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Top 10 Untold Truths of Fuddruckers


Top 10 Untold Truths of Fuddruckers

Who doesn’t love burgers? They are synonymous when it comes to fast food chains and Fuddruckers caters to the burger loving customers. The American fast casual franchise chain specializes in large burgers and the meat and buns are grounded and prepared on site. “The world’s greatest hamburgers” are served at the chain and if that claim doesn’t persuade you enough to go visit the restaurant, hopefully these top 10 untold truths might.

10. Things we get inspiration from

1979, the year when Michael Jackson released his first solo album, “Off the Wall,” ESPN made its entrance on cable TV, the Sahara Desert witnessed snow fall for 30 minutes, and founder Philip J. Romano from Dallas, Texas was scheming up his burger restaurant “Freddie Fuddruckers.” For those who might not be affiliated with the chain in any way, might be scratching their heads as to how the name came to be. It turns out that the name was cooked up from a made up name called Fudpucker Airlines, which has been apparently a joke among aviation geeks for many years. Romano has had a pretty colourful life before he went along with the restaurant business. Before thinking about the prospects of a restaurant, he used to run two karate schools, which he later on decided to let go for the now Fuddruckers. In order to give full commitment to the venture, he had to sacrifice the schools in the process. This shows he wasn’t just another guy dreaming the prospects of a fast food chain. He could also throw in a few punches to show you that he meant business, whether in karate or fast food.

9. The victorious please rise with your bellies

Fuddruckers isn’t far behind when it comes to celebrating Fat Tuesdays. The chain hosts a challenge which demands the participants to indulge in a 3 pound burger. Now the arduous journey to victory doesn’t just end there. The burger comes with 1 pound of Fudds fries and a bottomless coca cola of your choice. Its not like you can take your quality time and shove all that food in every space imaginable to come out at the top. The clock is ticking while you take the courage to get involved and you have to finish the meal in an hour or less if you can take the heat fairly quickly. So you must be thinking, what do you get for your munching exploits. Well there is a victory t shirt, which you can wear with pride and two free meals that come along with it. If that wasn’t enough, you acquire the respect from your loved ones and friends that might speak about your amazing digestion feats in hushed tones for years to come.

Although one does scratch a head or two in regards to the free meal prize, as who would think of having another go especially after such a challenge, unless you are a mutant or have superpowers. After reading this in case you think you’re the chosen one, keep in mind that reservations are expected 24 hours before arrival time at participating locations.

8. Spooky Fuddruckers

With every order you make at a Fuddruckers, comes a ghost haunting your meal free of charge. At least that’s what customers might be thinking, visiting the restaurant in Modesto, California. Before the restaurant was set up at the place, there used to be a Blockbuster sitting in its place. Rumors were that battery powered toys would get activated by themselves, doors would open and close, speakers would churn out spooky sounds and the lights would turn on and off. For those who have speculated the cause of this paranormal activity, they come down to the conclusion that the happening is related to the death of a skater boy during the 1980s. There were more activities during the Blockbuster days, but still there are a few bumps in the might at the restaurant as well. For those whose curiosity gets the best of them, can check it out and for those who don’t want anything to do with ghosts tormenting them in their nightmares and real life, you know who you are going to call.

7. Phil Romano, man with a vision

Romano is not only affiliated with Fuddruckers. He has also moved to other ventures and has never stayed put. There are about 25 plus restaurant concepts which the man has dabbled in including the famous Macaroni Grill, Cozymel’s, to name a few. When he was 50, he found out that he had a malignant lymphoma at the side of his appendix and since then he has had a dream to do things quickly because of the ailment. Finding his passion in painting besides opening popular restaurants, Romano makes abstract paintings too. Besides generating an estimated 1 billion annual sales from the restaurant business, his paintings come with a hefty price tag as well and can go upto $26,000. Besides that Trinity Gloves is also part of the realms which Romano has ventured into. It is an incubator that cultivates restaurant concepts for millennials. At the age of 79 years, seem like there is still no stopping the man and judging by his voracity to fully exploit his creative side, we just have to wait and watch as to what he ‘cooks’ up next.

6. The Eatzi incident 

The multi-millionaire businessman Phil Romano became part of a lawsuit made against him by an assistant manager at Eatzi’s. Ichel Cook sued Romano on grounds of him harassing her by grabbing her from behind at a managers meeting. Its not just her who made that claim as the whole thing was caught on video as well, complete with Romano laughing as he inappropriately harassed her. The mother of two was suing Romano for $1,000,000. His lawyers were backing him up, deeming the case be dropped, and defending Romano in the process. With the statement, Cook wanted to make a point that such incidents are unacceptable and no one should face them or be in a similar position as she was. As of 2018, the high profile harassment case has been settled between both parties, coming up with some sort of agreement, the details of which had not been mentioned.

