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Top 10 Untold Truths About Dave & Buster’s

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Top 10 Untold Truths About Dave & Buster’s

Some say that Dave & Buster’s is the grownups’ version of Chuck E. Cheese, that is, you come to D&B to play video games and pig out on pizza, burgers, hot dogs, or other fast foods.  The trouble with this idea is that Dave & Buster’s offers so much more: an unlimited variety of drinks (for adults, of course), sportscasts, video games, and sometimes, a pool table,  blackjack tables or a bowling alley depending on what branch you’re on. Founded in 1982 by an actual, living, toss-coin-playing Dave & Buster, the full-service restaurant chain has become a North American icon. So here are the top 10 little-known facts for your education and guidance, just in case you haven’t found an innovative restaurant to try out just yet.

10.  Dave & Buster’s Adds Plant-Based Burger

Dave & Buster’s not only update their games to keep up with the times but they also update their menu selections. Now that more and more restaurants are offering vegetarian and vegan options to their customer’s, D&B did not want to be left behind so they recently added the “impossible burger” to their lineup. This plant-based burger can replace the beef patty in any of the burger items on the menu and be topped the way you like. While adding cheese may eliminate it from the vegan category, it does help fill the void for a meat-free option. 

According to Dave & Buster’s this burger is all flavor, all protein and zero cholesterol. So it definitely beats out your typical meat burger if your doctor has you watching your cholesterol. As for the flavor? We’ll let you be the judge. And why the impossible burger name? Well, it could be that it is impossible to tell the difference between this and a regular burger or maybe it’s because it tastes so impossibly good that you just can’t pass one up.

9. Dave & Buster’s Has More Games than Any Game Arcade Out There

Tired of the cramped, dilapidated and outdated games at your favorite video arcade? It’s time to hop on to a Dave & Buster’s near you to raise the bar. Every Dave & Buster’s has over $1 million worth of games. Pssst: Just don’t tell the game thieves. These games range from the interactive to the simulator type. Which means that old Pac-Man consoles are out, but Wee-like games, car races,  and flight simulators are definitely in. Dave & Buster’s also has a ginormous cache of exclusive games. Just some of these are  Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots and Jurassic Park virtual reality.  If by any chance, you have any arcade game ideas to suggest, just let your server know.  He or she would be glad to write down your suggestion for Dave & Buster’s management to consider. 

8.  Booze, Games, Fast Food & Sports Mecca for Just $17.99

Welcome to Dave & Buster’s Eat & Play Combo, it’s the perfect date package when your girlfriend feels like being one of the boys for one night only.  With Eat & Play, you can easily do the math to make sure that you don’t spend more than $17.99 on your date when you’re on a tight budget (student loans and all). The combo price already includes your meal in addition to the $10 Power Card for playing the games.

Planning to propose, get married or celebrate any other special occasion like your birthday? Consider Dave & Buster’s, which can lay out a buffet for events and celebrations.  In addition to the fact that the restaurant chain is constantly upgrading its menu, Dave & Buster’s is also excellent for company parties and other similar sorties. Just remember, no confetti, glitters and other messy decorations are allowed. Candles are not allowed, too, with the exception of birthday candles, of course.

7.   Dave & Buster’s Is the Corporate Sponsor of UFC

Are you a kickboxing aficionado? Dave & Buster’s is for you. Here, you can watch all Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, especially the pay-per-view ones. Dave & Buster’s is likewise, World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE-friendly.  Don’t forget, Dave & Buster’s is a sports bar, too, so feel free to be as sporty as you want to be. No one will stop you. Some branches even have pool tables, bowling alleys, and blackjack tables. This was the spirit of the first two Dave & Buster’s to open. Want to play a classy game of pool?  Try Dave & Buster’s pool tables that are custom made and cost the company $15,000 each back in 1982. The restaurant chain hasn’t thought of running a casino operation yet, but for sure, Dave & Buster’s handily beats Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace when it comes to market capitalization. 

6.  A Dave & Buster’s Dress Code To Tune Out the Gang Mentality

To avoid unpleasant surprises, I’m telling you now. When in Dave & Buster’s be sure to wear clothes and shoes—that is, no flip-flops.  That’s the general rule in these parts. So you’re probably asking, what about stressed jeans? The answer is that it’s better to err on the side of caution. Dave & Buster’s management reserves the right to send you home if you show way too much skin; you might as well avoid wearing jeans riddled with holes, no matter how sexy they look on you. To avoid the trouble of being separated from your peers, dress sensibly.

