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Top 10 Untold Truths of Cheetos (Part 2)

When it comes to snacks, Cheetos are most likely always on your go-to list. These messy, cheesy, and ridiculously tasty treats are perfect for any type of situation, whether it’s for movie night or packed in with your Sunday picnic. While they have been around for quite some time, there are probably still a few things that remain unknown – until now. So here are the Top 10 Untold Truths Of Cheetos (Part 2).

10. A Janitor Is To Thank For Flamin Hot Cheetos

The original Cheetos were first introduced to the world in 1948. These crunchy corn-based nuggets coated in bright orange cheese-flavored powder were a huge hit and one of Frito-Lay’s most successful products. While sometimes it’s true that we shouldn’t mess with the original, there is a very good and legit exception to that rule. In 1976, Richard Montañez would change the world of Cheetos forever and introduce an arguably even better version of the cheesy snack. As a janitor at Frito-Lay, Montañez was determined to become the “best janitor Frito-Lay had ever seen” and dedicated his early life to making this come true. He felt like even though Cheetos were delicious and popular among California’s growing Latino population, the product’s taste profile was not adequate – so he decided to change that. He tried to create a spicier take on the original Cheetos inspired by Elote – a Mexican street corn – and presented his idea to the CEO. Needless to say, they loved the idea and began selling Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the early 1990s. Richard Montañez went from cleaning toilets to being one of the most respected execs in the food industry and has created 14 other products since then. He says that sometimes, all you need is one revelation to create a revolution, and that’s exactly what he did! Today, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are probably the most beloved of the Cheetos flavors and the most successful. Just ask rapper Nelly. He gave his stamp of approval on Flamin’ Hot stuff. 

9. There’s A Cheetos Cookbook

Chances are, you’ve eaten something made with Cheetos at least once in your life. They’re so good, they’re everywhere, and apparently in everything – they’re practically impossible to avoid. In November of 2020, Cheetos saw the opportunity and launched its first cookbook ever! And yes, the star of every single recipe is the crunchy snack. The “Bon-appe-Cheetos: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester and Friends” includes 22 different recipes, all tailored to satisfy any type of Cheetos craving during the Holidays. Not only are the recipes extremely enticing, but they were also designed with the help of some real professionals. Chefs like Anne Burrell, Richard Blais, Ronnie Woo, and Casey Webb have all chipped in to create the most innovative, finger-lickin’ good dishes. Family-friendly recipes like the Paw-some Bacon Ranch Cheeseball are bound to be a big hit for your next family dinner, or even just a Friday night in. The best part about this cookbook is that it’s dedicated to a good cause. It’s in partnership with World Central Kitchen, and all you need to do to get your hands on one is to go to and donate a minimum of $35. The funds will then go to their #ChefsofAmerica COVID relief fund. The cookbook was, however, only available for a limited time while supplies lasted, so you would might have a harder time finding one right now. But, if you don’t mind having it in digital form, just head over to the Cheetos website; the recipes are all there, for free! 

8. An Official Cheetos Mac N Cheese

If you’re one of those people who sprinkle Cheetos on everything you eat, then the Cheetos Mac N cheese is the perfect thing for you. While there is already an official recipe for Cheetos Mac N Cheese available in the cookbook, if you’re too busy or simply don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal, all you need to do is head down to your local Walmart and pick up a box of Cheetos Mac n’ Cheese. The new line of products launched in August 2020 and has been driving fans crazy ever since. PepsiCo, owners of Frito-Lay, partnered up with Quaker Foods to release a brand of boxed mac n’ cheese with the same cheesy burst of flavor as its crispy cheese snack. Cheetos fans have the choice of a cup format for around $1 or to go for the entire box. This one-of-a-kind innovation mirrors all the crazy and creative recipes the fans have created over the years. The Cheetos Mac N Cheese is available in three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot, and Cheesy Jalapeño. The newest cheesy delights are the perfect way to enjoy the delicious taste of Cheetos in a “somewhat” nutritious meal, without having to go out of your way to cook some yourself. 

