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Top 10 Untold Truth of Chef Matty Matheson


Top 10 Untold Truth of Chef Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson is a larger than life chef who has undeniably left his mark on the culinary world. From fine dining to fast food, Matty Matheson’s impact is felt on taste buds all over Canada. Here we’re going to talk about the top ten untold truths about Matty Matheson that even his most devoted fans will find surprising.

10. Matty Matheson and breakfast

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you always rise and shine with two eggs, toast, and a cup of coffee? If so, then you and Matty Matheson are living culinary worlds apart. Some of you might go the easier route and fill up a bowl of your favorite cereal and allow it to swim in milk. Those on the go might reach for a Pop-Tart or any other sugary treat that packs enough energy to send a freight train up a hill. Are you the type of person who skips breakfast entirely? You know who you are. You’re the type who hangs out at the vending machine at work all morning long while pretending never to eat breakfast. That chocolate bar and those chips are breakfast, even if you don’t eat them with your pyjamas on. Matty Matheson is the type who doesn’t like to eat traditional breakfast foods. You won’t see him sitting down to a stack of pancakes smothered in maple syrup. No, he’d much rather have a bowl of Vietnamese pho than cereal. You can’t expect this culinary wizard to do anything ordinary. It wouldn’t be too surprising to find out he enjoys his bowl of soup while taking a bath in the morning. Hash is one of his favorite things to cook and eat in the morning too. What’s the secret ingredient in his hash? He takes all of his leftovers in the refrigerator and throws them into the mix. A whiz in the kitchen like himself probably has quite a few interesting things in his fridge. No one will ever say that his hash is boring since the mix match of food probably is as unique as he is.

9. Three simple cooking tips

Don’t you wish you could whip up something delicious in your kitchen like Matty Matheson? It’s not as difficult as you might think it is. Matty Matheson has refined the process in which he pumps out delicious food that can make anyone drool all over themselves. You would think that anyone as talented as he is would have a long laundry list of things that the average person should do to churn out delicious food meal after meal. Surprisingly, his list is so small you could write it down on a tiny piece of paper and still have some room to spare. Simplicity is best in the kitchen, and no one proves this point better than he does. What are the three tips Matty Matheson has for every culinary wannabe genius out there? He says that you should invest in high-quality knives, a cutting board, and cookware. Good tools of the trade are needed if you want to produce high-quality food. He says your pantry should be stocked with high-quality staples like flour, salt, and olive oil. Don’t skimp and buy the cheap stuff since these items are the bedrock of your meals. Lastly, he says ditch your spices after they become old. Those little tins of spices in your cupboard have a shelf life and you need to be aware of it. If you’re in doubt, then it’s probably best to throw them away. Spices lose flavor over time, and that’s why you should get rid of them after they’ve lost their potency.

8. Romantic lasagna recipe

Do you lack a certain zing in your love life? If so, Mr. Matheson has the perfect solution for you. No, it’s not going to McDonald’s and having a candlelight dinner. Some of you might think his solution to the staleness in your relationship may be to get matching tattoos. No, that isn’t his idea to help you rekindle the spark that seems to have gone out. Every couple goes through a phase when they are feeling less than desirable towards the other. It’s natural, even though it doesn’t feel so natural at the time when it’s happening. Many couples end up in a situation where they feel almost as if all hope is lost. No one should feel as if their marriage is on the rocks if they have Matty Matheson’s secret weapon in their fridge though. Matty says his lasagna recipe is the only thing you need to get your love life back on track. A slice of his lasagna, and you’ll be like teenagers in love all over again. And who can doubt that such a delicious recipe delivers? Turn the lights down low, put the kids to bed, and cut a square of lasagna. A few bites are all it takes for you to end up in each other’s arms while you fantasize about dipping fries in ketchup.

7. Matheson was kicked out of high school

One look at Matty, and you know right away he’s not a guy to be messing with. The sight of him in a dark alley would make some people turn the other way. It shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise then that he was kicked out of school for his wild behavior. No, Matty wasn’t expelled, he was told nicely not to come back. What’s the difference? Well, saying he couldn’t come back was more polite. Getting expelled is like someone giving you the boot where the sun doesn’t shine. It wasn’t that extreme, but the school made it clear that they didn’t want him back. Matty got the drift and didn’t go back to where he wasn’t wanted. He somehow found his way to Lakeshore Catholic High School. It wasn’t exactly the perfect fit considering that it was a conservative Catholic school, and he had green hair and painted fingernails. Matty is a realist and understood that he needed to receive an education. He was able to tame down his antics enough to graduate and move forward with his life. It goes to show that he has a softer side to him after all. The loud, boisterous behemoth of a man can somehow find the inner strength to settle down and study when the need arises.

6. Matty and the metal band

Much to the surprise of everyone, including himself, Matty performed quite well at Toronto’s Humber College culinary school. All the other schools he applied to rejected him, but this one place gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. His grades were good and he seemed to really progress in a field that took him by surprise. At no time did he ever want to become a celebrity chef or cook in the big leagues. It’s almost as if fame and fortune landed right in his lap. None of it was planned, and his actions were as such that most people would’ve ended up as a failure. After all, most people believe you need to further your education to advance in life. Two weeks before he was set to graduate, he went on the road with his friend’s metal band. Think about that for just a second; Matty had only two weeks to go before he graduated and he threw it all away to go on the road with a band. Well, he didn’t exactly throw it all away. Matty ended up working under Rang Nguyen who taught him how to prepare classic French dishes. Was it a stroke of luck? Probably not. Anyone worth their salt had to know this guy was going places and Nguyen had to see his ability right from the start. Maybe ditching school and going on the road wasn’t such a bad idea after all. It’s probably a bad idea for most, but not for a guy who lives life by the seat of his pants.

