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Top 10 Untold Truths Of Denny’s


Top 10 Untold Truths Of Denny’s

Denny’s is a diner that America loves. It’s a place that’s been open for over six decades! When you go into a Denny’s, in your hometown or while you’re on the road, you know that you’re going to get a comfortable place to sit, big portions of hearty food and fresh, hot coffee. This eatery is affordable and family-friendly. It never closes, so it’s possible to get breakfast, lunch or supper any time of the day of night. The company’s founders, Richard Jezak and Harold Butler, opened up their own donut stand way back in 1953. It was named, “Danny’s Donuts”. The company goal was to offer superb coffee, delicious donuts, caring service and great value…24 hours per day. These days, the donut stand has really grown. It’s a chain of restaurants called, “Denny’s”, and there are more than 1700 Denny’s locations. If you love relaxing at Denny’s, while you chow down on Grand Slams or other famous Denny’s menu items, you’ll enjoy discovering the top 10 untold truths of Denny’s. There is so much to learn about this beloved USA diner.

10. There’s a Secret Menu

Learning about the secret menus of restaurant chains is fun and you should know that Denny’s has one. Sure, you can order from the typical menu, and get your Moons Over My Hammy or something else that everyone knows about. Another option is asking your Denny’s server to bring you Cheesy Hash Browns. These satisfying hash browns are secret menu items, so the chef will need to agree to whip them up for you. When you do ask your server for these exclusive hash browns, be as polite as possible and then keep your fingers crossed. Your server will speak to the chef and you may just get your wish. The Cheesy Hash Browns get rave reviews. 

It’s also possible to have bacon added to menu items that don’t actually list yummy, salty and crispy bacon as an add-on. Whether you want bacon on top of a cool dish of sweet vanilla ice cream, or used as a topping on anything else…just ask. Denny’s is generally pretty accommodating when it comes to granting customers permission to enjoy secret menu items. Every location is different, but most locations will cater to your special requests. 

Another secret menu option is the French Toast Cheese Sandwich. It’s stuffed with melted cheese and features two slices of bread that are actually pieces of French Toast. The French Toast features a little cinnamon, so these particular cheese sandwiches have fascinating, savory-and-sweet flavor profiles. 

There are plenty of secret menu items – in fact, there are too many to list here due to space constraints. One other notable addition to Denny’s secret menu is Breaded Fish Fillets. They were mainstays on the regular menu in the past, but are harder to find these days. If you’re craving breaded fish, ask your server or the shift supervisor to get it for you. 

9. The Restaurant Has Its Own Cartoon

If you want to watch cartoon slices of bacon, fried eggs, sausages and flapjacks frolic, joke around and have adventures, it may be time to check out Denny’s own cartoon characters. This posse of breakfast food items is called The Grand Slams and you can find them on YouTube. Since kids love Denny’s, the restaurant chain’s powers-that-be made sure that children are able to enjoy cartoons that are wholesome and centered on some of the eatery’s best ingredients. YouTube isn’t the only way to enjoy The Grand Slams. You may also visit the official Denny’s website and watch them in action. There’s currently a video of “Egg” playing basketball which is pretty entertaining. Another amusing and wacky cartoon features “Pancake” getting a fork right in his back…this is the downside of being such a delicious cartoon character! There is also a cartoon clip that shows “Sausage” and “Bacon” going on a fun ski strip…hilarity ensues. 

While The Grand Slams were surely created with kids in mind, it’s safe to say that plenty of teen and adult Denny’s fans who have visited the official website or found the cartoon characters at YouTube probably love The Grand Slams, too. The cartoon characters are active on social media and love expressing their opinions. They are cartoon characters that are dialed into popular culture…and Denny’s fan can interact with them online. While checking out The Grand Slams online, keep an eye out for a “side character” known as Bold Coffee. He wears cool aviator sunglasses, has a luxuriant ‘stache and gets into all kinds of trouble. 

8. The Online Menu is Very Interactive

Denny’s makes life easy for its valued customers by offering an online menu that is very interactive.  The online ordering system is called, “Denny’s on Demand” and customers are able to place their orders online, for delivery at most locations, or for take-out. Hungry Denny’s customers may click on menu items to find out how much they cost, read their descriptions and access nutritional information. The online menu system is very organized and it’s simple to use. Just choose a location and then pick out all of the food and drink that you want.