7. An AI Project To Better Consistency

There’s absolutely no arguing how yummy Cheetos are. One of the main reasons why these are so addictive is because of how light and fluffy they are. You could down an entire bag of Cheetos and not even realize it. They’re just so easy to eat. If you were ever curious as to how they make them so delicious, well, the secret’s out! PepsiCo and none other than Microsoft have worked closely together to figure out a way to better Cheetos’s consistency. The answer lies in an AI solution powered by Microsoft Project Bonsai. The goal of the project was to more efficiently and consistently manufacture the ideal Cheeto, all the while reducing waste. To do so, they built a computer vision system that monitors Cheetos attributes such as density and length. The system even makes adjustments, recognizes technical issues and then alerts operators . The Microsoft Project Bonsai helped to reduce the time it takes to tackle inconsistencies in the production line while freeing up operators from the extruder – the machine used to make Cheetos. This project brought together “a mix of technology, applied modeling skills, and subject matter expertise to create innovation on the factory floor,” said the CEO of Neal Analytics. Now you know why your Cheetos are so darn good; it’s all in the AI!

6. Back At It Again With The Super Bowl

At the last Super Bowl, Cheetos made their big debut in the Super Bowl realm of “iconic ads.” This year, they’re reclaiming that icon status and previewing the teaser for their brand new ad, featuring Ashton Kutcher alongside a seriously delicious snack: newly released Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. The Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is a blend of two fan favorites — traditional Cheetos Crunchy and Cheetos Popcorn, which was introduced in a 2020 Super Bowl ad, as part of the “It’s a Cheetos Thing,” campaign. This is the next chapter of the master brand campaign. “It’s a Cheetos Thing” is basically a point of view, a way of life — and an unspoken bond you share with anyone who constantly has orange fingers. It’s a way to get a break from your everyday life. The mysterious and dubious teaser aims to build anticipation for not only the Super Bowl ad but also for the new product. The video ends with the date of the game, hinting that the mystery will be unveiled in its upcoming commercial. As for the Pop mix, it’s also consistent with a 2020 trend of including snack mixes into meals, causing Cheetos recipe searches to skyrocket 190%. Mixing two iconic snacks together obviously contributed to that number going up and to the eventual creation of the cookbook. If you want to know what happened to the empty bag of Pop mix, make sure you don’t miss the Super Bowl!

5. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Tamale?

Like we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of different ways to eat Cheetos. Like a lot of ways. People use their imaginations to create some of the craziest recipes with Cheetos, and there is no telling the lengths people are willing to go. They can even go as far as changing their whole family traditions to incorporate some of the cheesy stuff. On December 24, 2020, a video involving Flamin Hot Cheetos went viral – and for good reason. A Washington man named Art Hernandez decided to spice things up – literally – for his family holiday dinner. He shared a video of him and his process of making a traditional Mexican tamale which he makes every year, except this time, he added a little twist. Yes, you guessed it, he was making the Tamale with a large bag of crushed hot Cheetos. However, it wasn’t his first time making this tamale treat. He said he introduced his peculiar and unique recipe to his family eight years ago, and even though his son loves them, his mom is not so keen on him meddling with the family recipe. While Art’s mother isn’t too thrilled, it has still become a Holiday classic in their home. They now make their own classic tamales – keeping with family tradition – only with a little “American” touch to them. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos tamales became a staple in more than one household. 

4. A Lot Of Fast-Foods Have Had Cheetos

Fast-food restaurants are usually the first to jump on trends and make their own renditions of popular dishes. And when it comes to the Cheetos train, they are more than on board. It’s like, every chain made it their goal to incorporate Cheetos into their menus, as much as possible, one way or the other. Let’s take Burger King, for example. The famous Mac n’ Cheetos, their novelty mash-up dish, was put on the menu, not once, but twice! The fried sticks of macaroni covered in Cheetos dust were so popular, they even brought them back for the third time, but this time, it’s only in boxes at Walmart. Then, we have KFC and their Cheetos sandwich that was sold for about 4 weeks. The fried chicken sandwich was made with a Cheetos-glaze, mayonnaise, and a generous helping of crunchy Cheetos, and it was delightful. It was the perfect mix of dangerously cheesy and finger-lickin’ good. But it’s not only American food that can be paired with Cheetos. Hissho Sushi also partnered with Frito-Lay in November to create a Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Roll. It’s made with spicy imitation crab, crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumber to deliver both spicy and cooling flavors. Now, the only question is: who is going to jump on the Cheetos bandwagon next? 

