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Top 10 Taco Bell Menu Items Ranked Worst to Best


Top 10 Taco Bell Menu Items Ranked Worst to Best

When there are so many different fast-food restaurants to choose from, it can be almost impossible to decide where to eat. For those seeking that Mexican or Tex-Mex vibe, Taco Bell is a classic, reliable, and delicious choice. Here are the Top 10 Taco Bell Menu Items Ranked Worst to Best!

10. Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is one of the more unique finds on their regular menu and the term ‘Mexican Pizza’ is a pretty unique word-combination in itself. Not sure what it is? The Mexican Pizza consists of two flat, circular, fried shells (made from a mix of flour and corn-based ingredients) with a layer of beef and beans between them, topped with pizza sauce, tomatoes, and a melted three-cheese blend sprinkled generously on the top. While it tastes like a taco mixed with something that may or may not be a pizza, this Mexican Pizza is not that easy to eat and the consistency and texture of it changes very quickly unless you eat it right away. As the hard-shells are topped with sauce and cheese, they almost instantly become soggy and wet. Not quite the texture one hopes to experience from a pizza. This makes the Mexican Pizza hard to pick up and extremely messy to eat (but yes – it remains delicious!) And hey – it is called ‘fast-food’ for a reason! Perhaps the creation of this product has something to do with the fact that Yum! Brands, the company that owns Taco Bell – also owns Pizza Hut. Tacos, pizzas, you might as well put them together and create a sense of fusion that people will be interested in trying. Nothing wrong with a little subtle cross promotion, right?

9. Quesadilla

Prefer the simpler things in life? It does not get any more basic than a quesadilla! Often served as an appetizer in most American establishments, the quesadilla was originally intended to be a main-dish item when it was created in Mexico. It isn’t very clear as to why it is seen as an appetizer in most American restaurants, but it may be due to its simplicity and its use of similar ingredients to other appetizer favorites such as mozzarella sticks. Carbs plus cheese? We would eat that as an appetizer, main dish, and dessert – wouldn’t you? Taco Bell serves it the original way – as the main event of a meal. Traditionally, a quesadilla is meant to be made using a corn tortilla, however flour tortillas are a delicious alternative – and found to be more commonly used in the US and more northern areas of Mexico. Taco Bell offers a few different versions of this item, making it customizable based on your personal taste. The classic Quesadilla offers a three-cheese blend with a creamy jalapeno sauce smothered between a folded tortilla, creating a half-moon shape. Looking for some more protein – or just something to make the taste buds happier? Taco Bell ended up offering the option to add chicken or steak to their quesadillas – making their most simple item a bit more interesting to eat. Whether you’re buying this for your kids, yourself, or someone who just loves cheese – it’s a solid choice.

8. Bean Burrito

The Bean Burrito is another simple menu-item for those looking for a quick, lighter option. It’s easy to eat one, two, or even three (ok, that might be pushing it) of these lighter-weight burritos and still have room for a bit more. The Bean Burrito was one of the first vegetarian options offered at Taco Bell. In fact, Taco Bell recently mentioned that they may be considering different plant-based options to implement into their menu items, as currently, the beans are the only real protein being offered that is vegan and they are usually combined with non-vegan fillings like cheese or sour cream. The implementation of a fully vegan menu item is sure to bring in a new crowd to Taco Bell and perhaps introduce plant-based eating to their already existing consumers. A Bean Burrito sounds a bit plain, but it consists of a soft, flour tortilla, filled with refried beans, spicy red sauce, cheddar cheese, and chopped onion. It’s actually super flavorful and gives off a comfort-food vibe. What makes the Bean Burrito an even better choice? HOT SAUCE! Taco Bell offers hot sauces of  varied levels of heat, the ones you will find at every Taco Bell location include Mild, Hot, and Fire sauce. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a location that offers their Diablo sauce – that one’s sure to make you reach for a cold drink. All you have to do is rip open a packet of one of these signature sauces and let it drizzle over the top of your Bean Burrito and you have yourself a culinary experience – for a pretty cheap price too. Taco Bell’s hot sauces are so popular, you can actually find them at some US stores in bottles! That’s what we’re talking about. Not into the heat of their hot sauces? Ask for no sauce and make it a bit more tolerable for your taste buds. That’s a great thing about Taco Bell – you can always customize your item to match your preferences – just ask!