My informant says that soiled or dirty clothes may be a big no-no for some Dave & Buster’s establishments. So if you work in the construction industry and you plan to head to Dave & Buster’s straight from work, think again. You can be turned back at the gates. Gang-related insignia and discriminatory advertising on your person or clothing are likewise not allowed. And the biggest no-no of all: sunglasses; you can’t wear these inside and expect to earn the hosts’ and servers’ good graces. Knowing this, you’ll realize why you’re being frowned upon if you insist on going against the grain.  Feel free to explain that you have Albino complex or the lizard mentality, but Dave & Buster’s reserves the right to turn you down when it comes to this matter. 

5.  Some Dave & Buster’s Have an 11:00 PM Curfew for 21-Year-Olds: Not Cool?

Just saying; I don’t want you to get to the nearest Dave & Buster’s only to get disappointed. So here’s the scoop. Please bear in mind that on Fridays and Saturdays, some Dave & Buster’s have an 11:00 PM curfew. Even for those Dave & Buster’s that don’t have such restriction in place,  you may still be required to be accompanied by someone who’s at least 25 years old to get inside the premises.  It’s nothing personal; Dave & Buster’s has no vendetta against 21-year-olds. Just the restaurant’s way of helping you grow responsibly after you’re twenty.  A possible workaround is to gravitate towards having a pal or gal who’s 25 years old or more. That way, you can still have the best of both worlds while waiting for just one more year to pass; after that, it’s all good. So for the time being, don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID when you’re planning to spend the night at Dave & Buster’s. Do check your wallet again just to make sure you don’t become a hindrance to the rest of the guys or gals in the car.

4.   Dave & Buster’s: An Idea 10 Years in the Making With a 34-Year Homecoming

Dave & Buster’s was founded in 1982 in Dallas, Texas by David O. Corriveau and  James “Buster” Corley, entrepreneurs extraordinaire who that fateful year stopped looking out their respective office windows. It finally dawned on the two that joining forces would be one giant leap for mankind. You see, Dave owned  Cash McCool’s, a burgeoning game parlor in Little Rock, Arkansas.  On the other hand, Buster owned as you might have guessed, Buster’s, a slick bar and restaurant. Now the staring out the window scenario would go on for an odd ten-year period before the two finally realized that their adjacent establishments had something in common. After all, guests seemed to float by between the two locations on most nights. Had Dave & Buster’s hired a private detective, the sleuth would have discovered the naked truth at a much faster rate than the dynamic duo.

So you can say that while episodes of the hit CBS TV series Dallas aired the Ewing family’s dirty laundry in public, an idea in cowboy country was brewing and it was only a matter of time before the concept would achieve full fruition. Thus, was how the idea of a play complex, bar, and full-service restaurant all rolled into one was born. The remake of the old Barbra Streisand hit, A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper could not have said it better. In fact, Dave and Buster had to perform a proverbial coin toss to ensure that the order of their names was respected.  But, just as all soap operas like Dallas, there will always be controversies surrounding any crazy yet successful idea. Remember Cash McCool’s? Some say that it was actually called Slick Willy’s World of Entertainment. While we can all be overwhelmed by success, some matters do stay at the back of our minds. So what’s the real deal with this big and then not so big controversy? Go figure. Perhaps, we’ll never find out the real answer.

Anyways, here’s another great trivia for you as far as Dave & Buster’s is concerned.    They say that Buster was actually a former T.G.I. Friday’s employee. If so, didn’t  TGIF feel bad or troubled by the fact that one of their former employees gave birth to their competition? I guess we’ll never find out the end of it, just like a Dallas cliffhanger episode. And when you come to think of it, how time flies! The 2016 opening of the first Dave & Buster’s in Little Rock was 34 years in the making, but it didn’t feel that way, now, or did it?    It would be interesting to ask yourself this question when you’re 34 or 35 years old; but not when you’re less than 21 years old because at this point Dave & Buster’s can break your heart. 

3.  A Game Arcade for Grownups: Half-Price Wednesdays, How About That?

If you’re in Canada, where many Dave &  Buster’s also thrive, Half-Price Wednesdays is definitely something you can add up to your personal thrift files. This goes hand-in-hand with KFC’s Tooney Tuesday or CAD $10-12 movies only on the same day. Congrats, you now have two days to save some serious bucks while you splurge on the rest of the week’s days. Sounds like a plan!

