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Top 10 Ridiculous Things About Fast and Furious


Top 10 Ridiculous Things About Fast and Furious

Where do we start in the quest to narrow down the most ridiculous things about fast and furious? The series gets more ridiculous as the series continues and it seems like the writer’s ability to come up with the most bizarre and hard to believe, downright crazy stunts is going up. What we thought was ridiculous in the first film has been outdone tenfold by its predecessor in an effort to remain on top. The stunts in these movies are so absurd that no one can exhaust the number of times the franchise blatantly defied logic and even the laws of physics. These ridiculous stunts in the series have propelled it to some great height with its fans waiting for each new film with bated breath. Even with the ridiculously hilarious exaggerated and quite impossible stunts, the film is still our most favorite. The movie relies on the thrill of the chase, the crazy stunts and it is truly entertaining and comic characters. So why is this franchise so successful and why is it that release after release, even its critics still watch it in droves? Maybe it is because it is not meant to be taken seriously and simply for the entertainment effect but whatever it is, here are the top 10 ridiculous

10. Boat Jump – 2 Fast 2 Furious

This franchise has a lot of horribly executed films that leave us feeling cheated and even though we still go for more, the more we watch the more we are convinced that the producers of this franchise are getting crazier as time goes by. 2 fast 2 furious took the crown as the craziest, worst film of all time. Even John Singletons glitzy style had nothing of substance to offer.

The crazy stare and insane drive scene notwithstanding, the most ridiculous part of 2 fast 2 furious is when Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Brian (Paul Walker) ramped their car into a yacht in motion. Brian who seems to be unfamiliar with the terrain and is clueless that there is even a ramp on the end of the street he was driving on not to mention the speed needed to land them on the boat. On impact, the characters appear to be in pain with a reaction to the pain that appears to be genuine. The most ridiculous part is that even after being in a crash, they are still in good form to engage in a shootout, shoot the bad guys and come out tops barely seconds of their crash.

9. Tanker Dodge – Fast & Furious

If you are not convinced of just how ridiculously fast and furious is, consider the 2009’s Fast & Furious which leads with Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel and some proto-version of their supposed “family” in the Dominican Republic hijacking fuel. At one point in their fuel jacking business, there is near catastrophe when Letty and Dom are boxed in between a tanker on fire that is blocking the road behind them while another is barreling down on them. In the middle of this nightmare that would freak out even a person with superpowers, a closer look at Dom’s face shows that he is unbothered by it at the 2:12 mark of the video

The franchise portrays him here as the superhero who can do some Sheldon Cooper type of calculations and determine the tumbling of the tanker, time its bounces and makes a magic like a slip under the tanker and escape unscathed. For the first time in this crazy movies, we come to view Dom as a magician who should be on Harry Porter or be Harry himself and not as just some guy who gets off on the thrill of the chase. After all, some stunts are pure magic.

8. Highway Catch – Fast & Furious 6

If you think you have heard it all, consider what happens in Fast & Furious 6 which is the most ridiculous edition of the fast and furious. In the action set in Spain, which comes midway through furious 6. This is where we get to witness Dominic’s new found superpowers that seem to have peaked. There’s a crashed Mercedes which is being dragged by the villain’s tank along the highway bridge and this is where Dom comes with the idea of Roman and Brian knocking it over the edge to act as an anchor that would slow down the villains. Here is the twist, in the competitions car, there is Letty who is suffering from amnesia and whom Dom is still in love with. Roman and Brian do as instructed and they knock off the anchor from the bridge.

Letty exits the tank in order to sever the link between the two vehicles and Dom, of course, being in love with her does his voodoo brain magic and calculates what the length of the cable is between the tank and the Mercedes, the moment the Mercedes will collide with the bridge, the Mercedes weight, what the impact will be on the tanker and the exact angle Letty will be sent flying into the air. True to his superpowers, he times his movement so perfectly speeding alongside the tanker, he then crashes the vehicle onto the guardrail and uses the impact of the launch himself into the air so that he is able to catch Letty as she flies in mid-air and land on a stationary car’s windshield. This is physically impossible not to mention the fact that the impact would have killed them instantly.

7. Bus Flips – Fast Five

So you think the first four movies were ridiculous? You haven’t seen anything yet. After- five movies, famous five has revved up the insanity and is doing the impossible with a straight face. Five minutes into fast five, the audience is treated to one of their famous insane moves. This is no longer physics and seeing their stunts one is sure it must be magic or some version of it, I mean, there is no way a speeding bus can hit Brian’s car from behind and fly leaving Brian unscathed, unmoved and with nothing but a scratched bumper.

If you think that is ridiculous, hold on to your seat because that is not the reason we put this on the list. The craziest part is that the bus does about five rotations during the crash at high speed which is enough to eliminate everyone in the bus and then some but true to the magic of fast and furious, we are instantly informed that when the bus rolled, Dom escaped without a scratch and if you think this is crazy, here this, every single person on the bus survived and there wasn’t even a single casualty. That is the height of ridiculous.

6. Dom’s Detective Skills – Fast & Furious

Franchise tries to pull in the ladies by employing some plots only seen in soap operas like using amnesia and murder as major storylines something we always find hard to believe This tactic is first utilized in Fast and Furious when Dom is informed that Letty had been killed (Letty is the lady Dom is in love with). Dom and Mia (Jordan Brewster) his sister, decides to visit the crash site where Letty was reported to have been killed.