Denny’s launched the Denny’s On Demand program in May of 2017. The system may be accessed at the official Denny’s website and there’s also a mobile app. The company put a lot of time and energy into making this new system good. Denny’s revamped an existing app, put together the brand-new website system and partnered with digital ordering giant, Olo, plus Olo’s dispatch network, to make sure that the entire system works well. While delivery through the Olo dispatch network may not be available in all areas, it’s available in tons of places. If you’re craving some Denny’s while you chill out at a local beach, use the online system via your smartphone. It’ll tell you whether or not delivery is possible. It probably is.

Another great thing about the delivery option is that Denny’s has chosen to use sustainable and microwavable packaging for meals and drinks. The packaging features some interesting tweets from Denny’s, which is known for having an amusing Twitter presence. 

7.  A Celebrity Might Take Your Order

Did you know that pop sensation, Katy Perry, teamed up with Denny’s to create a special beverage? This happened back in 2009, and Katy actually worked at Denny’s, for just one shift, in order to promote the creamy, sweet drink. The Katy-inspired drink was Hot n Cold Cherry Chocolate Cappuccino. Her drink was a component in Denny’s 2009 “Allnighter Menu”, and other menu items from the “Allnighter” were also inspired by big rock bands and singers. Dishes inspired by Good Charlotte, Jewel, Eagles of Death Metal, Rascal Flatts and other popular musical artists were offered to Denny’s customers during this interesting special promotion.

This was kind of an unusual promotion. It was cheesy, but fun, and Katy did her part to bring publicity to the new menu, by posing for photographers as she ferried plates of burgers and fries to Denny’s customers during her shift. It may have been “fake working” – who knows? Maybe Katy was a really good server! She wore the Denny’s uniform and the whole bit, along with a pair of yellow sunglasses perched on her head. When you drop by a Denny’s, there’s always the chance that the company is running a hot new promotion that involves bringing in a big-time celebrity to take your order. I wonder how Katy’s tips were during her shift? Would you tip a multi-millionaire? Celebs get paid to collaborate with big brands, so Katy probably got a pretty significant “tip” from Denny’s in exchange for her participation in the “Allnighter” menu promotion. This promotion was about giving Denny’s a cooler image with the youth demographic.   

6. There’s a Menu for People 55 and Older

The youth demographic isn’t the only demographic that Denny’s cares about. They also care about their older customers and this is why Denny’s offers a special menu for customers aged fifty-five or older. It’s called the, “55 +” menu. Menu items are designed to appeal to the tastes of older Denny’s patrons. These menu items come with lower prices and smaller portions. The restaurant also provides senior discounts at a host of locations. Since it’s a franchise, senior discounts may vary from location to location. Some locations may not offer this special promotion to older customers.

AARP members usually get fifteen percent off, as long as they are 55 or older. If you check out the 55+ menu, you’ll see that it’s loaded with appealing choices, from the Belgian Waffle Slam to the Club Sandwich to Chicken-Fried Steak and beyond. There’s also a “FitFare” Loaded Veggie Omelette that is a healthy choice for older patrons. Of course, seniors may order from the regular menu, too. They are free to veer away from the senior’s menu if they want to.

It’s nice that this restaurant chain places a priority on giving seniors great meal options, as well as discounts for AARP. AARP is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that empowers members to make their own choices when it comes to how they live as they get older. Denny’s provides seniors benefits and perks to show appreciation for older generations. It’s a good thing. Seniors who aren’t part of AARP may want to sign up, to access plenty of membership benefits, including discounts on Denny’s grub. 

5. There are Healthy Menu Options

Diner fare doesn’t have to be unhealthy. It can be, but there are healthier options on the menu and Denny’s is a restaurant chain that does provide healthier options to its customers, through its “FitFare” menu items. These menu items are lighter and less caloric. They have less of the bad stuff and more healthy ingredients, which are prepared with a mind to keeping calories and fat on the lower side. A lot of customers don’t realize that they can enjoy true Denny’s taste, without the extra calories and fat, just by ordering FitFare dishes. Right now, the company offers seven FitFare choices and they are Slow-cooked Pot Roast, a FitSlam, a Loaded Veggie Omelette, Tilapia Ranchero, a Veggie Skillet, a Sirloin Steak and Wild Alaska Salmon.

