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Top 10 Savage Content Cop Episodes

As of the end of 2017, there is no more famous series, at least when it comes to destroying the careers of “cancers” on Youtube, than idubbbz’s ongoing”Content Cop.” Whether going after an actual YouTuber or a style of video, no one is safe from idubbbz.

He spends upwards of 30 to 40 minutes dissecting the types of videos that he loathes. He always has a really great point. His videos have ended the careers of quite a few Youtubers out there.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 savage episodes of Content Cop to eulogize those content creators he annihilated.

10. Jinx Reloaded

If there was any type of video that needed to be taken down a peg it was the “reaction” video. Not so much people reacting to movie trailers or something like that, but rather the types of reaction videos that Jinx was known for.

He would just steal original content from other YouTubers and record himself laughing and phoning in “jokes” on top of it as to not get hit with copyright strikes. Multiple people complained. While it could be argued that Jinx’s channel was dying well before idubbbz killed it, he seemed to disappear from the platform not long after Content Cop bashed him.

Sure, it wasn’t instantaneous, but more than any other person that dubbbz talked about, Jinx stopped posting as often. 

9. Toy Channels

While idubbbz has responded to critics before. His “Content Deputy” videos aren’t as long or as in-depth as his “Cop” videos; they’re more of a response than a thorough dismantling of someone. That’s not the case with his coverage of “Toy Review” channels though.

He’s released two videos on the subject, each time talking about specific toys. One covered the “Magic Egg” craze from a few years ago and the other the “Giant Gummy Bottles.”

At the time of the latter video, which was posted about two years ago, toy review vlogs were taking over YouTube. While they are sort of cute to watch — they show kids freaking out over toys — they’re also pretty creepy. After awhile it’s hard to get excited watching the same kid receiving tons of amazing toys day after day after day for thousands of dollars.

Our man idubbbz brings this up by stating that the videos feel like you’re enabling a “spoiled brat.” In the first video, he also goes into “Surprise Eggs.” Apparently, they’re gigantic egg filled with surprises that people seemed to just be making themselves.

So, while they get an A for effort, dubbbz shows how fake a lot of the videos are. He says young children aren’t great actors and most of them are being told what to say and how to react, which makes these videos feel sort of exploitative, creepy and awkward.

8. How to Prank it Up

Each episode begins with idubbbz dressed as the Content Cop, typically searching for the type of content he is about to roast in a pretty funny way. This episode had a shorter intro than others, because he needed as much time as possible to point out the numerous things “wrong” with Dennis Roady’s channel/show titled “How to Prank it Up.”

The first and main gripe is that Roady’s pranks are extremely time-consuming and there’s really not that much payoff behind the “pranks” and also that he never really pranks anyone outside of his friends who should be used to it and see it coming a mile away by now.

Sure, it’s really hard to think of new pranks all the time but still, most of what Roady does is a waste of time. Unlike many of idubbbz’s targets, Roady isn’t that big of a bad guy he just makes lame content, which makes it harder for you to root for dubbbz on this one.

Still, he did find a few examples of Roady acting like an entitled d-bag, so there’s that.

Some of the “pranks” are extremely lazy and sad and really aren’t pranks, so he was an easy target. His activity has since dropped off dramatically; he’s a shell of his former self. That shows you the power of idubbbz and his followers.

7. The Fine Brothers

Another example of a channel that was already bleeding subscribers before their Content Cop execution is The Fine Brothers Entertainment. Their channel focuses on reactions — those of kids, teens, adults and elders — to current events, memes or music from different eras.

Now, this type of content has been around for a really long time not just on YouTube but on television as well. Ellen has done it and Bill Cosby used to do a variation of it on his show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

So, when the Fine Brothers aimed to copyright the term “React” and create “React World,” it would’ve meant that anyone using the term React on Youtube would’ve had to send them royalties. Under the guise of helping other people elevate their content, they were just being super greedy and strangely possessive of an idea they didn’t come up with in the first place.

It backfired big time and they canceled their plans for “React World.” However, the damage was already done; they lost millions of subscribers. After that, Content Cop released his video detailing their nefarious activities. Perhaps had idubbbz waited a little longer he could’ve been the end of their channel altogether.

But because it happened right in the middle of the negative press for “React World” it sort of just became part of that drama. 

6. Tech Destruction Channels

“What we do here is go back…” If there was a general type of video that needed to get roasted—outside of “reaction” videos, which are just lazy and often times also just people stealing content from actual creators simply to “react” to it—it’s tech destruction channels.

While there are some cool ways to destroy stuff—like with those gigantic hydraulic presses that show what certain things look like when they’re smashed—just destroying brand new technology seems like a waste that gets really old after one or two clicks.

His main gripe is that the videos require little to no creativity and he’s not wrong, case in point is the fact that the people like TechRax really just destroy the same type of tech over and over again while using the same adjectives—like “incredible” and “insane” and “initial impact.”

This manifests itself often in Rax’s videos as a lot of the ideas he comes up with don’t end up working in general—or destroying the tech—and they fail at their main goal which is to show something satisfying.

Granted, it has to be hard to find new ways to destroy things over and over again. And while he has transitioned into testing different types of phone cases—which is actually helpful—this type of lazy repetitive content is something that idubbbz hates.

