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Top 10 Untold Truths Of Five Guys

Five Guys offers “build-to-order’ burgers with the customer’s choice of fifteen tasty toppings. It’s a franchise that is gaining major popularity, even though it won’t advertise or deliver. If you want to find out why Five Guys is taking the fast food world by storm, you’ll love this list. We’re going to outline the top 10 untold truths of Five Guys. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on this successful family company, you’ll understand why burger fans are flocking to Five Guys…and why it’s not perfect for some customers.

10. Peanut Allergy Sufferers Need To Be Careful

People with peanut allergies are sharing information about Five Guys online. They want to let other people with the same allergies know that this particular burger joint may not be the safest place to eat. It’s a great fast food restaurant, which gets excellent reviews from most customers, but it’s not a peanut-free fast food chain. Five Guys offers free peanuts at its restaurant counters. It’s a fast food chain where peanuts are definitely on the premises. Many people love the free, in-shell peanuts, but Five Guys puts up signs to let those with peanut allergies know what the risks are.

Customers aren’t permitted to take their free peanuts outside of their preferred Five Guys locations. This is to protect people with peanut allergies. Also, the delicious fries at Five Guys are cooked in peanut oil. While most people with peanut allergies are able to consume peanut oil without having adverse reactions, there are bound to be plenty of people who don’t want to take the risk. The website reports that, based on one peanut allergy sufferer’s experience at Five Guys, the burgers are safe to eat. The same person said that peanut shells are everywhere because people are chomping on peanuts while they’re hanging out at Five Guys. This means a risk of contamination, even if a person doesn’t directly consume peanuts.

Five Guys is very open about the fact that peanuts are offered to customers and honest about which foods are and aren’t safe for those with peanut allergies. A full list of allergen information and nutritional information for all menu items is available at their website. There are allergy-free options, but there’s always the possibility that some type of contamination will occur. Five Guys is a place where people with peanut allergies need to be careful, but management and staff do care…and they do all that they can to make sure that all customers are safe and able to enjoy at least some of what they prepare.  

 9. The Gluten-free Menu is Actually Pretty Awesome

Five Guys may not be the best place for peanut allergy sufferers to nosh, but it is a good choice for those who want gluten-free food. As long as you avoid the milkshakes and burger buns, you’ll find that everything at this beloved eatery is gluten-free. For example, the beef patties are gluten-free, so those who crave gluten-free good taste are able to order burgers and go bun-less. Of course, they’ll need to ensure that the toppings they choose for their bun-free burgers are also gluten-free.

According to an official Five Guys website, menu food items that do contain gluten are milkshake mix-ins (Oreo Cookie and Malted Milk), HP sauce and buns. Malt vinegar at Five Guys also contains gluten. People who want gluten-free burgers are able to order them without buns or request lettuce wraps. There are lots of positive reviews of this fast-food chain from those who go gluten-free for health reasons…or avoid gluten because they enjoy weight loss benefits by following gluten-free lifestyles. It’s very easy for people who eat the gluten-free way to enjoy awesome fast food at Five Guys. It’s much harder to find the same wide selection of gluten-free options at many other fast food restaurants. 

8. The Beef Has No Fillers

Some fast food chains mix their beef with fillers, to season it and to make it go further. This doesn’t happen at Five Guys. At Five Guys, the beef patties are filler-free and absolutely delicious. According to, the company uses only beef which is one hundred percent fresh and it never contains preservatives or fillers. Taco Bell was called to the carpet for adding a lot of fillers (plus spices) to their taco beef. Five Guys never add a single thing.

If you want product purity, you’ll find it at Five Guys. There is something great about the way that this fast-food chain keeps things so simple. The restaurants have a stripped-down, Spartan appearance, the food is simple and classic and the ingredients are of superb quality. The purity of its beef is one big reason why Five Guys is so popular. In 2014, there were eleven hundred Five Guys locations in the USA and fifteen hundred more of them were slated to open. Five Guys is taking over because people want better burgers. They want to know what’s in the food that they are eating. At Five Guys, the company is completely transparent about ingredients, nutritional information, allergy information and calorie counts. There are never any unwelcome surprises. 

7. There are Six Guys, Not Five

At first, there were “five guys”. They were Jerry Murrell and his 4 sons. Jerry chose the “Five Guys” name to represent himself and his sons, Ben, Chad, Matt and Jim. Twelve months after the first Five Guys opened and began serving up burgers, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches and shakes, a baby boy was born. Jerry’s new son, Tyler, meant that there were now six guys, instead of five. These days, Jerry claims that the name of his burger empire is a reference to his five kids, minus himself.  

Jerry Murrell is the company’s CEO and he was born in Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan. He may have pursued the American Dream because his Mom told him that it’s possible to make it in the USA as long as you can serve good drinks at bars, cut hair well or serve up delicious burgers. Jerry chose option three and decided to provide juicy, fresh burgers with loads of toppings to customers. Each burger comes with a bun that is freshly-baked. After Five Guys opened, the buzz started growing. Fans became devoted to the fast food chain. Its cult following led to success on a much larger scale. 

6. The Burgers Are Unusually Moist

If you’re on a quest for better burgers, give Five Guys a try. This fast food chain is successful because its signature burgers are super-juicy. According to a Five Guys employee who spilled the beans online, cooks at Five Guys avoid pressing down on the burgers while they’re being cooked. They don’t press down because they don’t want precious juices to escape. The end result is a burger that is really moist. Jerry Murrell founded this restaurant with his four sons to make sure that people were able to get more value for their fast food dollar. He wanted to offer premium burgers without fillers and preservatives, on delicious, home-baked buns that are known for having an “eggier” flavor than most fast food hamburger buns.

