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Top 10 Untold Truths About Jollibee’s Part 2

Fast food lovers all over the world have one thing in common, and it’s that everyone has their favorite joint. You have your favorite go-to spot for those cravings that nothing else can satisfy. It’s those guilty pleasures that keep us coming back to places like Jollibee. If you’re in the Philippines, then you already know how wonderful this place is. There aren’t many restaurants where the entire family can eat something different and be completely satisfied. Jollibee offers such a wide variety in their menu it’s impossible for even the pickiest of eaters to walk out of the place feeling anything other than satisfied.

10. Jollibee is going worldwide

If you recently visited the Philippines, then you’ve probably got a hankering for some Jollibee. The good news for you is, they are expanding all over the world. You may be shocked to learn that Jollibee even has restaurants in America. The lovers of this iconic fast food joint should rejoice in the fact that someday soon a restaurant may be located near them. You can’t keep a good thing like Jollibee secret from the world. Why would anyone want to keep spaghetti with cut up hotdogs to themselves? Food this good needs to be enjoyed and shared with as many people as possible. The good folks over at Jollibee are making sure that happens. It’s always a good idea to bookmark the Jollibee site and keep an eye on their newest locations. You can also search Google or Google News for any upcoming locations that may be opening. Anyone who thinks this is going to an extreme has never eaten at this fantastic place. It’s easy to become addicted to a restaurant that serves a little bit of everyone. Who doesn’t want to sit down to a piece of fried chicken and a burger? Who needs vegetables when there are so many tasty and filling foods being served under one roof!?

9. Jollibee has many Halal outlets in Singapore

Jollibee is doing its best to appeal to as many customers as possible. Those living in Singapore will be glad to hear that several locations are Halal. It’s a brilliant move on their part to become Halal as it opens up the door for many more hungry customers. It also signals that they have plans far beyond the Philippines. Fast food restaurants that cater to the most people are the ones who have the biggest amount of success. The higher-ups at Jollibee no doubt have a full grasp of this concept. They must have seen the writing on the wall as other restaurants were satisfying the needs of customers who are seeking Halal food. Let’s be clear and say that not all Jollibee locations are Halal. You will want to either email the corporate office or ask the manager of the location. The Jollibee’s near you probably isn’t Halal, but it’s hard to say. If this is important to you, then fire off a kind email to Jollibee headquarters. If they hear from more customers who want Halal products, they probably will listen. They’ve already proven a desire to service customers who only eat Halal foods. There’s an excellent chance they will expand their Halal offerings if the public speaks up and wants it.

8. Tuna pie

Strangely, more fast food restaurants don’t have tuna. It seems that almost every fast-food chain has a signature fish sandwich. Think about it; even Arby’s has a fish sandwich. Yes, that place where you go to eat roast beef sells fish sandwiches. If you didn’t know they served fish sandwiches, this is probably just blowing your mind. All of the big names have a fish sandwich, but none of them are made out of tuna. Well, none except for Subway. They’re one of the few big names in the business that has a tuna on the menu. Everyone who frequents Jollibee always keeps a lookout for their tuna pies. It’s one of those seasonal items that people flock to their nearest location when they are available. The tuna pie would resemble a kicked-up version of a tuna Hot Pocket if they made such a thing. If you’re a tuna lover and haven’t had one of these, it’s time to change that. These things are so good you may want to put one in the freezer so you can eat it after the promotional time has expired.

7. Aloha Yum Burger

Does the idea of pineapple on a hamburger sound good to you? If so, then you probably like pineapple on top of everything. Admit it; there are some of you who love pineapple on your pizza. You’re a breed all of your own. It’s not far fetched to believe that you’d like pineapple on other things. No one is going to judge you for wanting to eat pineapple in your breakfast cereal. It’s kind of weird, but fruit is part of a healthy diet. A restaurant using pineapple as a means of making us feel like less of a glutton is a good thing. The Aloha Yum Burger sounds like something that came straight from Hawaii. It’s a burger with cheese, bacon, honey mustard, and pineapple. Does that sound scrumptious? If so, then you need to make sure Jollibee is on your travel itinerary. Sure, it’s a bit of a way to go to eat a burger. But, this isn’t any ordinary burger. It has pineapple on it! You know all too well that your favorite joint isn’t going to be putting pineapple on a burger any time soon.

6. The Jollibee halo-halo is a foreign treat

Many of you reading this right now have never stepped foot in the Philippines. That didn’t stop you from enjoying Jollibee. They are expanding, and some may be surprised to learn that their foreign menu has items on it that the domestic version doesn’t. If you’re reading this while living in the Philippines, we’re sorry to break this news to you. It’s a tough pill to swallow to learn that there are menu items that you can’t get elsewhere. Don’t cry a river just yet, Jollibee may come to their senses and sell the halo-halo in the Philippines. The Jollibee halo-halo sundae is a colorful ice cream treat like no other. It’s the perfect way to end a Jollibee meal. There are many different fruity toppings to choose from and also coconut. It’s also a cool way to beat the heat on a hot summer day. If you have a Jollibee location near you and you’re not in the Philippines, then you should thank your lucky stars. There are folks over there who’d dance the jig for a bite of a halo-halo sundae.