After Applebee’s Two Can Dine for $20 offer, Dave & Buster’s Half-Price Wednesdays are the next best thing to restaurant discount heaven. To make this work for you, be sure to put a big X mark on your calendar for every week that it happens. That way, you can save enough money if you and your friends still plan to head out to Las Vegas in the near future.   There’s a reason why 21-year-olds befriend people who are four or more years older; now you know.

Hit two birds with one stone by ordering Lotsa Loaded Tots. For the un-Dave-&-Buster’s-initiated, this meal consists mostly of potato tots—doesn’t ring a bell? Think Tater Tots from the H. J. Heinz Company. They are deep-fried, grated potatoes with a cylindrical shape and with that crispy-on-the-outside look. But Dave & Buster’s takes the French fries or  7-Eleven wedges alternative to the next level by adding spicy cheese, crispy bacon, green onions and last but the least, a generous dash of Sriracha ketchup.  Definitely one serious break away from the Chuck E. Cheese mold. And to think that you are inadvertently giving away a dollar to a sick children’s charity makes it even more appealing.  If you love potato tots the Dave & Buster’s way, you’re all set for Wednesdays. Consider that double dipping on savings and charity work.

2.   At 117 Outlets Thus Far, Dave & Buster’s Is the Bromance Capital of North America

Tired of going to a paintball complex or there simply isn’t one in your area? Try Dave & Buster’s instead. You can’t be paintballing around here, but for sure, with the sheer complexity of the Dave & Buster’s gaming environment, you can still find something that suits you and your friend. Just don’t forget, sporting a play gun on your visit isn’t only in bad taste, it’s outright dangerous. With the rising incidence of school shootings across the United States, you can be playing with fire. Only authorized persons such as the police are allowed to carry firearms in the open and the same principle is observed in every Dave & Buster’s establishment.   That said; hiding firearms on you can get you in hot waters, so don’t even try.

And why think about all these social taboos when you can join forces with robots in a game at Dave & Buster’s or a pack of dinosaurs in a stampede for that matter.  If running up and down the stairs are too much for your age, you can try more traditional arcade games at the restaurant. But if your youth and stamina are ready for some mountain climbing or ice dancing, your Dave & Buster’s Power Card can help you with that. For all the Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez fans out there, you just never know when one or the other will show up at a Dave & Buster’s bar near you in the land of the Big Apple. After all, the former on-again-off-again couple did have a D&B date there back in 2012.

Of course, now that the Biebs is engaged to someone else and maybe married, and Jelena is busted, just don’t expect them both. Beliebers and Selenators are now mutually exclusive fan clubs, and Dave & Buster’s is yet to think about a virtual reality game that the two camps can fight about just for old times’ sakes.  But then again, there are many other celebrities who might end up partying at a Dave & Buster’s near you. You just never know when Taylor Swift or Pink will drop by, so you just have to keep coming.

1.   Hey…Dave & Buster’s Power Stations or Charging Stations Aren’t for Charging Your Smartphone

On the contrary, these so-called stations are meant for recharging your Dave & Buster’s Power Card before you swagger through or otherwise catwalk your way through the so-called Million Dollar Midway.  A long time ago, coins or tokens used to be the means to pay for games that you want to play.; not anymore. These days, you can recharge your Power Card and update your scores just by walking around. Dave & Buster’s uses radio frequency to keep track of your game record as well for topping up. It makes perfect sense. After all, coin payment systems are so hard to maintain let alone operate.  You must have an idea of how often the modern vending machine goes down. And did I mention that it’s rather tacky too when you find yourself in a high-end gaming establishment like Dave & Buster’s? 

Nowadays, Dave & Buster’s uses an app called Tunity to not only top up your gaming account; it also works like a Bluetooth device that enables you to listen in to your favorite sport from one of the gigantic TVs that are all over the place. So you wonder how people can manage to hear each other despite a traditionally noisy environment? Tunity is it.  With all these high-tech conveniences at Dave & Buster’s, the video arcade, sports bar, and restaurant all rolled into one handily competes with other restaurants and even the Las Vegas establishment. For best results, download Tunity and MyVegas for a test drive.

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