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Top 10 Untold Truths Of Dunkin Donuts


Top 10 Untold Truths Of Dunkin Donuts

The first Dunkin’ Donuts opened its doors in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950. Today the chain boasts more than 10,000 stores in the United States and has become an iconic brand. Dunkin’ Donuts sells more than 4.5 million cups of coffee every day and these purchases account for 60% of its annual revenue. As the name suggests doughnuts have been the delicious compliment to their famous coffee. They offer a doughnut for everyone including mini doughnut holes called Munchkins. Unfortunately, the doughnut with the handle made for easy dunking was discontinued. Even if you don’t run on Dunkin’ you’re likely aware of the chain’s prominent place in American culture.

10. Mister Rival

Mister Donut is a restaurant franchise started in the United States in 1956. Although its headquarters are located in Japan, it had a well publicized rivalry with Dunkin’ Donuts. This was a family squabble that started when the brother-in-law of the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts decided to go his own way and become a competitor. The result was a chain of stores called Mister Donut that began to sell a selection of coffee and doughnuts in direct competition with Dunkin’. The chain did well in America, but became a true sensation in Japan where it is the top donut chain. The rights to all Mister Donut stores in Asia were bought by a Japanese company in 1983. Mister Donut has been a big success in Japan ever since where they sell products similar to Dunkin’s such as their own take on doughnut holes. Critics could argue that Mister Donut has simply copied what Dunkin’ already did, but this hasn’t stopped it from being a success. In 1990 the former parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts bought both chains and since then Mister Donuts have all but disappeared in the U.S. A lone Mister Donut store still operates in Illinois, but the longstanding doughnut rivalry is long gone. Peoples’ love of the tasty pastries means that both chains should enjoy bright futures.

9. Best Sellers

A segment of Dunkin’ Donut customers have complained for years that the quality of the chain’s doughnuts has dropped since they expanded the menu with items like sandwiches and smoothies. But there are plenty of donut lovers who still crave a warm donut from Dunkin’. The chain offers a decent variety of flavors and a number of seasonal choices that usually sell well, but generally customers are loyal to their particular favorites. These popular go to flavors include Boston cream, powdered sugar, classic yeast glazed and sour cream. Some of the crullers are also popular including the French cruller. All of these flavors are good choices and most doughnut lovers would happily munch on any one of them or most likely all of them. But there can only be one top doughnut and not surprisingly it is the classic chocolate glazed doughnut we all know and love. What’s not to like? Even though it seems to be a little smaller than it used to be and it isn’t slathered with as much sugary glaze it is still delicious and it still deserves to be Dunkin’ Donut’s best selling doughnut. If you haven’t had one of Dunkin’s chocolate glazed doughnuts you’ve been missing out on a truly tasty treat.

8. Building On A Name

William Rosenberg was running a successful restaurant called Open Kettle, but he decided it needed a name change so he could make the most of the establishment’s popular doughnuts and coffee. Rosenberg presented this challenge to his executives. Rosenberg explained that he needed them to come up with something memorable that would draw more attention to his popular pastries. This was not an easy assignment, but the story goes they brainstormed ideas around a conference table until Rosenberg’s architect eventually came up with an idea. The architect’s idea was the now internationally recognized Dunkin’ Donuts name that is so familiar today. The name change was made in 1950 and the company now considers this to be the official beginning of the franchise even though Rosenberg’s restaurant had been operating since 1948. More than a name of a chain Dunkin’ Donuts has built a brand synonymous with fresh coffee and delicious doughnuts. The company has expanded its menu considerably and gone through many other changes over more than half a century of doing business, but it all started with a name change.

7. Tiny Treats

When they hear the word Munchkin big fans of Hollywood’s classic movie The Wizard of Oz might think of the charming little characters who helped Dorothy on her way down the yellow brick road. But big fans of doughnuts think of something else. The standard size doughnuts loom large at Dunkin’ and always will, but the tiny balls of deliciousness known as Munchkins hold a special place with Dunkin’s customers. Since the doughnut chain started selling the tiny treats in 1972 they have been a big hit with adults and especially children. When doughnuts were still made by hand the middles were cut out and put aside and this extra dough was put aside to make the doughnut holes. Today, modern machinery forms doughnuts with holes from the start so the Munchkins must be formed from separate dough. The tiny treats come in a variety of flavors including chocolate glazed, jelly filled, glazed and blueberry. Some customers want to buy an entire order of a single flavor – often chocolate glazed, but Dunkin’ prefers to sell a mix of flavors to each customer. The chain also gave up on the practice of selling customers just a single Munchkin. Let’s face it: it’s kind of dumb to order one tiny doughnut hole.

6. Ready For This Jelly?

Are Dunkin’ Donut’s jelly doughnuts a favorite or a flop? This is a question that needed to be asked. Some people must be buying them because Dunkin’ continues to make them, but this fruit filled variety seems to get a bad rap. A fresh jelly doughnut is warm and gooey just like all the other flavors. However, it seems like they’re often the last ones left in the box in the break room. The problem is there are so many other good choices to reach for before reaching for a jelly doughnut. This list includes several glazed and cream filled varieties that continue to be customer favorites. Then there is the issue of the sugary sweet jelly filling itself. Is it strawberry or raspberry? Let’s not even get started on apple and blueberry filled doughnuts. Is the jelly going to be distributed evenly throughout the pastry or is just oozing out the side? Is the doughnut covered with glaze or powdered sugar? There’s always a chance that you’ll be unlucky enough to get a jelly doughnut without any jelly in it at all! Jelly doughnuts have been around a long time and, love them or hate them, they’re likely going to continue to be included in a box of Dunkin’ Donuts.

