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Top 10 Strange But Popular FAST FOOD ITEMS! Part 2


Top 10 Strange But Popular FAST FOOD ITEMS! Part 2

Fast food joints do their best to get us in the door. Sometimes they need to be over the top to get us to notice them. This is what happens when every corner has a fast food restaurant on it. Sometimes these outrageous items somehow make their way into becoming fan favorites. It takes quite a bit of creativity and also a little stupidity to come up with the concoctions on our list. Sometimes the strangest foods aren’t those served in some faraway lands, but those eaten right in our backyards. If you’re the adventurous type, some of these fast food delights will require you to take a trip around the world.

10. Sauced & Loaded Chorizo Fries by Jack in the Box

It almost seems that Jack in the Box is telegraphing who the perfect customer for this item is. Both sauced and loaded are terms often associated with being drunk. You don’t need to be three sheets in the wind to enjoy this delicious menu item. Though, fast food does seem to cater to those who are at the very least mildly impaired. All of the greasy, heavy food seems to sit pretty well in your stomach if you’ve been knocking back drinks. No one is going to deny that this beast will sit nicely in your belly if it’s full of beer. The Sauced & Loaded Chorizo Fries is a French fry lover’s dream come true. They come with melted cheese, guacamole, and chorizo sausage. The chorizo and guacamole offer up Mexican flavors that are all the rage right now. Everyone is putting guacamole on everything these days, and fries are the next logical thing. You will need either a fork or a few extra napkins while eating these fries. They can be kind of messy, but that’s always a good thing. Don’t even try to eat these while driving down the road unless you want to wear them on your shirt. If you’re not wearing a shirt, then it’s possible to use your belly button as a container for ketchup in case you feel that some extra dipping is needed.

9. Bacon, Macaroni And Cheese Toastie from McDonald’s China

Why aren’t there more noodles in sandwiches? Some smart person in China was thinking the same thing. That’s when they came up with the Bacon, Macaroni And Cheese Toastie. That person probably wasn’t counting their carbs. It takes a certain amount of reckless abandon to throw a handful of noodles on a sandwich. It sounds like something a college kid would come up within the middle of the night while playing video games. It’s what you do when you have a fistful of mac and cheese without anything else to eat. You throw that cheesy goodness in between two slices of bread and call it a meal. The Bacon, Macaroni And Cheese Toastie is a little more advanced than what someone in a college dorm might whip up. It has macaroni and cheese, bacon, and it’s slapped in between two slices of white bread. Who knew McDonald’s had it in them to create such a thing? You know, deep down inside you want to order this sandwich so bad. It’s one of those things that you’d drive thirty miles to eat so no one could see you order it. We all know how that works. Some people buy fast food like alcoholics buy their booze. They buy it far away from home so no one knows their little secret. Sometimes having a dirty little secret like enjoying greasy delights is something no one wants to share.

8. Wendy’s Triple by Wendy’s

Who doesn’t miss Dave Thomas? Anyone alive during his heyday has to think back to his commercials with fondness. No one embodied fast food the way he did. Also, no one can deny that he created some of the tastiest burgers ever. The menu he created has lived on and thrived for many years after his passing. That in itself talks about his genius and attention to quality. The same sandwiches he created are the ones people today know and love. You can’t drink a Frosty without paying homage to the man who made it all possible. A man who dedicated his life to making sure everyone could eat the best tasting fast food money can buy. Now, let’s talk about Wendy’s Triple. The Classic Single is a sandwich that needs no introduction to Wendy’s fans. You know that it’s a quarter pound of fresh never frozen hamburger. You may not know what the Triple is, but you’re never going to forget it after reading this. The Triple is three of the Classic Single meat patties stacked on top of each other. The Classic Single is a quarter pound of fresh beef, and the Triple stacks three of those suckers up to create a meat skyscraper. If that sounds like a lot of meat, it’s because it is. If you love the Classic Single, then someday you need to give this a try. Who knows, if you eat it all, you may getting a tattoo to commemorate your achievement.

7. Cookie Dough Chicken Tenders by Popeye’s

Can fried chicken be strange? We’ve got a few on our list that will challenge what everyone thinks of fried chicken. Popeye’s is a restaurant known for spice. If you love your food to have a kick to it, then Popeye’s is the place to go. They have some stuff that’s so hot it can bring even a chili head to their knees. The average person doesn’t know what kind of inferno they’re in for if they take a bite out of the wrong item. No matter what your level of comfort is when it comes to spice, Popeye’s delivers it and then some. It’s hard to imagine that a place that dishes out so much spice would even consider making something like their Cookie Dough Chicken Tenders. It was an item on their menu a few years ago that had a small, but a cult following. What exactly was their Cookie Dough Chicken Tenders? It was chicken fingers dipped in a cookie dough batter then deep-fried. So, it was salty, greasy, and sweet. It’s the ultimate combination for those who love chicken and waffles. It’s not surprising that a fast food joint known for levels of heat out of this world pulled this sweet item off of the menu.

6. Taco Salad by Taco Bell

What do you usually think of when salad comes to mind? Do you think of women with hairy legs walking around barefoot while eating uncooked vegetables? If that’s what you think of a salad, then you’ve never eaten one made at Taco Bell. Leave it to the world of fast food to take something as healthy as salad and turn it into an artery-clogging nightmare. That doesn’t mean the Taco Salad doesn’t taste good. Taco Bell is no different than any other fast-food restaurant in that everything they make tastes good. You can order anything off of the menu and rest assured that it’ll leave your taste buds satisfied. One Taco Bell Taco Salad has 740 calories. All of that cheese, refried beans, and meat ads up quick. Let’s not forget that the edible bowl is a deep-fried flour tortilla. The words deep-fried are rarely used to describe anything in a salad. It does if you’re getting a salad at Taco Bell. This is one of those menu items you eat when you no longer care about yourself. Sure, it tastes good, and that’s why you’re eating it. But, don’t look at your hips after eating this salad. Salads like these always go straight to your hips.