Aside from the juicy, one hundred percent pure beef and the fresh-baked buns, this restaurant provides fifteen topping options. They are grilled onions, ketchup, grilled mushrooms, relish, onions, mustard, green peppers, hot sauce, A-1 sauce, green peppers, Bar-b-que sauce, mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. Customize your burger or go for the Five Guys “All In” option, which includes mushrooms, grilled onions, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Is this making you hungry? If so, it may be time to grab one of these juicy burgers!

5. The Five Guys CEO Is All About Family

Jerry Murrell loves his five sons and wants to keep his family together. This was one key reason why he decided to go into business with his kids. He started out working with his four sons. Now, his fifth son is also a part of the Five Guys success story. If the idea of buying from a family-owned burger chain appeal to you, you’ll love Five Guys, because this restaurant chain is all about family values. From humble beginnings, this company has become the quickest-growing fast food company in the USA, according to 

The company’s CEO still goes to Five Guys for lunch, although he makes the staff a bit nervous while he’s there. Jerry drives a pickup truck to his local Five Guys and grabs a burger and fries as a tasty mid-day meal. Company headquarters for Five Guys are located in Lorton, Virginia, along with a strip mall which houses the local Five Guys restaurant. His five sons help with the business and all of them live within twenty minutes of each other. Running a successful business as a team, with Jerry as the 68-year-old leader, is keeping this family close. 

4. Five Guys is Raking In Big Bucks

The website reports that Five Guys is currently America’s fave burger chain and there are also Five Guys restaurants in Canada, Europe, Mexico and Latin America. Since craving for Five Guys fast food are increasing exponentially, profits are soaring. This is what happens when a fast food chain gives customers exactly what they want. It’s all about delicious food, great ingredients, hearty portions and fair prices, not to mention caring customer service.

In 2014, the Five Guys company raked in a billion bucks in revenue. Since then, the fast food chain has become even more popular. Second on the list in burger chain rankings is In-n-Out, which also has a loyal following. McDonald’s is at number seven. Times have changed. The tastes of fast food customers have evolved. Clearly, the family team behind the Five Guys brand knows what today’s customers want from fast food. They deliver and then reap the rewards.

3. The French Fries Are Fried in Peanut Oil

The founder of Five Guys, Jerry Murrell, really cares about the quality of his fast food chain’s French Fries. He wants every Five Guys employee to learn the secrets of “calibrating” the fries so that each batch is cooked to perfection. These fries are cooked in peanut oil. According to, the fries are hand-cut and cooking them just right is tough. The company puts a lot of care into ensuring top French Fry quality each and every time. Most potatoes used to make Five Guys french fries come from Idaho, USA. The process of frying up these ‘made in the USA” potatoes is surprisingly complex. That’s because Murrell realizes that customers can put together great burgers at home, but would have trouble making really exceptional fries in home kitchens.

With this in mind, he makes sure that fries from Five Guys are totally irresistible. by soaking taters in H20 once they’ve been hand-cut. The fries are blanched in order to get the starch off. This stops the outside of the fries from burning before the insides cook. In the past, two hours were needed to eliminate the excess starch. Now, the great minds at Five Guys have perfected the process and it’s performed in just three minutes. The process of creating addictive French Fries from Five Guys is a scientific one and this is why Murrell considers his fry cooks to be “mad scientists”. 

So, why did the company choose peanut oil as its French Fry oil of choice? Well, this type of oil features a high “smoke point”, as well as a neutral flavor. This makes it an ideal choice for deep-frying. As well, it doesn’t have a lot of unsaturated fat. This means that it’s better for the human body than lard or shortening. 

2. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches May Be Customized

Most people who go into Five Guys opt for burgers, but there’s a little secret about the fast food chain that they might not be aware of. Five Guys offers yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and these can be customized with tasty add-ons, just like the burgers can be. These sandwiches get high marks from food bloggers and other food fans. They are served up with just the right amount of grease and a golden-brown finish that is extremely appetizing. This sandwich is filled with melty goodness, and it’s available with free toppings, such as grilled mushrooms or grilled onions. Featuring American cheese, the sandwiches are unique because they are made from a hamburger bun that been slapped on the griddle. The bun halves are turned inside out to maximize the surface mass that gets griddles. 

One person who posted online wondered if using TWO grilled cheese sandwiches as a “bun” for a Five Guys beef patty would be a good experiment. It doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Anyway, with so many amazing free toppings available, as a basic sandwich that is a grilled cheese lover’s dream come true, it’s safe to say that customizable grilled cheese sandwiches from Five Guys are almost, or just as, good as the burgers. Maybe the grilled cheese is a little lighter, but it’s still a satisfying meal, especially when combined with hand-cut fries, whether they’re regular or Cajun french fries. If you’re not used to eating a grilled cheese with toppings, beyond the cheese itself, you may want to experiment with this new culinary concept at Five Guys. The grilled cheese gets rave reviews, just like the rest of the food at this popular fast food burger chain.

1. There Is a “Secret Menu”

If you’re into the strange and the new, you will be happy to learn that there is, in fact, a “secret menu” at Five Guys. In-the-know staff members are often willing to provide hungry customers with these exciting and novel secret items, including a grilled cheese sandwich with a beef patty inside of it, along with preferred toppings. To grab this special, just ask. You’ll probably find that your server is happy to accommodate your request.

Another fun secret item that you may want to order is the Artery Annihilator. It’s a cheeseburger with bacon that has a hot dog on the top. To order it, request the Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger. Then, ask staff to put a hot dog sliced in half on the top. If you want the same burger that Barack Obama ordered when he was Prez (he may still be ordering it, because food from Five Guys is fairly addictive), ask for a cheeseburger loaded with mustard, peppers, tomato, lettuce and jalapeno peppers. 

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