5. Here Comes Dunkin’ Donuts

If you’re lucky enough to have  husband or wife to be who shares your passion for Dunkin’ Donuts you might as well make the most of it. Perhaps a Dunkin’ Donut themed wedding might be the right choice for you. A doughnut themed wedding celebration would be one thing, but at least one couple decided to take it to the next level and actually tie the knot at their favorite Dunkin’ Donut location. Duncan’ offered the newlyweds gifts such as coffee mugs and of course they left the ceremony with a generous supply of their favorite tasty treats. Dunkin’ marked Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s recent royal wedding in the United Kingdom with the unveiling of the limited edition “Royal Love”Doughnut. The heart shaped treat celebrated the young couple’s enduring love and was a big seller while it lasted. Even Martha Stewart’s wedding page has gotten in to the act. It offers 23 elegant ways to serve doughnuts to guests on your special day. The ideas include having them as part of the coffee service, a doughnut tower and doughnut hole displays that can replace the traditional wedding cake. If cupcakes are good for a wedding then putting on a wedding that runs on Dunkin’ has to be even better.

4. A French Twist

If you were looking for a tasty twist on doughnuts you might have found it with the cronut. A French pastry chef named Dominique Ansel created this new treat based on a pair of classic treats in 2013 and it became an instant sensation. Dunkin’ Donuts introduced its own version of the croissant-doughnut hybrid shortly after Ansel’s became a hit and it has been a popular choice with Dunkin’ customers ever since. This treat was supposed to be a limited time offer, but because of it’s success it was made part of the permanent menu in 2015. Dunkin’ Donut’s basic version of the cronut is called a croissant-donut and is topped with the chain’s familiar sugary glaze. Some customers have complained that Dunkin’s take on the hybrid pastry tastes too much like Dunkin’s traditional glazed doughnut, but others have commented that it has a unique texture that makes it a winner. Dunkin’ has released a couple of special croissant-donut flavors such as the chocolate covered strawberry filled variety, but the glazed option remains the only permanent part of the menu. In case you’re interested Dunkin’ Donuts also sells traditional croissants. 

3. Planet Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Donuts is popular around the world and the doughnut chain now has thousands of stores in more than 30 countries and counting. Dunkin’ likes to tailor some of its Doughnuts to local tastes so if you are traveling abroad you’ll have the opportunity to sample some exotic Dunkin’ flavors. For example, Its sweet treats are particularly well-received in South Korea which boasts 900 locations. These locations in South Korea offer a spicy doughnut made with Jalapeño sausage that sounds more like a lunch than a breakfast treat. Locations in The United Arab Emirites offer a frosted yeast doughnut called a date doughnut that features a date in the middle and a bit of date syrup drizzled on top of the frosting. If you think a seafood doughnut might be your thing then you might want to try the Pork Floss doughnut offered in China. This treat is topped with generous helpings of dried pork and flakes of dried seaweed. Dunkin’ Donut locations in Thailand offer a colorful creation called an Emerald Custard doughnut. This one starts off as a basic yeast doughnut, but is filled with a green custard made from the popular Thai herb called Pandan. This sweet tasting herb is used widely in South-East Asian cooking. So if you’re getting tired of the usual varieties you find in the United States maybe you should give some of the international flavors a try.

2. Running On Dunkin’

Weymouth, Massachusetts is the second oldest town established by the colonists in the commonwealth. The town of Weymouth is a quiet shore community with a population of 55, 463, but it has a delicious claim to fame. Although Dunkin’ Donuts maintains that it doesn’t offer public records about store rankings the word is out that the store located on 755 Main Street in South Weymouth is a special place. The scenic New England town is believed to be the busiest Dunkin’ Donuts location in the United States and possibly the world. This particular store has been known to sell more than 3000 cups of coffee in a single day and a lot of fresh doughnuts to go along with it. Neither Dunkin’ nor its customers have been able to come up with the reason why this particular location is so popular. The store has generated a considerable amount of  buzz on social media and the chatter describes the Weymouth store as a little crazy, but can usually be counted on for fast, friendly service. Customers report that this location makes its doughnuts fresh daily instead of having them trucked in and warmed up in the oven. So if you’re ever in the area swing by the Dunkin’ Donuts on 755 Main Street in Weymouth, MA.

1. Dunkin’ Black

The Dunkin’ Donuts black card is not part of a top secret government program, but it is an interesting piece of marketing. There has been some confusion about the card and this probably stemmed from the fact that the special card is not part of a formal program. Dunkin’ offers the cards to celebrities and some regular people who are members of the royalty program or are simply great customers who frequent the chain. There are no official rules for entry into the black card club, but many people have tried to let Dunkin’ know they would really like to be made a member. To keep the program exclusive most customers cannot be part of the black card club and are left wondering if they will be able to earn it someday. For most people it probably comes down to how much money you’re willing to spend at Dunkin’. For those fortunate enough to be among the chosen few to be offered a black card there is a small catch. The untold truth about the black card is that this coveted piece of plastic is really just a rechargeable gift card. Like any normal gift card, you can use for your next purchase at Dunkin’ Donuts. There’s no special access to secret doughnut flavors or anything like that, but for many people the bragging rights can be pretty sweet.

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