5. His wild ways are behind him

Matty was once a bit of a party animal. Even he would admit that he used to take his love of everything intoxicating to an extreme. A heart attack at the age of 29 couldn’t even slow down his frantic partying. Most people his age would have slowed their roll and put their partying days behind them. Matty isn’t most people, and he picked back up right where he left off after having a heart attack. No one will ever doubt that he’s as strong as an ox, considering how he kept up his lifestyle after having what some could consider a debilitating setback. For Matty, a heart attack was merely a bump in the road and nothing else. It wasn’t until several of his good friends sat him down and had an intervention that things changed. Matty will be the first to admit that his lifestyle was getting the best of him. No one can live the sort of fast-paced rockstar life he was living and not burn out quickly. It’s a good thing that today he’s clean and sober since eaters and cookers alike can all benefit from his existence. We’ve seen far too many talented people get caught up in the pleasurable side of life and succumb to it. We all should be thankful that he accepted the help when it was offered to him. He’s not done leaving his imprint on the culinary world, and there’s still quite a bit of stuff out there for him to explore.

4. Matty’s tattoos are as unique as he is

It’s impossible to look at Matty Matheson and not notice his tattoos. He’s got tattoos all over his body. Some people get a tattoo and leave it at that. Not Matty. The collection of tattoos on his body is like an art museum. Every tattoo has a meaning, and it’s near and dear to his heart. It appears that he’s running out of real estate to put tattoos on. If Matty isn’t careful, it won’t be long until his face is covered with them too. He’s already got some on his chin and neck. And let’s not forget the tattoos that are all over his fingers. If there’s a place where a tat can go, Matty probably has a tat there. The tattoo’s on Matty’s body prove that he’s not afraid to go under the needle for a lasting memory. His body is a novel that only he knows the story to. Some of the tattoos are important to his dad and sister, while the others are about situations with his friends. No one person other than himself may know the full story behind the mural that covers his body.

3. Matty rocks out Instagram

How much time do you spend on Instagram? You probably go there to see pictures of your friends and family’s latest fiascos. How can you miss out on seeing your Aunt Stella’s new curtains? You know she’s going to ask if you saw them on Instagram. How are you going to tell her that you didn’t have time to see the pants she knitted for her dog? Some people use Instagram for the dumbest things, but not Matty. He’s chosen to put his camera to good use and take all kinds of exciting pictures. Any foodie who loves to look at everything food-related needs to follow Matty on Instagram right now. It’s about so much more than him as a person, and he offers a very interesting glimpse of what it’s like in his world of food. If you follow Matty on Instagram, then you’ll get to see other food celebrities as well. It seems there are all kinds of people rubbing shoulders with him. Don’t be surprised if there are pictures of him mingling with famous names that aren’t in the world of food too. His rockstar status ensures that there is a constant flow of people who are worthy of taking a snapshot. Those are the people who grace his Instagram account, along with delicious food that can make anyone with a tongue drool all over themselves.

2. Matty the sneakerhead

You might have one or two pairs of shoes. Some of you know real sneakerheads who might have as many as a dozen pairs. Matty, well, he takes his love of sneakers to a level that most couldn’t imagine. He has previously stated that he has 200 pairs of sneakers. Yeah, that’s a lot of shoes. A person who has as many sneakers as he has must have a special place to keep them all in. Everyone always talks about women and how they’re finicky about shoes. Those same people need to realize that big burly tattooed guys like their shoes just as much if not more. He probably has a shoe closet that could make any woman jealous. Being a sneakerhead is a growing trend that isn’t going to die down any time soon. Every year there are new high-end sneakers that people are willing to spend a bunch of cash on. Some think of their sneakers as an investment that grows in value over time. For someone like Matty, none of that is important at all. He’s first and foremost a lover of footwear, and his feet rest in some of the best sneakers money can buy.

1. Matty Matheson hates his own cooking

How can it be? Matty Matheson can’t stand his own cooking? Well, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who spends any time in the kitchen. You just get sick and tired of eating the food that you cook day in and day out. Have you ever wondered why so many top chefs are seen at restaurants and not eating food from their own kitchen? It’s because they want to eat something other than what they’ve prepared. Matty is no different in this regard, and he is like many top restaurateurs and home chefs in that he prefers food cooked by someone else. Does he like to savor the flavor of his homemade lasagna during a quiet moment with his someone special? That might be one of the few times when he enjoys his own cooking. At least then, he can enjoy the after-effects of his cooking as well. A little loving goes a long way when you’re a man who spends your entire life working behind the scenes in a relentless kitchen. There’s no way of him knowing the seductive powers of his lasagna if he hasn’t tried it out himself. Think about that the next time you’re whipping up a batch of his lasagna in hopes of making your love life spicier than a hot pepper.

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