted to talking about the Left Twix VS Right Twix debacle. What it is is an ad campaign that never truly took off that talks about the left side of the bar and the right side of the bar in a sort of sibling rivalry kind of way. At the end of the Left Twix VS Right Twix commercials the announcer asks viewers/eaters to pick a side, thereby putting you in camp with all of the other left or right siders. This would therefore create a rivalry within the Twix community. A fun – rather hilarious rivalry, but a rivalry none the less. Perhaps Twix figured that they would generate some fun publicity with this? Perhaps they asked this question themselves and wanted to bring it to the people, which kind of Twix eater where you? Which side were you most prone to eating? Another reason this Left Twix VS Right Twix thing took off for a very limited time and has continued to thrive on the web could be because of the inherent desire to pick sides, compare, and assemble with others while creating a divide. One very obvious example of this is the Edward VS Jacob debate. Twilight fans know what we are talking about here. So, the Edward VS Jacob debate generated some serious chatter amongst fans and it just so happens that this was going on in 2015 right around the time Twix was launching a Left Twix VS Right Twix campaign. So… there could be a connection there. Or there could not! We leave that one up to you!

7. Celebrity Endorsements

Like so many other products the yummy, scrumptious, chocolaty Twix bar has been endorsed by celebrities! The reason we are bringing this up as a fun fact is that you may not know that there even were celebrity endorsements for Twix. Sometimes you may miss commercials just because you have your ad blocker on or like you choose to walk away from the screen when the ad plays. Sometimes you PVR your shows on TV and skip through the commercials or you watch a streaming service that does not have commercials at all. Sometimes you may have missed a fun celebrity endorsement because it was just so long along! So, here are some celebrity endorsements for Twix! There is the oh so dreamy Usher! The oh so dreamy Nick Lachey, and the oh so dreamy Bow Wow. Boy oh boy does Twix have a thing with dreamy looking fellas or what?

6. Twix Gets Down With Coffee All The Time

Twix and coffee? Um… only yes, yes, yes! Twix can be used as a straw in coffee! Twix can be eaten dipped in coffee. Twix can be eaten with coffee. Twix and coffee go together like green eggs and ham and I do like them Sam I am! Did you know that the Twix and coffee match even happens within the bar itself!? Oh… yes! It really does! There is a Twix Java, Twix Cappuccino, and Twix Creamy Latte! There is even a Twix coffee mix! Twix and coffee are meant to be together, but they also work when they are apart. Kind of like you and your significant other. Right? Like you both work on your own accord, but you are meant to be together! Awww… Wasn’t that just the cutest analogy!? It is almost as cute as the love affair between Twix and coffee! So wholesome! So intense! So much! So very much! There is Twix and coffee in so many ways – you just need to pick one.

5. Twix Can Be Festive

Twix can be festive… what on earth could that mean? Well, it just means that whether you want to whip one out at Halloween or Christmas or something then you can because Twix is ready with themed flavors and shapes that compliment your festive needs! There are Twix Ghosts and Twix Santas! There are Twixmas bars and Twix with gingerbread flavor. There have been sugar cookie Twix and even Twix minis so that you can stuff them into stockings or drop them into trick or treater bags. Twix are versatile little bars so enjoy them in any shape and flavor at which ever holiday you desire! You know, you can even use Twix bars is your very own holiday cooking! Crush them up and use them in a Twix square or Twix pie! The recipes are out there! You just need to go for it! If you do not want to try your hand at cooking with Twix it is completely understandable… once you start cooking with Twix you cannot go back. Twix are so delicious that they invade your kitchen and your life. If you serve them at a pot luck everyone will be asking for more. You won’t be welcome in less you make that special Twix thing you made that one time. If you make a Twix thing at home, well then you will be harassed by your family to make it again and again and again. People love Twix. That is the truth. And Twix love the people so they try to be festive when you are festive and versatile so you can eat them and play with them at your heart’s desire!