7. 5-Layer Dip Loaded Griller

Otherwise known as the tongue twister. Can anyone say if 5 times fast? Or even two times slowly? It’s quite the struggle. Another great vegetarian choice, the 5-Layer Dip Loaded Griller is reminiscent of the classic party snack. Wrapped up in a flour tortilla, this burrito has all of the elements that you would expect to find. It’s filled with refried beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese – and yes, even guacamole (for no extra charge!) These fillings together create a flavor that is hard to beat. Taco Bell uses the word “griller” to describe this product. Although the use of the word “griller” may make people think that this burrito offers something grilled on the inside, it’s actually the outside that’s grilled. Taco Bell is yet to release an item with grilled veggies inside. However, with most food-companies offering more and more healthy, vegetarian, and vegan options, it won’t will be long before they do.

6. Classic Grande Stacker

This one’s messy but it is one of the most filling main-menu items from Taco Bell. The Classic Grande Stacker is a tortilla full of beef, melted three cheese blend, and nacho cheese sauce – and then grilled to give you a crispy texture on the outside. For those seeking more spice, the Grande Stacker also comes in a chipotle version – so if the sound of a creamy chipotle sauce makes your mouth water then you should definitely try the chipotle version of this item! The downside to the Classic Grande Stacker? It can sort of become a bit mushy on the inside once the cheese, meat, and tortilla is pressed together. Not that this is really a strike against since most people will take it any way that they can get it. In reality the Classic Grande Stacker is like eating a folded quesadilla that has simply been folded one extra time. This is the type of item that you can only eat with an empty stomach because otherwise you may find yourself switching to a pair of stretchy pants after you eat it. But hey – Taco Bell’s prices tend to be quite affordable, so you definitely get more bang for your buck with this one.

5. 7-Layer Burrito

With so many layers it might sound surprising to hear that this burrito is normally meat-free. So, what are in the 7 layers? Tomatoes, lettuce, re-fried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and Taco Bell’s signature Mexican rice – all wrapped in a soft, flour tortilla. A bit similar to the 5-Dip Layer Dip Loaded Griller, but a lot more popular. This item has been on the menu for a few decades now and is very popular. The minute you bite into it, the taste, the texture, and the comforting feeling it gives you is incomparable. The 7-Layer Burrito is probably one of the most classic and reliable things on the Taco Bell menu – it’s always good. Did you know that now the 7-Layer Burrito from Taco Bell can be ordered with either chicken or beef – just in case beans aren’t someone’s go-to choice of protein. It’s hard to believe that so many layers of goodness can fit into one burrito but it’s possible (and oh so good). Overall this burrito offers a bit of everything, warmth, crunch, and oh yeah – deliciousness. It’s probably one of the heaviest burritos that Taco Bell offers, which is one of the best things about it – it leaves Taco Bell lovers full and satisfied.

4. Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos

A taco shell that’s basically one big Dorito? Sign us up. The Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos is a huge hit because of its unique flavor and ode to everyone’s favorite tortilla chip. Dorito lovers go crazy for this long-named menu item because it reminds people of their favorite go-to snack! Who doesn’t love a bag of Doritos? Who doesn’t love tacos? Imagine them together – absolute magic. So, what exactly is in this taco? Basic taco fillings offered by Taco Bell: beef, lettuce, and cheddar cheese. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. The combination of these classic fillings mixed with the unique Dorito Shell is a unique culinary fast-food experience that isn’t found anywhere else in mainstream fast-food. For those more into the cool-ranch flavor of Doritos, you’re out of luck. Taco Bell did offer this item with a cool-ranch shell – but they took it off the menu after a short while, despite customers loving the cool ranch version. Perhaps the Cool-Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos will show up on the menu one day again – at least we hope so. Did you know that Chrissy Teigen (former model turned TV personality, and also wife of singer John Legend) swears by these tacos? A celebrity endorsement is one way to get people to buy your product and so if a celebrity endorses something without being an actual spokesperson, you know their opinion is genuine! Is it worth trying? Absolutely. Will you ever eat a regular taco from Taco Bell again after this one? That would be debatable.

