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Top 10 Untold Truths About Cheesecake Factory


Top 10 Untold Truths About Cheesecake Factory

Have you heard about the Cheesecake Factory? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some delicious food. The Cheesecake Factory is a staple in suburban dining. It has existed for decades now. It’s even a part of some of the most famous comedy TV shows. The Big Bang Theory, for example, has their leading lady Penny working as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. Most people who eat at the Cheesecake Factory will fall in love with it. The attraction is a combination of a warm, family-friendly atmosphere and excellent quality of foods.

It also has something for everyone. With its 21 page long menu, this restaurant has varieties in almost all types of foods. While their main food group is their large cheesecake pantry, they offer savory food too. They cater to all lifestyles whether it’s vegetarian, low-carb, low-calorie, and even gluten-free. If you’re craving a sugar high, then the Cheesecake Factory can certainly cater to your needs. Equally, if you’ve got a craving for something savory, this is the place to be, according to many. 

While it’s a large part of many people’s lives, there are many facts that remain under the radar. Most people just focus on the delicious foods, but The Cheesecake Factory is much more than that. Even though they have the most fabulous cheesecake recipe, that’s not what has kept them open and growing for all these years. Whether you’re a Cheesecake Factory lover or you’re only now finding out about it, here are some unknown facts that will make you look at this restaurant chain differently.

10. They Have Over 40 Varieties of Cheesecake!

The primary purpose of The Cheesecake Factory is and has always been cheesecake. This is why they’re the only restaurant with more than 40 different types of cheesecake on offer. You’d think there would be one type of cheesecake considering the name, but the staff behind the menu have created so many more. If you took a look at all of the different varieties, it is likely that you’d never want to leave the store. They have Oreo cheesecake, mango key lime cheesecake, and celebration cheesecake to name just a few. The celebration cheesecake should be eaten on special occasions of celebration as the name suggests. Obviously, you could class visiting the Cheesecake Factory as a celebratory occasion in itself if you so wish, I’m not judging!

For people with different taste buds that don’t agree with too much sweetness, there’s the salted caramel cheesecake. They have cheesecakes that taste like coffee for those of us who need the energy of coffee without having to drink large cups of it.  They have cheesecakes that taste like chocolate. You can have any chocolate you want – mousse, white chocolate, Hershey’s Bar, the tuxedo fudge, or even the 30th anniversary variety with only chocolate and cream cheese.

If you want to have something sweet without cheating on your diet, they offer the low-carb cheesecake and the low-carb cheesecake with strawberries. No need to feel guilty while getting a slice of this delicious wonder. They even have pumpkin pecan cheesecake and pumpkin cheesecake. These two are only available in September to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. The peppermint bark is available for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

I’d advise to not try all of them at once. Your taste buds may be disappointed here, but your stomach will thank you. Also, remember that these delicious cheesecakes have been a factor in the bankruptcy of former NFL player, Vince Young. Yes, they’re that good they make you forget how much you’re spending.

All of these cheesecakes are made in two bakeries, one in California and the other in North Carolina. So, every cheesecake you will ever eat from any Cheesecake Factory in the world is made at one of these two bakeries. The bakeries freeze the cheesecakes and ship them across the globe every day. Can you wrap your head around this? I can’t. What happens if a restaurant runs out of cheesecake on the other side of the world? Can they do overnight shipments of cheesecakes? So many questions that will never be answered, so let’s take comfort in one more slice of cheesecake.

9. Reading Really Does Provide Riches

The original, basic cheesecake that started it all is still on the menu. It’s as delicious as the others, despite its simplicity. You’d totally get why everybody was so crazy about them when they first started, enough for them to open a restaurant based on one item. Evelyn Overton, who is the original owner and baker, didn’t create the recipe. Turns out that the recipe was found in a newspaper.  She was looking for a recipe for a new dessert choice for her family when she stumbled onto it. Great catch, Evelyn.