5. Jollibee made a guest appearance in a Marvel comic

Comic books are one of the forms of printed media that are still going strong today. Magazines and newspapers are all but a thing of the past. Comic books have a loyal following that seems to continue generation after generation. You’d think that with today’s electronic gadgets that the colorful tales of superheroes would be a thing of the past. Today comic books are still on the shelves, and their new releases are anticipated by loyal fans all over the globe. Some might be shocked to learn that Jollibee was featured in an Avengers comic book. It was Avengers: Menance of the Mole Man. The comic book is as exciting as it sounds. Mole Man wants to bring doom to Manila and an earthquake to a Jollibee store. It’s a good thing that it was all fiction as an earthquake could put a hamper on the food everyone knows and loves. Anyone from the Philippines who read the comic book had to be on the edge of their seat in sheer terror as the possibility of an earthquake hitting their favorite greasy spoon seemed a reality.

4. Jolly Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a rarity in the world of fast food. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live near a Fazoli’s, you’ve probably never eaten spaghetti at a fast-food restaurant. There have been a few different attempts by McDonald’s over the years to serve up spaghetti at locations around the world. It has never taken off, and that’s what makes Jollibee even more special. Somehow they’re able to pull off the one thing that no one else seems to be able to. Some of it is probably due to their location, but it has to be something bigger than that. Is it possible that a restaurant in the Philippines could perfect a dish that originated in Italy? Anyone who has eaten their spaghetti seems to think so. What exactly is Jolly Spaghetti? It’s spaghetti noodles covered in delicious tomato sauce. There’s also creamy shredded cheese on top. The word creamy is their way of describing the cheese, not ours. If all that wasn’t enough, then they add sliced up hotdogs. Yes, you read that right, sliced up hot dogs. Maybe that’s what the Italian version is missing. Meat in tube form seems popular all over the globe. You probably never thought about slicing a hot dog on top of your spaghetti. These aren’t any ordinary hot dog, and somehow it works on top of a heap of noodles, sauce, and cheese.

3. The Jollibee Breakfast Yumburger

We all know McDonald’s is world-famous for their breakfast. Some people wouldn’t touch a McDonald’s cheeseburger with a ten-foot pole. Those same people would scarf down a sack of Egg McMuffins without thinking twice about it. It’s no surprise that other fast-food restaurants would want to tackle McDonald’s head on and serve up breakfast. It also shouldn’t be too surprising that Jollibee would want to take on this challenge. If anyone loves bringing competitors to their knees, it would be Jollibee. They are ruthless when it comes to delivering a product that’s so good their competition can only hope the company doesn’t plan on expanding further. The Jollibee Sausage Muffin with Egg was only available in Hong Kong of all places. Why it didn’t have a broader rollout is anyone’s guess. Also, it’s currently not on the menu. You’re probably hanging your head in sorrow right now. Don’t let the tears of sadness begin to flow just yet as no one knows why the sandwich is gone. It wouldn’t be too surprising their Sausage Muffin with Egg pops up in different eateries around the world. Breakfast is enormous, and it’s an opportunity for Jollibee to expand even further. Though, their sausage sandwich did seem a tad mundane for a company known for pulling out all the stops. Who knows what they have coming down the pike in the not so distant future.

2. Cheesy Classic Jollibee Hotdog

Hotdogs are something that often gets overlooked these days. They are the ultimate fast food. Anyone who lives in New York City knows how invaluable hotdogs are. There are those busy days when you don’t have the time to do anything at all. Still, you can spare five seconds to run down to your local hotdog stand to get a bite to eat. Jollibee understands the lure and value of having a hot dog on their menu. They also understand how to dress up a hot dog, so it looks like it’s fit for a walk on the red carpet. No one will ever say that Jollibee’s hotdogs are ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. What makes the Cheesy Classic Jollibee Hotdog so amazing? It’s right there in the name. It’s all about the cheese. The average hotdog should walk away in disgust after seeing how this feast on a bun is dressed. Jollibee smothers their hotdog’s in cheese and even adds more dairy delight with their cheesy sauce. That’s a whole lot of cheese to enjoy in one bite. A little bit of ketchup evens out the flavor profile to waken up your taste buds after being awash is creamy goodness. Cheese lovers will get their fix when ordering just one of these hotdogs.

1. It’s all about the Chickenjoy

Who doesn’t love the crispy goodness that fried chicken is? Jollibee is one of the few restaurants that can give KFC a run for its money. Which is kind of strange considering we’re talking about a place that serves up so many different types of food. Fried chicken lovers shouldn’t scoff at the idea of getting their fix at a place that also serves spaghetti, burgers, and rice dishes. At first glance, it almost sounds like someone is trying to pull a joke on the public. The Chickenjoy at Jollibee is no joke, and there it has a loyal, dedicated fan base to prove it. The sides that are available for your Chickenjoy dinner depend on where you’re from. If you’re in the Philippines, you have a choice of mashed potatoes, rice, or spaghetti. Yes, you can get spaghetti with their famous tomato sauce and hotdogs that we talked about earlier. That sounds like quite a gut bomb with the fried chicken because it is. Other locations around the world may also offer a rice side dish and corn as well. They are famous for their corn in butter sauce. Ask the cashier what the sides are available, and they’ll be more than happy to make you drool all over yourself. If you’re never eaten any fried chicken other than that made by Colonel Sanders, you’re in for a real shock. Don’t be surprised if this ends up being your new favorite fried chicken.

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