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Top 10 Things You Should Do If You’re Bored and Broke


Top 10 Things You Should Do If You’re Bored and Broke

Are you bored right now? Boredom is one of the most painful things that doesn’t hurt. It’s probably the root cause of many great ideas and also many really, really bad ideas. But we’re not gonna focus on bad ideas with this list, we’re gonna try to give you a list that’s simple enough that you don’t need to spend money, but good enough that you might get a hobby out of it. So listen closely, and see if you’re inspired by out Top Things To Do When You’re Bored… and Broke

10. Exercise

What’s everybody’s least favorite word that starts with “X”? You guessed it: exercise. Yeah, yeah, you don’t want to go to the gym because you’re feeling lazy, and because you want to feel guilty about yourself not living up to your New Year’s Resolution… but don’t worry, this is easy stuff! We want you to pick your favorite song on Youtube, and just dance. Nobody has to see you, you can listen to what you want, feel the way you want, but just let it out and move. Do it for 10 minutes before giving up, you might be tired, but it’ll be worth it. Now, do that for an hour or two and you’ve got yourself a full work out!

9. Read a Book

Now that you’re all worked out and you need a little rest, why not go for something relaxing? Books have long been a source of entertainment for people. It’s literally being transported by your imagination into the world of the author’s mind. You probably have a book or two lying around that you haven’t read, so why not check those out? And if not, well, lucky for you there are tons of books on the internet available. From the classics, to new books, to fan-written novels, if that’s your thing. Try reading a bit, see how you feel, and then move on to our next step.

8. Go for a Walk

Okay, we admit going for a walk can be boring, but that’s just one way of looking at it. When you go outside and take a stroll, you get to change your environment and think about your life. Many things can be put into perspective with a nice little walk. If you think it sounds boring, is sitting in front of your computer, constantly refreshing your e-mails or whatever it is you check, any less boring? At the very least, we’re just trying to get you to release some of your energy instead of being planted in front of a computer screen. Come on! Go outside, it’ll be nice! Really, you don’t even have to go outside, just go somewhere you don’t normally spend time so you can have a new frame of mind and kill some time.

7. Learn to Juggle

If you wanna increase your hand-eye coordination, there’s no better skill to practice than juggling. You start with one, and then you add another ball, and then you add ANOTHER ball, and you’re juggling! It’s a lot easier to juggle than people often assume, and if you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of Youtube videos to get you going. If you’re saying “well I don’t have the balls to juggle”, don’t worry! You probably have socks, and if you roll up a bunch of socks it can make a good beginner’s juggling ball.

6. Write a diary 

Have something on your mind that is bothering you? It’s been shown that writing down your feelings can actually put them into perspective and make them less bothersome. On top of that, you’re practicing your writing skills and developing your self-understanding. Now you don’t have to just write a diary, you can write whatever you want. A short story or anything. If you don’t know what to write about, try to answer the question “why am I bored?” and see where it leads.

5. Ask a Friend If They Need Help Cleaning

This next item on the list may not be for everyone, but it’s wholesome, so we’re gonna tell you. Do you know somebody whose life is a mess and it’s reflected in how messy their home is? Well, you could offer that friend a cleaning hand. Don’t think of it as charity, think of it as you getting to kill time with someone you like while simultaneously helping them.

4. People Watch 

If you’re not too inclined to socializing, you can always involve yourself with people by taking a step back, going to a crowded place and just watch the people. People watching it’s called. Don’t you find the amazing variety of faces, fashions and just the way people walk around so interesting? You can look at people in a crowd and make up little stories about each person you see, and what they’re off to do. Or you can just look at them and enjoy the fact that you’re a part of this greater humanity.

3. Learn a Language 

This one’s a little harder to accomplish, but you can take the first steps pretty easily. Learning a new language may sound like a challenge, and while it’s not exactly easy, it is very simple. You just need to build on it a little every day, and with all the language tutorial sites on the internet, there’s enough material for you to learn ANY language. So maybe you wanna travel at some point. Pick a country you wanna travel to, and try to learn one of the languages they speak there, see how much you can learn, and you might just fall in love with it. This is one of the tips that will last you your entire life if you follow through with it.

2. Memorize a Monologue 

We all love great movies and great actors. So why not try to imitate them? This one is a little challenging, but that means it’ll kill a lot of time. Try to memorize a monologue. Find that scene in your favorite movie where one of the actors talks for an extended period of time by themselves, and try to learn it, word for word. While you’re learning the monologue, try to say it the way they said it first, pure imitation, but once you’ve got a handle on the words, put your own unique spin on it, and let it come out the way YOU want it. At the very least, you’ll have practiced memorizing some words for when you finally give an Academy Award speech and thank this video for inspiring your acting career.

1. Play Chess

For our final item on the list, we present to you the game of champions. That’s right, we’re talking about chess, and maybe you think it’s dorky, or you’re scared cause you’re no good, but trust us! It’s fun, and you’ll get better. There are plenty of opponents online waiting to go pawn-to-pawn with you, so check out one of the free chess websites and just play a game. It will test your ability to strategize, to think ahead, and to be patient with yourself. By the way, if you’re not so keen on using your spatial skills, instead of playing chess online, why not try Scrabble.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas about how to never be bored again, or at least on how to kill time when you are. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to find something to do, or at the very least, by the time you’re done going through this list, you’ll have killed enough time to have thought of something to do. One piece of advice though: if you’re gonna be bored, and come up with ideas, try to come up with great ideas instead of bad ones.

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