5. Amateur Food Reviewers

While one could argue that amateur food reviewing channels answer questions about new types of food and whether or not it tastes good, more often than not the videos just show unhealthy people eating fast food. In this video, idubbbz delves into amateur food reviewers who sit and eat in their cars.

He complains that the guys always select the strangest things on the menu. He says they are repetitive and borderline annoying in their presentation by creating suspense where it doesn’t exist.

He does a great job of mixing the videos he’s critiquing with his own parody, basically showing how ludicrous they are. He also shows how disgusting some are, namely the Joey “Diabetes” WorldTour, who is actually hard to watch because he’s literally slowly eating himself to death. Watching his videos feels a lot like enabling an addict.

4. Tana Mongeau

The “Tana Mongeau Content Cop” was one of the most dramatic on this list. It had a bit of a different background than most. The episode started with Mongeau going after Dubbbz for his “ironic” use of the N and F-words.

Now, idubbbz has talked about his usage of the words on many occasions, claiming he has never said it out of spite, anger or actual hate. Besides, Mongeau was herself caught saying the N-word in a video that was leaked online a few years back.

Now, because she called him out, idubbbz decided to drive over 50 miles to one of her meet-and-greets just so he could be filmed with his arm around her right before they took a picture together saying “Say “N*****!”, which terrified and horrified Mongeau.

While Mongeau weathered the Content Cop storm better than most— by not losing any subscribers — some observers say that’s because Mongeau’s audience is mostly composed of young women as opposed to the young men that mostly favor idubbbz. Therefore, she was never at risk of losing her base regardless of what happened.

Still, she apologized to idubbbz for judging him; something that most of his “victims” hadn’t done before. 

3. Keemstar

Now it’s getting good… There are few people that deserved a Content Cop more than the host of Drama Alert himself, Keemstar. If you’re not familiar, consider yourself lucky. Drama Alert is a show that was spawned a few years back when YouTube drama was all the rage.

If you’re not familiar with YouTube drama, also consider yourself lucky. Beef — real and fake — started popping up on the platform a few years back. To keep track of it all, channels like Drama Alert started doing nightly shows to recap things.

While it sounds a lot like reaction videos, and it sort of is, that’s not really the biggest problem with the show. Now, this video gets points for having the best intro of any episode of Content Cop thus far, showing idubbbz in his cop uniform hunting down and fighting a garden gnome to the death in a dark tunnel (the gnome looks exactly like Keemstar).

It may have been the most thorough and gratifying episode of Content Cop. It breaks down Keemstar’s personality and shows that he’s either a sociopath or a psychopath, a liar, a moron and just a gross person as a whole. It’s so thorough that it almost does the impossible: making you almost feel bad for Keemstar.

But when you learn that he’s actually gained MORE subscribers since this beef, you just feel like there’s no justice in the world.

2. Asian Jake Paul

For the longest time, people just expected idubbbz to follow what was popular for about two months on YouTube and that was going after Jake Paul for anything and everything. Sure, he was a jackass but it got sort of tired that everyone and their grandma was going after the same target.

So when he put Jake Paul in the title it did make sense but it felt like it was a bit too easy for idubbbz. However, it turned out to just be a ploy (and part of his attack) as that episode of Content Cop actually targeted the “Asian Jake Paul:” RiceGum.

RiceGum knew that a Content Cop was inevitable so he “asked” for one about a year ago. He even attempted to pull an Eminem from 8 Mile by stating all the things that idubbbz would probably say about him.

He forgot to mention some of the real character flaws that he had in that list, though, which really just showed how clueless he is about how he looks on camera and also how people may perceive him. That made this episode of Content Cop — which was also the most recent, at least as of the writing of this list — one of the more gratifying that idubbbz has made.

The reason he didn’t put RiceGum in the title was because RiceGum takes pleasure from the fact that people use his name to get clicks. So by doing this he took that line of reasoning away from him. And while Rice did respond with a diss track, he just solidified most of what idubbbz said about him.

The greatest part of this episode was the diss track that idubbbz made at the end. RiceGum lost tens of thousands of subscribers in the days following this episode but he has bounced back since. On the other hand, idubbbz has gained hundreds of thousands since.

1. Leafy

The one person who really suffered after his episode of Content Cop both from a financial and subscriber perspective but also and perhaps most importantly from a self-esteem point of view was Leafy from the channel LeafyisHere. Now, if you’re not familiar with Leafy he’s mostly known for talking smack about children in really horrible ways.

Leafy bullies kids on his channel — some of whom had learning disabilities, to boot. That alone makes him vile so the rest is sort of just window-dressing but it was so well put and decimating that Leafy’s channel fell off of the face of the Earth. He stopped making daily videos for a long time.

Beside the fact that idubbbz turned the tables on Leafy by pointing out all of the flaws with his appearance — his chin or lack thereof — he also showed how repetitive he is in his videos.  Content Cop said it’s just a lazy and thinly-veiled attempt to stretch his videos out to 10 minutes.

After watching that episode, one has to wonder how anyone ever liked Leafy to begin with. This apparently was the reaction many of the kids had as they abandoned him in droves. While there have been some Leafy sightings lately and his channel has begun to rebound a bit, he lost millions of subscribers and thus dollars.

Yet, considering the way he was making it, this was Content Cop at his best. He’s the arbiter of all that is good on YouTube.

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