5. The committed employee

There are those kind of employees that work because they want to earn money and survive and then there are those who love what they do and in fact they love their workplace too much that they decide to stick around for years end and that too in a restaurant. At least that’s what Brian feels. The man has been working at a Bush River Rd. Fuddruckers restaurant since 1987. His autism is not his Achilles heel when it comes to working professionally and efficiently. His job is to observe and inspect the place by making sure it is clean. Since his years of experience working at the restaurant, Brian has seen many changes happen during the period. Some of them have been a change in uniforms and an upgrade on the menu. Apparently Brian seems to approve of them as he considers the restaurant without them as ‘boring.’ Now there is no better person to trust than Brian when it comes to getting first-hand information about what he thinks about the place. Whoever knows Brian has nothing but good things to say about his hard working attitude. For now Brian is happy with the tips he gets and has no plans to retire. That’s what we call true dedication and a positive attitude. Way to go Brian!

4. PETA vs Fuddruckers

Now we all love animals and watching random cat and dog videos and memes on lazy weekends is second nature. Hopefully the people over at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) would be doing the same. So what does PETA have anything to do with a burger restaurant such as Fuddruckers? In its quest to protect animals, PETA has evaluated various vegan friendly chains across the United States grading them based on the availability of vegan items on the menu. Where does Fuddruckers stand compared to other restaurants and chains? For all its popularity among the general customers, PETA does not seem to be a fan of it as the organisation gives grade C to the chain. This is due to the lack of any vegan options and the vegetarian burger available cannot be made vegan. It also found out that the salad and dressings had animals derived ingredients, which is another reason why the grade. The chain has been advised to include vegan options and burgers on the menu. Come on now Fuddruckers, surely you can get in the good books of PETA and make the additions and changes asked.

3. Time for a change

Old things, things that don’t work are supposed to be removed and new things take their place. That’s what you are thinking when your conflicted to throw out your favourite chair because its time has come and getting a new one is the way to go. Fuddruckers in Reading Massachusetts was doing the same thing back in 2015. The franchise became part of a large scale renovation, giving a new look to the 6,700 square foot family oriented fast casual. The prototype design at the time came complete with a reimagined interior and an enhanced functionality. The intention was to give it a more welcoming ambience. A furnished lounge area along with a view-through fireplace is accompanied by large flatscreens. For all those who love their draft beer and are not just satisfied by wine alone, you are in luck. Thanks to the changes beer too has made spot on the Fuddrucker’s shelf. Jim Boland, a restaurateur who owns the franchise along with Fuddruckers in Methuen, Massachusetts, Saugus and North Andover, had been pretty confident with the renovations made that there were plans to roll out the designs to other locations as well.

For those who don’t manage to grab a seat during rush hour, never fear. Because of the upgrade additional seats come with the design, an improved register technology and more options on the menu that includes all available Fuddruckers items. Now that’s the spirit Fuddruckers could further promote, “out with the old, in with the new.” Not in all cases though.

2. Romano and the heart stent connection

 The device has certainly been a game changer as the tube shaped device helps supply blood to the heart. When we look at Romano’s resume over the years it has been pretty unpredictable as he hasn’t particularly followed any set patter when it comes to business. The guy mentions in the interview that the true ingredients for a successful business are responsibility, integrity, communication and love of God, patriotism, and charity. And it hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Romano as one of his ventures Barloni, which comprised of high-end men’s clothing wasn’t a success compared to his other adventures. So there you go folks. That’s the recipe to being a popular businessman. All you need now is a mind like Romano and you too can have varied interests and an artsy side as a bonus.

1. There is a new burger at ‘the world’s greatest’

If you thought you have tried everything on the menu of the world’s greatest hamburgers, there is a new burger that has made an entrance recently. Available only for a limited time, the Frito Pie Burger became part of the list of items the restaurant had to offer. A combination of seasoned 100 percent beef patty, complimented with cheddar cheese, Frito corn chips, chili and even more cheese added to the mix. It cannot be exactly considered healthy but hey one would give anything to check out this badboy. With fresh beef served along with all the delights stacked inside the bun, one wouldn’t mind hitting the treadmill, if nutrition is a concern for some. It is unfortunate that such inventions do have a limited run, but that does add to the urgency of trying it out. That’s strategic marketing for you. In case you are wondering when its going to disappear off the shelves, December 5th is the day and if you thought a Fuddruckers was out of reach and you didn’t have access to such burgerlicious delights, the chain has got you covered on that front as well. Dubbed the Fuddtruck, Fuddruckers on wheels comes loaded and all you need to do is book a catering package and you might get lucky and get hold of limited run burgers. As their brochure succinctly says, “we bring the Fudd to you,” guess the chain is serious when it comes to exposing their brand even more. Wonder what will pop up next. Fudd Airlines? Till then we will have to suffice with the “Fuddwheels.”  

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