She originally baked only for her family and friends. When she figured out how much people loved them, she started to sell them locally. Decades later, it’s a full-blown phenomenon with hundreds of restaurants. That’s enough for everyone to buy a newspaper subscription. Maybe we can find something to build our own fortune 500 company.

8. It Originated in a Detroit Basement Kitchen

Another fact is that it started in a Detroit basement kitchen. I don’t know anyone who has a kitchen in their basement, but that seems like an excellent idea. Evelyn could concentrate and create thousands of cheesecakes for herself without anyone knowing.  Can you imagine how delicious that basement smelled? I wonder if they thought about preserving it as a museum of cheesecake. I know some people who would pay to sit there in silence and eat cheesecake. Evelyn wasn’t thinking about a large business when she was baking in there. She thought of it as a way to make some cash while she took care of her children. She always had a dream to open a bakery someday in the distant future.

The first official Cheesecake Factory didn’t open until her children were all grown up in 1978 by Evelyn’s son, David. He started as a musician then left his band to help his parents with their new business. The company was originally marketed as a bakery and sold desserts to other local restaurants. A couple of years later, they widened it and made it into a restaurant. It still has more dessert varieties than most other restaurants. That’s because David Overton wanted to prove that a restaurant can succeed with a large dessert menu.

This restaurant also has more items than most others. With its 21 page menu, it offers more than 250 plates – pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and desserts. You can eat there for almost an entire year without tasting the same thing twice. It seems overwhelming, but it works for them, despite their large serving sizes. I’d love to know their secrets.

7. They Go Through a Shocking Number of Avocados

One of the best facts about the Cheesecake factory is that they use so many avocados. For all of the avocado lovers at there, the factory is looking out for you. They go through more than 3 million pounds of avocado every year because there’s no such thing as too many avocado toasts. They use avocados in so many of their dishes. Almost all of their appetizers are prepared with avocados. They have multiple salads with avocados. They have burgers and sandwiches. You can have avocados in your entree, main dish, and dessert.

More importantly, they have the world’s most famous egg rolls. If you’re a fan of egg rolls, these will make your day. They have three main types of egg rolls – avocado egg rolls, Tex Mex egg rolls, and the egg rolls samplers which are samples of all their egg rolls on one plate. With the samplers, you can try them all and pick your favorite or just love them all. You can even dig into their “superfood” section of the menu. These are the plates with the most nutrients and antioxidants. They’re mixes of greens and grains. They’re perfect for healthy, clean diets. All of the items you find in this section have avocados in them. I approve of this.  

6. They Have So Many Sauce Varieties

The Cheesecake Factory love their sauces. Each restaurant makes more than 100 sauces daily. They dress almost of their dishes with sauces, even the desserts. They have sweet sauce, spicy sauce, hot sauce, and plenty more. It’s all about your taste. You’ll never run out of sauces in there. Some of these sauces like the tamarind-cashew dipping sauce can take more than one hour to make. However, the company insists on making everything fresh. So, every sauce you taste is made that same day.

That would seem like a lot of waste, but there’s more good news. You can purchase the sauces at any of the restaurants. You don’t have to eat anything there. You can simply get in there and buy any sauce you want. This way you can stock up your fridge with sauces to put on all of your dishes at home. It doesn’t have to be the dishes that you prepare from their online recipes, it can be your own dishes. They’ll never know.

5. They Serenade Diners With Sweet Melodies

These restaurants are not only known for their amazing cheesecakes and sauces. They also have beautiful tunes to serenade you with while you’re eating. Guess who picks these songs. Not the manager like I thought, it’s David Overton himself, son of Evelyn Overton and current CEO of The Cheesecake Factory. He used to be in a band called “The Billy Roberts Blues Band” that opened for famous artists like Janis Joplin. The band was successful enough that he was able to put himself through college with his income.

Based on the restaurant’s food, which he tastes himself before putting it on the menu, you know how he got to have great musical taste, too. He still handpicks all of the music in all of the Cheesecake Factory restaurants. How humble of him to not ban every other band except his own. He nourishes both our souls and our bodies. It’s so nice of him to dedicate so much time to his parent’s dream and continue to watch it flourish.