5. KFC Famous Bowl by KFC USA

No one needs to be told why KFC is world-famous. You may think that KFC is a local treat, but the famous chicken house has gone global. Now people are licking their fingers all over the world after eating the Colonel’s famous fried chicken. Everyone who eats at KFC always goes there for the same things. You go there for the fried chicken and mashed potatoes. You may be surprised to learn that KFC doesn’t offer the mashed potatoes and gravy in many locations around the planet. If you’re one of the lucky people who live in an area where you can savor the goodness of their gravy, then you should feel fortunate. Imagine if there was an easier way to get your fried chicken, mashed potato, and gravy fix. Could it be possible to fit all of that on the same spork? It is if you’re eating KFC’s Famous Bowl. It has fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and cheese. You don’t have to worry about bones since the chicken is boneless. You also don’t have to worry about greasy fingers since everything can be eaten using one of KFC’s well-known sporks. Why did it take them so long to come up with something so delicious as this? They’ve had the ingredients for what feels like an eternity. You know what they say, better late than never.

4. Lobster Rolls by McDonald’s USA

If you live in New England, then you already know about McDonald’s lobster rolls. They come out every year during the lobster season. It’s hard to believe that the fast-food giant would even consider stepping foot into this arena. Anyone who has ever been in New England knows there are more than enough places serving up lobster rolls. Somehow McDonald’s can dish out this seafood on a roll like the best joints in town. By the way, don’t call it a bun. In New England, it’s called a roll, and buns are those things you sit on. The lobster roll at McDonald’s is pretty straight forward as it is commonly served throughout the region. The lobster meat is mixed with butter and mayonnaise. It’s then added to the roll with a little lettuce. That’s it. If you don’t mind the sad thought of those little red creatures dancing in a pot of hot water, then go and get yourself one of these sandwiches during lobster season. You will only find them in New England, and that’s as good of an excuse as any to visit this beautiful part of America.

3. Chizza by KFC Asia

Have you ever been in a position where you wanted both fried chicken and pizza? You know what those weak moments are like. You go back and forth in your mind with the pros and cons of ordering each of the items. It usually happens when you’re watching Netflix and have a severe case of the munchies. You need something that’s packed with the kind of flavor that will set your taste buds right. The problem is, you can’t decide between pizza or fried chicken. If this has happened to you, then you know what it feels like to have a nervous breakdown. A downward spiral is what happens when someone is forced to decide between bready cheesy goodness and fried, greasy delight. The good folks over at KFC Asia have made life easier for those who have the munchies for both fried chicken and pizza. They whipped up something called a Chizza, and it’s pizza with a crust made out of fried chicken. You’re probably up dancing right this very moment. How can such a wonderful thing be kept a secret from the rest of the world? The Chizza is a pizza with a fried chicken crust, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, ham, and chunks of pineapple. If the pineapple is too weird for you, ask them to take it off. They’ll be more than happy to make it any way you like it.

2. Steak and Cheese by Subway USA

What’s the first thing that you think of when you’re in a Subway restaurant? Is your first thought about why you’re in there? Many people don’t choose Subway; instead, Subway chooses them. You know how this goes, and it’s the same thing for everyone. You start out having a million choices, and none of them seem good. You’re super hungry and can’t go another step without getting something in your stomach. You look up and see that the closest place is a Subway. You have that same sort of painful expression on your face that everyone does. It’s food, and that’s why you’re in Subway. Not good food, but it will keep your heart pumping. The Steak and Cheese at Subway sound like a good idea at first. Who doesn’t love a steak sub sandwich? The thought of it alone probably brings up romantic thoughts of eating cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. There is no arguing about what kind of cheese your sub will have on it at Subway. The only arguing you’re going to do is why you ended up in Subway, to begin with. The so-called steak isn’t cooked there, and they toss it in the microwave. Somehow this sandwich has not only stayed on the menu for years but seems to be a fan favorite. It must have something to do with the cookies. They’re the only saving grace of the entire meal.

1. Frisco Thickburger Hardee’ s/Carl’s Jr.

Those of you who are true aficionados of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. may remember the Frisco Thickburger from way back when under the name Frisco Burger. Times sure were simpler back then. You could save your jaw for chewing and not for saying the additional words required to order this insanely good sandwich. If you’ve never eaten a Frisco Thickburger, then you need to prepare yourself. You’re going to feel so wonderfully terrible by the end of the entire thing. Yes, you’re going to feel a little sick. It’s the good kind of sick that only a fast food restaurant can make you feel. A Frisco Thickburger is paradise on sourdough toast. The meat patty is a whopping quarter pound in weight. It’s topped with crisp bacon and Swiss cheap. Some tomato is added to make you feel like you’re eating something that isn’t pure grease and fat. The end product is a sandwich that hits all the right guilty pleasure zones. Salty, cheesy, greasy, and meaty are all words that come to mind. The Frisco Thickburger is a must-have if you’ve never eaten it before. However, you will want to get up and move around afterward. This beast is heavy like you’ve just eaten a half a pound of cement.

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