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Top 10 Untold Truths About Joe Rogan

If you have not heard of Joe Rogan, you may be living under a rock. He is an all star in the UFC and mixed martial arts world. If you do not follow sports, you get a hall pass because the sporting world is what shot Joe Rogan to superstardom and fame. He is a man of many talents and a jack of all trades. He is a comedian, a UFC commentator, he has his own podcast, was a television host and is a father and husband among many other things. He advocates for free speech and education and emits intelligence whenever he speaks. He is open minded and strong and confident when speaking his mind. He tells it like it is whether you are for or against what he believes. He is a great role model for people of all ages. He radiates a healthy lifestyle, follows great eating habits and an excellent exercise regime. He is fit and looks about half of his age. Joe Rogan is someone to consider following in terms of his podcast and writing. He opens your mind to new ideas and provides resources and sources to back up everything that he is saying. Let’s get to know Joe Rogan a little bit more and find out exactly why we LOVE him!

10. He’s a positive influence

Joe Rogan is by far one of the most positive influences in the entertainment history today. He encompasses a healthy lifestyle, a balanced work/home life and an impeccable career. He is not afraid of speaking his opinion, even if it does not jive with what the mainstream public think. He is constantly curious and always questions ideas and people in order to get the most educated he can be. He is a jack of all trades and succeeds with his own podcast, an excellent workout regime and does stand up comedy as well as UFC commentary. Rogan is idolized by many, especially men who look up to him for a multitude of reasons. You rarely see him in the media for negative reasons. He is a family man who is happily married and keeps his personal life private. He seems to stand out differently than from most celebrities that we see. Perhaps that is why he is so successful, he is grounded, focused and very strong mentally. He takes on new challenges and gives credit to who is deserving. If most celebrities carried out their lifestyle the way Rogan does, we would have a lot less crazy and a lot more positive role models to look up to.

9. His dedication to MMA

Most of Joe Rogan’s success is closely linked with the world of MMA and the UFC enterprise. Not only is he a highly skilled black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but is a knowledgeable UFC commentator. He follows every single fighter closely and chooses his words wisely when it comes to educating the crowd about what is happening inside and outside of the ring. The fact that he comments and follows MMA only allows him to not be intertwined or distracted by another type of sport, he is completely immersed in this world. The UFC is still relatively quite still new on the scene and has grown in popularity hugely over the past decade. Rogan has been around since the beginning of this sport and is knowledgeable of all the history that goes alongside with this world. He has established strong relationships with a lot of the UFC fighters allowing for great interviews to happen throughout the years. He goes hand in hand with the sport and many people associate him with the entire world of MMA and jiu jitsu. Joe Rogan does not say or do whatever he is told, he speaks his own opinion always and it shows why he is so successful when it comes to this world of sport.

8. An advocate for marijuana legalization

In this day and age, there is no question that Marijuana has excellent health benefits. It fights cancer, helps reduce seizures and regulates anxiety for some people. There a thousands of positive health benefits to this plant and viewing it as controversial is a completely outdated mindset. Laws have begun to change when it comes to legalizing weed and it is about time! Joe Rogan is 100% a supporter of the legalization of marijuana and proudly shares his opinions on why that is. He is well educated and well informed on everything that has to do with this magical plant. Rogan does not shy down when it comes to sharing his views and opinion on the plant and disagrees with those who still view it as a dangerous drug that makes people lazy or causes harm. He also advocates that many athletes enjoy marijuana and are not negatively affected by the use of it. They are still able to perform well and achieve whether they smoke weed or not. Rogan uses recent examples and relatable examples in order to get his message across. It is loud and clear that Rogan fights for what is right and what is best in terms of the mind and body being healthy.

7. Fear Factor host

If you remember back in the day when reality television was starting to make it’s way on our screens, there was a show called Fear Factor. This show was hosted by none other than Joe Rogan, himself. The show followed contestants as they would do a multitude of fear inducing and surprising challenges in order to compete with each other and win a prize. This show aired before Rogan really had a huge celebrity presence and shot him into the spot light. An incident that is interesting actually combining his MMA skills and his hosting gig happened with one of the competitors on Fear Factor. Rogan recalls a wild couple who were competing who would constantly scream and get physical with each other aggressively. While losing a challenge one of the contestants got in Rogan’s face because he did not like how he reacted to a scene amongst the wild competitors. Rogan handled him using his fighting background skills and was able to diffuse the situation until they were separated. We are sure that this competitor would think twice about pulling a fast move on Rogan if he knew he had such skills. Since the show, Rogan has moved on to bigger and better gigs.