4. It is One of the Best Companies to Work for, Apparently

The Cheesecake Factory is the only restaurant on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for” list for two years in a row. It’s also the only Los Angeles company to be on the list. So, they’re fantastic both on camera and behind the scene. Most restaurant employees are overworked and always have something to complain about. Not the ones who work at the Cheesecake Factory. According to reviews, they treat their employees with the respect they deserve and give them all the necessary benefits.

All the employees have a corporate health plan for themselves and their immediate family members. They also get a three-weeks paid sabbatical for every five years of service at the corporate level. If you’re looking for a job, you might want to check them out. Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere that always smells like cheesecake?

3. They are a Very Charitable Franchise

The Overtons just want to take the trophy for the best people in the world. They fill our stomachs with delicious food, treat their employees like family, and donate more than 500,000 pounds of food a year to food rescue programs. They want to feed the world. They’re not even feeding us bad food. Most restaurants throw away their leftovers or give them to their employees. This restaurant makes sure that the people with no food get them. These people are like the grandparents of the world.

Since they make everything fresh daily, there’s always a good amount of leftovers. They donate these surplus foods to The Harvest Food Donation Program. This program collects foods from restaurant to give to shelters and other programs for people with lower incomes. These foods will go on to be served at local soup kitchens, after-school programs, and transitional houses. I want to know where I can find these programs because most of the ones I’ve seen don’t offer Cheesecake Factory level of foods.

They also raise money for community projects. For example, they raised more than $2.5 million dollars for the City of Hope. They just keep spreading love wherever they go.

2. They are the Inventors of the Carrot Cheesecake

Do you like carrot cake? They don’t taste like carrots at all. Imagine that goodness mixed into a cheesecake. You don’t have to imagine it. It’s real, and the Cheesecake Factory invented it. The restaurant created the carrot cake cheesecake. It started out as a joke and now, it’s a staple. You can find recipes of carrot cake cheesecakes everywhere now, but you should always remember that The Cheesecake Factory did it first. So, if you want to taste the original one, swing by one of their restaurants. Unfortunately, they don’t share their cheesecake recipes online. Bummer, they probably don’t want anyone else to claim their perfection.  

The Cheesecake Factory is always imagining new and fresh recipes. They add new items to their menu often. While it’s not always original recipes, they do come up with many of them. There’s never enough varieties of cheesecake in the world. They also keep coming up with new burgers and salads.

1. More of the Overtons

This is one of the best rags to riches story. The Overtons started with baking in a basement kitchen. Evelyn never thought that the recipe she found in the newspaper would be so popular. She closed her first little shop quickly after opening it to focus on raising her children. When they reopened again, with the help of their son, they scored gold. David knew his mom’s cheesecake recipe was a winner. Talk about a proud son.

Fast forward to now, they have three different restaurant chains. You thought The Cheesecake Factory was the only one, but you’re wrong. While The Cheesecake Factory is available at over 200 locations, including South Korea and Mexico, the company owns two more restaurant concepts – Grand Lux Café and RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen. The Grand Lux Café, David Orton’s take on the classic European café, is available at 13 locations. RockSugar Pan Asian was built upon the partnership between David Overton and Chef Mohan Ismail, a Singapore-raised chef. It can only be found in Century City, Los Angeles. Getting ideas for a road trip? All of these restaurants are begging for you to try them.

They used to have a self-service Cheesecake Factory at Disney World’s DisneyQuest. Unfortunately, they didn’t renew their contract with Disney so it closed in 2008. That must have been a good time when you could get the best dessert in one of the happiest places on earth.

The Cheesecake Factory is loved by many people around the world. No wonder with all these cheesecakes and avocado egg rolls. After learning all of these facts, I just want to start a petition to have one across the street from my house. Or at least in walking distance so I can never cook dinner ever again. What are you waiting for? Head over to the Cheesecake Factory in your area now!

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