FitFare menu items come in under five hundred and fifty calories and have more than twenty grams of protein. Some are gluten-free. Full nutritional details and calorie counts are available at official Denny’s websites. So, you don’t need to choose the greasiest, most caloric food that this American diner chain offers. You can go lighter if you feel like it. Of course, you may prefer to indulge in a juicy burger, golden-brown French Fries and a creamy milkshake. 

4. Their Twitter Feed is Amusing

Denny’s seems like a pretty cool company. The official Denny’s Twitter feed is popular because it’s often very amusing. It shows the good-natured side of the huge restaurant chain. With over a half million followers, as of September 2018, the Denny’s Diner Twitter account has been up and running since 2009. That’s the same year that the company promoted special menu items inspired by rock and pop stars. Clearly, the company starting doing more marketing to younger customers in 2009 and this marketing is still going strong. The Twitter feed features a steady stream of funny comments. In the Twitter bio, Denny’s Diner clarifies that “it’s not the Krusty Krab”, which is the fast food eatery in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoons. On Twitter, Denny’s Diner is a place to find cute-but-corny jokes, posts honoring National Potato Day and so much more. Denny’s fans interact with Denny’s on Twitter and everyone has a good time. The Twitter feed of this restaurant chain is a lot less corporate than most restaurant Twitter feeds. Denny’s wants to send a message that it’s a fun place to eat, with cool staff who are friendly.

3. Kids Get Free Food on Tuesdays

Being a parent is expensive and Denny’s management knows this. That’s why they help parents out by offering a “kids eat free” promotion on Tuesdays. If you want to take the kids out for dinner, and you want to spend as little as possible, heading for a local Denny’s will be a smart strategy. There are some rules related to this promotion that you should be aware of. One is that it runs from four in the afternoon until ten at night. Kids can’t eat free outside of this six-hour window of time. Also, there is a limit of two children’s entrees, and one full-priced entree for an adult must be ordered to access free food for the kids. If your kids are 12 and under, visit Denny’s on Tuesdays and give them a fun experience, without the big final tab. The “kids eat free” promotion is just another reason why America loves Denny’s. You’ll also find Denny’s restaurants in Canada. Kids eat free on Tuesdays at the Canadian restaurants, too. 

The menu items for kids are fun. They include Chocolate Chip pancakes, Junior French Toast, a “build your own” Grand Slam breakfast, Junior Cake Batter milkshakes and so much more, such as cheeseburgers and spaghetti. Kids have plenty of choices, and their entrees don’t cost any money on Tuesdays, between four p.m. and ten p.m. This is a special promotion that every parent should be aware of. It’s a great way to save money on eating out until kids become teenagers.

2. The Restaurants Used To Be Unlocked 24/7

Denny’s is a 24/7 restaurant chain that hardly ever closes. In the early days, the restaurants didn’t even have locks, because they never, ever shut down for the night. These days, there are locks. Security is tighter. The world has changed. The locks are there in case they are needed, for whatever reason. For example, Denny’s restaurants now close on Christmas day, to give staff members time to celebrate and be with their families. These rare closures prompted the installation of locks at the diners, some of which were lock-free for decades. Locks were added in 1988 and they cost a lot of money. The final tab for the new locks was a cool five million bucks. The decision to close the restaurants on Christmas was done out of respect for the company’s hard-working employees. It was about taking care of their team.

1. Some Menu Items Are Loaded with Calories

Denny’s is a great place to find lighter fare, but it’s also a place to find menu items with very high-calorie counts. For example, a Cake Batter milkshake from Denny’s has 1310 calories. That’s a lot, as some people only eat 1500 calories per day. Basically, this milkshake is a meal in a glass or a couple of meals in a glass, and it’s got plenty of sugar and fat. It’s not a healthy choice. It’s a treat that should be enjoyed occasionally. Lots of menu items at Denny’s are loaded with calories. If you want to avoid them, stick to the healthier FitFare items on the menu. If high-calorie diner food is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Denny’s. Aside from the Cake Batter milkshake, high-calorie menu items at Denny’s include original Grand Slams, which range around 950 calories, and The Meat Lover’s Scramble, which has 1241 calories. Calorie count information at Denny’s isn’t concealed by the company. It’s right there on the menus and it’s also available via the restaurant chain’s official website. Now that you have the inside scoop on 10 untold truths of Denny’s, you may want to visit the restaurant or order food for delivery.  

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