4. Some YouTuber Allegedly Made The Biggest Twix Bar Ever

To see how dedicated people are to Twix you should go check out a YouTuber called Killem who has allegedly made the biggest Twix bar ever. The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2017 and has over a million views. Whether or not this is in fact the biggest Twix bar ever could be up for debate, but there are a few cool things about this fact that make it worth talking about. First of all the guy made the Big Twix at home! This mean we can all try to bake a Twix! That’s pretty dope! If you get good at if you can have Twix tasting parties! You can buy a Twix and make a Twix and do a blind taste test to see if your guest know which is which! The second neat thing about this big Twix is that it is literary making bigger something that we love. As he supersized the Twix in the video you could feel the love for the chocolate bar also growing in size. He and we love Twix so much we must super-size it to express ourselves symbolically. Corny? Ha! Can’t help it! When we are in love we say corny things and by goodness we are in love with Twix!

3. Twix Soft Center Cookies

When we say Twix you say… Chocolate Bar! Yes! Correct! Did you know that there are also Twix cookies? They are called Twix Soft Centers and they are so yummy and so irresistible that you will find you have eaten the whole bag before you can say Left Twix Vs Right Twix! The Twix Soft Centers obviously have soft centers… Duh! That being said there are some reviews that complain about them not being that soft. But, this is not the fault of the Twix Soft Centers! This could be a storage issue! Or perhaps they were opened and then not sealed again in a proper manner and became hard. The Twix Soft Centers are soft! They can also be made softer (should they harden due to whatever outside circumstances leads to them becoming harder) by placing in the microwave for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can also place them in the oven for a very little bit so that they heat right up and melt a little. Doesn’t that sound so mouthwatering? Doesn’t it make you want to have people over so you can proudly pull your perfect Twix Soft Centers from the oven and serve them warm? Doesn’t it make you want to leave them by the tree for Santa? The Twix Soft centers are delightful! They are exactly what you did not know you needed form Twix but is offered. You may never have seen them, you may need to hunt them down on Amazon or something. They are out there though, waiting to be purchased and eaten so they can complete their cookie destiny of making your tummy happy!

2. Yard Of Twix Challenge

Fun fact! There is a Yard of Twix Challenge! You can watch contestants on YouTube and even you can play at home! Warning: If you do this challenge you may get sick. You may vomit. You may regret your choice… Or you may have the most glorious moments of your life! Now, there is a pretty big Twix bar out there that is said to be two pounds and a full yard. The challenge is obviously for you to eat the whole thing. Can you do it? Are you willing to try? Do you think if you do it may ruin your love for Twix or maybe, just maybe, it will heighten it? The Yard of Twix Challenge is a great way to eat your favorite chocolate bar while simultaneously showing your friends how much of a bad ass you are. If you feel the need to vomit just breathe through your nose, deep and long breaths. Surely it will all be okay.

1. Twix Loves To Cameo

The Twix chocolate bar cameos on TV shows all the time! In the Netflix original series Dark the Twix bar is part of the plot line, specifically the change from the name Raider to Twix. Twix also makes an appearance on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black and in a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza accuses a mechanic of being a thief and stealing his Twix! What do we learn from Twix’s cameos? We learn that even TV loves Twix! When Twix chocolate bars show up in your TV shows like this it is almost like subliminal messaging. You are watching the show and enjoying the plot while simultaneously thinking about going to buy a Twix. That being said, Twix being in TV shows like that also show us a few other things; like the fact that Twix has a killer marketing team! Also, it shows us that the creators of these shows are aware of the impact Twix has had on us all culturally as a chocolate bar and would be the perfect choice for a specific kind of story line. When picking a chocolate bar for a TV show you know you have to pick one that people know and one that you think will last. You also need one that was around whenever you set your story. So it needs to be placed in the plot in a very specific and well thought through manner. It is no surprise that Twix was chosen to be a TV star! We all love Twix! Now, go treat yourself to a Twix! You deserve it!

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