6. He is a great family man

The smartest thing you can do when living in the spotlight is to keep your personal life private. There are so many people in Hollywood whose lives have been ruined because of over exposure. We take it for granted the ability to walk to the corner store and not be photographed or to do the groceries and not have fans running after us for an autograph. As a celebrity, a regular day does not exist. We often do not hear much about Joe Rogan’s wife, kids or family life in general. He has yet to reveal the names of his children and don’t count on holding your breath to know the answer. He is protecting his family from exposure so that they’re lives can remain as normal and un-invaded as possible. He is happily married to an ex cocktail waitress named Jessica and they share two daughters. One of these daughters is from his wife’s previous relationship and the other is their own. There has been much speculation over the years about the true identity of Rogan’s wife. People are so invested on knowing the ins and outs about this man’s life that they seem to forget he is a person too!

5. He’s a believer

When we say Joe Rogan is a believer, we are not talking about observing a certain religion. He is a believer in the sense that he is confident in himself and his abilities. He has faith and truly believes that he can accomplish and achieve anything in life that he puts his efforts and desires towards. It is really refreshing for someone to have this can do attitude and very motivational and inspiring. There are far too many people in the world that feel defeated before they even try to obtain their dream or wish. Anything really is possible, if you live, eat and breathe your goal. Joe Rogan radiates this type of attitude in all elements of his life and it shows in his wide range of successes. This is a great reason as to why Rogan is someone to look up to and emulate when it comes to lifestyle, attitude and achievements. He has already accomplished so much in his life in terms of health, career and family goals. He would be nowhere close to what he has attained if he had a pessimistic attitude of doubt and fear. Reach for the stars and believe you can grab them!

4. He uses resources

Something that is so refreshing about Joe Rogan is how he goes about broadcasting and creating his podcasts from beginning to end. In this world today, everyone has an opinion on something and people can get really fiery and heated if an opinion goes against their own. A lot of people preach their opinion with no actual evidence, facts or sources. When giving a strong opinion or any opinion at that matter, having evidence to back up what you are saying is a strong way to further solidify your point. Joe Rogan is aware of this and goes to great lengths to make sure that the guests he brings on his podcasts are credible, interesting and bring something interesting to the table. He regularly has athletes, historians, scientists, doctors, actors, comedians and so much more. He conducts the interviews in a way that is more like a really, really interesting conversation. He does not shy away from asking the questions that others are too timid to ask and he is genuinely engaged in the conversations. With every podcast, there is so much information and knowledge to gain. He really brings things to the table that most people were not aware of prior to airing.

3. He reflects

Joe Rogan is no young teen anymore, throughout his life he has aged and you can hardly tell by looking at him. With age comes wisdom and without a doubt Joe has reflected on his life so far, allowed himself to learn and takes in all of the changes and experiences he’s had. He has stated that he really values people with integrity and honesty. He has been burned by many people in life and they have not turned out to be the people he once thought that they were. He is very firm and strong in his opinions and that is what comes along side with immense confidence and security. Don’t get us wrong there is not an ounce of arrogance or ignorance coming from this man. He believes that there is always room for improvement and that you have the ability to change and make your life any way you want it to be with good old fashion hard work. He does not believe in laziness and being mediocre and it is very evident in the way he carries himself as well as how he speaks. He believes that practice makes perfect and if you find something you really love, keep at it.

2. He gives back

When you become a celebrity, you almost instantly start to see a lot more zeros in your bank account. We are talking about the good zeros that come after a number and not the ones that make you take a big gulp and scream “HELP!”. Joe Rogan is no different, he is a multi millionaire because of his many gigs and his huge popularity. He is very humble and definitely gives back to the community. What is great about him though, is that he does not publish every kind act he does on social media or make the world recognize his charity works like many people do. It makes you wonder what is the motivation of some people, to have themselves look good or to actually help those people in need? Rogan came up with this idea of a “love bomb”. He will give a hundred dollar bill to a barista’s tip jar for example and dash out of the coffee shop. He’ll give to people who seem like they are having a bad day or can use a pick me up. It is admiring to see a celebrity to wants to help others and be totally selfless about it.

1. He has purpose

Joe Rogan is someone who radiates goodness, who radiates personality and positivity. He is a valuable member of society because he educates himself and tries to learn all that he can in order to better understand the world. He gives back to the community through his charity but also for being an advocate for free speech. He is not hateful nor discriminatory and he is open to knowing other’s ideas and thoughts despite if they differ from his own. He is a great family man and steps up to the plate when it comes to being a husband and father. He does not believe in wasting your life doing nothing and being lazy. He believes his possibilities are endless and values a hard work ethic. He is extremely disciplined in his healthy life style and exercise routine as well as eating habits. He has passion for his sport and is hyper involved through constant awareness of what is happening in the UFC and mixed martial arts world. He adds to society as a human and a whole bringing nothing but positive vibes. He is someone to look up to and an excellent role model for people of all ages. That is why we LOVE Joe Rogan!

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