3. Steak Burrito Supreme

Steak may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about Taco Bell – but they do it so, so well. The Steak Burrito Supreme is exactly what it sounds like – insanely good. A soft, flour tortilla, filled with strips of steak, lettuce, cheddar cheese, onion, tomatoes, sour cream, red sauce, and Taco Bell’s seasoned Mexican rice. This burrito is on the heavier side, which makes eating it even better because nothing is better than a full-packed burrito. At some Taco Bells right now, you can actually order a DIY kit, where Taco Bell provides you with all of the ingredients you need to put together your own taco or burrito which is great. Considering Taco Bell is a big hit with families due to menu items being more affordable, allowing consumers to build their own individualized meal at home adds a bit of fun and creativity to dinnertime. The ability to bring your favorite fast-food flavors home in a way that makes it feel like you have cooked it yourself is pretty genius. But back to this burrito – it is one of the best tasting menu-items at Taco Bell because it offers so many different flavors in each bite. The best part about it? It’s not as messy as it sounds. This burrito is so well-packed that you can actually eat it without creating a huge mess like most of the other burritos or tacos on the menu. It is the perfect menu item for those seeking a filling, delicious, protein-filled burrito – and who doesn’t want that?

2. Beef Crunchwrap Supreme

There’s something about the combination of the words “Crunchwrap Supreme” that just sounds yummy. The Beef Crunchwrap Supreme is very popular for a valid reason – it’s incredibly good. There is genuinely nothing as satisfying as biting into one of these hexagon-shaped delights. It’s perfect for those who can’t choose between a soft or hard tortilla – because if gives you the best of both worlds. Imagine this: a soft flour tortilla with a crispy, crunchy, tostada shell, filled with beef, half filled with warm nacho cheese sauce and sour cream, the other half with fresh lettuce and diced tomatoes. This item is so popular that there are a multitude of recipes online trying to recreate it! People crave the Crunchwrap so much that they want to recreate it in their own homes – the ultimate sign of a well-made, well-liked menu-item. However, if you want the real deal, Taco Bell is the only place to go for a true Beef Crunchwrap Supreme experience.

1. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

The best thing you could order at Taco Bell has to be the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. This one takes the cake because it is simply undeniably the best item. It’s even fun to say as it sort of rolls off the tongue in the most fun way possible. For cheese and meat lovers, this all-in-one item is a must-try. Wondering why it takes the top spot? It’s just the perfect meal. It can’t be emphasized enough and that’s why it’s been ranked this high up on the list of best items. What’s in it? The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is made up of a hard-shell taco, filled with beef, cheese, spicy ranch, and lettuce. That’s just the inside. The filled taco is then wrapped with a fluffy flatbread that has a three-cheese blend melted on it. Layers upon layers – just as it should be. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. The flatbread is so soft, the taco is nice and crunchy, and the mixture of both textures is just perfect. One bite of the Cheesy Gordita Crunch and most likely it will become a regular order for you. If that wasn’t enough, you can even order the classic item as a “Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch”. The extra cheese is next-level, so as long as someone isn’t lactose-intolerant, it’s worth the extra calories. Once again, the ability to get extra of your favorite ingredients makes Taco Bell one of the greatest fast-food restaurants. The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is well-loved across the board and it’s hard to find a Taco Bell fan who doesn’t like this main-menu item. The next time you visit Taco Bell, make sure you order a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, it not only will leave you wanting more, but it will probably move Taco Bell up on your list of go-to fast-food restaurants.

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