Just like in any soap opera or sci-fi movie, in the midst of his grief, Dom gets a superpower or a version of it. Here is where his deduction skills emerge and we are left feeling cheated I mean, this is not the first time Dom has needed this kind of magic as he has been in scraps where he could have used the Sherlock Holmes abilities to get out of some major trouble but instead he chooses this time to discover them further enhancing the Soap Opera storyline. Here he utilizes his new found power of deduction to reconstruct the crash in his mind by relying on the skid marks left on the street. If you think that’s ridiculous read on.

5. Dom Fights Hobbs…and Survives – Fast Five

Being a producer in the fast and furious gives Dom (VIN Diesel) the leeway to portray himself as the all-time badass with an IQ that surpasses that of Einstein with a stretch that defies logic or realism. Dom, a former mechanic according to fast and furious is such a badass that in a fight with Hobbs( Dwayne Johnson AKA the Rock) who is a trained member of the Diplomatic Security Service, Dom comes out tops. Dom, using a tool of his trade, a wrench, beats Dwayne Johnson and almost kills him. Watching the movie one is left wondering whether these guys are actually serious I mean, have you looked at the Rock? The guy is an actual rock and is so ripped that he can tear a man apart just by touching him with his pinky.

By comparison, Vin Diesel looks like a toy with a few packs but apparently, by use of his superpower, he is able to come out tops in a fight that even the most refined fighters of WWE would not even come close to winning. The scene does not even try to make us believe that the fight had some realism to it. Its just Dom hitting and winning.

4. Cliff Jump – Fast Five

By the time you get to fast five, you think you have seen it all and that there is no way these guys can top the insane stunts they showcased before. You would be wrong. The guys get crazier as they keep pushing the realm of reality. You think we are joking? Picture this, crashing a car on to a train in motion is no biggy for the fast five and it’s still no biggy to see Paul Walker jump off of the mangled heap of metal so that he doesn’t get obliterated by the bridge that is nothing the movie goes a step further to defy logic and even the laws of science by having Dom who drives a rescue car off of a very high cliff and here we see the two guys jump off of the flying car before it hits the water.

The kicker, even after hurtling down on a drop of over 500 foot, the two guys bob back out of the water a few seconds after hitting the water looking unbothered and without a care in the world after a fall that would have broken all their bones. The franchise is really getting unhinged as time goes by and it this is truly the height of it.

3. Building Jump – Furious 7

Fast furious must have garnered some following because the producers in this franchise went ahead to come up with another absurd movie in the name of Furious 7 that promised to bring in all the crazy the producer still had up their sleeve. Furious 7 topped all its absurdities and by now we doubt there is any other franchise that is ever going to top this. We have seen a lot of car jumps and we have seen lots of stunts from one franchise to the other but none beats this one. Picture a supercar, vibrant red, shining under direct sun, sailing between two buildings and you would be forgiven for thinking you are in an alternate universe.

This is the height of ridiculous. Furious 7 is making statements and throwing out dares to anyone with the gumption to challenge their slot in the absurd scale to bring it on but with such stunts, we doubt anyone in the movie-making industry will be toping this level of insanity any time soon. The truth is, even though we feel these stunts are unbelievable and we are left feeling cheated, the movies are still the best form of action entertainment out there and we are still their number one fans.

2. Driving Under A Truck (The Fast & The Furious)

This is one of the mildest stunts in relation to the position the franchise is at now and the stunt seems almost believable compared to the kind of absurdity we are used to in the movies that followed this one. The fast and furious starts with an opening scene of a heist involving three Honda Civics that are trying to rip off electronics such as DVD players that are in a truck going at high speed. The scene that stands out is where one of the cars is driven on to the opening between the tires of the truck to prevent it from getting caught in some construction works.

The franchise must have really fallen in love with this stunt or it probably got some rating because they repeated the stunt towards the end of the movie when Letty is trying to save Vince (Matt Schulze). She drives her car into the exact same space and comes out from the other side, spins, and crashes but even with the crash, this is where we began to see that the franchise was going to take us through a rollercoaster ride of absurd moments that are thrilling but truly hard to believe not to mention impossible to execute.

1. Cars Parachuting Out Of A Plane -Furious 7

The best scene so far and the one that made for a perfect appetizer in preparation for furious 7 is the scene where Dom and his buddies decide to drive their cars midair out of C-130 plane on a free fall before they deploy parachutes to land safely in the Azerbaijan mountains.

This seems absurd but to heighten the absurdity, it is revealed on a featurette behind the scenes that part of this scene was actually achieved practically. It is revealed that the stunt team decided to literary drop some of the cars from the plane followed by skydivers to film the unbelievable action through mounted cameras on their heads. This revelation does actually make us feel better about the whole franchise now that we know they don’t just pull this stunts out of their hats they actually do make an effort to try out some of their crazy stunts. All in all, even with all this crazy stunts, fast and furious is one feel good franchise that still keeps us enthralled years after their first release and we will still be waiting with bated breath for all their releases and we can’t wait to see what new stunts they will come up with to top up the previous stunts.

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