3. The Cheetos Restaurant

If Cheetos are everywhere, loved by everyone, and lead the way in snack food and meal fusion, then it shouldn’t be surprising that a restaurant serving only Cheetos would exist. And for a while there, it did! Back in 2017, a Cheetos Pop-up restaurant ran for three days in the heart of New York City. The restaurant was aptly named The Spotted Cheetah. With the help of Food Network chef’ Anne Burrel, dishes highlighting Cheetos were created and served, giving fans the impression of being in a very tasty dream. The restaurant was such a success; all three days were completely booked in less than two hours, with thousands of fans waitlisted! And following the massive NYC hit, L.A. decided to host the party the year after. Roy Choi, a chef from Los Angeles, partnered with Cheetos at The Flamin’ Hot Spot to create Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-infused menu items in 2018. There were some pretty iconic dishes worth mentioning like the Flamin’ Hot Elotes, Chester Cheetah’s Churros, Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Wings, and even Cheetos Sweet ‘N Spicy Chili Meatballs. Everything to make your mouth water just thinking about it. That year, the pop-up booked within an hour. The never-before-seen menu from Roy Choi perfectly blended his signature So-Cal culinary style with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Some Cheetos fans would give up snacking on Cheetos for a tear just to be able to try Choi’s delicious dishes. Well, maybe they wouldn’t go that far.

2. Speeding Cheeto Could Destroy Space Station?

The internet is full of wonder – tons of debate, heated arguments, and a lot of speculation – about everything. Right now, there’s a Reddit thread that has gotten the attention of quite a lot of people, and it involves Cheetos and the International Space Station – two things you never would’ve thought to hear in the same sentence. Apparently, there’s a discussion going on about whether one Cheeto could destroy the ISS in a head-on collision. The very specific question was asked by a Reddit user’s seven-year-old daughter. Even though the question may sound a little silly, it makes for an interesting debate. The overwhelming consensus, however, is that no, a Cheeto could not destroy the almost million pound laboratory constructed of titanium. A self-identified aerospace engineer said that at this velocity, the Cheeto Puff would simply vaporize and leave a mere dent – or ‘a bit of an orange stain.’ But, an alleged member of the ISS design team noted that the cheese snack could potentially knock out a few solar arrays, depending on where the puff hits. While a Cheeto might look harmless, anything charging toward the space station at 9.3 miles per second can pose a risk — even a puffy cheese snack. With both sides explained, it’s probably safer not to find out for sure if a speeding Cheeto could destroy the space station. So never throw your Cheetos out the spaceship window.

1. There Are A LOT Of Flavors

While here in America, we’re used to our good old cheese-flavored Cheetos, in other parts of the world, it’s a different story. Sure we have a few variations like the Jalapenos flavor or the Honey BBQ, but it’s all pretty standard for us. Cheetos are sold in over 22 countries and come in 50 different flavors,  so there’s bound to be some funky flavors we’ve never seen along the way. In Japan, for instance, there’s a fizzy Pepsi flavor, cheeseburger, strawberry, and even chocolate covered Cheetos. There is also a Japanese steak flavor, which is strangely sold in China. In Poland, there is the ketchup flavor Cheetos, and in Eastern Europe, it’s the peanut butter covered version that’s the big hit. No matter which flavor they come in, Cheetos are Cheetos, and they are delicious, period. There are about a thousand more flavors Frito-Lay could come up with, and every single one of them will be welcomed with open arms somewhere, that’s for sure. 

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