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Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants We Wish We Had In America


Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants We Wish We Had In America

We want them. We need them. We can dream about them. We can hope they will get it together and open up near us. Here are the Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants We Wish We Had In America.

10. Dicos

Dicos is a Chinese fast food chain that is super popular in Asia. Apparently, Dicos has about as many locations as McDonalds does. Say what? How did we not know about this place? Well, unless you have traveled and eaten there it is unlikely you would have heard about the wonders of Dicos even though they are mega popular. Basically, they are just like your standard fast food burger spot here, but with an Asian flair. For example, they have a spicy “good luck” burger that will make you long for a second soda. Dicos even advertises using sports icons and themes just like here at home. In 2019 they ran an NBA themed advertising campaign that would have gotten you just as much as any Mcdonalds, Burger King, or A and W ad over here. Oh, Dicos! We wish you were in America!

9. Kaati Zone

You know when it is Taco night at your house and you have the age old conversation about what kind of shells you all eat. Are you a soft shell or hard shell kind of person? Did you get enough of the shell that is needed or will mom be sad she has no more hard shells? If you are a soft shell person do you like the small ones or the big ones that make your taco a burrito? If you are a big sofa shell person then Kaati Zone is for you. Kaati Zone is a fast food chain from India that specializes in wraps. Wraps of all kinds. Wraps with meat and wraps with veggies. They also have sides that are oh so yummy and oh so different than any of the sides you can order at a fast food joint in the U.S. They have Masala Fries, corn and pea falafel, and chicken Shami Kebab. You can even do add-on’s or customize your wrap. Or, you can upgrade to a whole wheat roll. Kaati Zone is the zone for all of those sofa shell lovers who feel they do not have enough choice at Taco Bell. You know? It is okay to admit this and still adore Taco Bell. Nothing wrong with having some contentions with the places you eat at regularly. It is also totally find it long for something new and exciting. Because honestly, getting a new fast food chain in your country is super exciting. Everything seems fresh and alive and sparkly. Mmmmm. Kaati Zone. We will dream of you and your soft shells.

8. Pizza Pizza

This one may sound a bit familiar to you and that is because though Pizza Pizza is not currently available in the U.S you can get it in North America. Pizza Pizza is a Canadian Pizza joint that promises fast and cheap pizza delivered right to your door. Pizza Pizza was founded in Toronto Ontario in 1967 and has been going strong ever since. Why has this chain not come to America? Well, it oculd be because it is super duper similar to Domino’s. That being said, Domino’s is available in Canada and so Canadians get the choice between the two when they are ordering fast food pizza. Pizza Pizza is also great because they always have promotions going. They often will have a combo which includes a free movie ticket and their online ordering platform is super well done, easy to use, and almost never glitches. Next time you are in Canada try Pizza Pizza and see how it compares to what you order at home. You can also pop in to one of their many locations across Canada to get a slice. 

7. Teremok

This next one comes from Russia and it rocks. Teremok is a crepe place, well, actually a blini place (which is basically a crepe) which first opened in Moscow in the late nineties. Some New Yorkers may know this chain because for a brief moment there was a location in the city, but that closed in 2018. It had only been opened a year. How sad! Why did they close? Well, they left because of what they felt was “open hostility” towards them. Which sucks! This is so too bad! Because of supposed hostile feelings we are all missing out on some pretty delicious fast food. Delicious and different! We do not necessarily always want a burger. Being able to grab and go something totally different from the rest is awesome and we wish we had some more of that in America. Come folks! Let’s get it together and open our doors to Teremok! They are so great! Not only do they have food that most of the population is not accustomed to but they are also known for experimenting and trying outlandish dishes. For a fast food chain that is a pretty special quality. Many places will stick with what they know and what sells. But, maybe sometimes that can be boring or even predictable. To find a fast food chain that is willing to think outside the fast food box is dope. If only we could have more of that.

6. Hesburger

Hesburger was founded in Finland and is basically the largest hamburger chain there. You can also find a Hesburger in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, and even Russia. They have just under five hundred locations and are super duper great because they have way more vegan, gluten free, and all around healthy options than say a McDonalds or Burger King does. For example, while we have chicken nuggets they do too, but they also have soy fingers. Not only do they have cool options like that but they also have neat sauces that we can’t get here; like a cucumber mayo, a curry mayo, or a garlic mayo. When you look at the Hesburger advertisements you would think it was McDonald’s but it isn’t! They are very similar to the fast food chains and formula we have here in the U.S, but just different enough to make us jealous. We are clearly missing out. The worst part is that doesn’t seem like it would be that hard for them to fit in here and do well. Who doesn’t want to try soy fingers and cucumber mayo? Well, maybe many people don’t want that, but the ones who do really want it. The other thing with Hesburger is that they also do the unhealthy stuff really well. Their fries can rival those here and so can their burgers. Hesburger is so the same and yet so different. Maybe, just maybe, we can get our very own Hesburger one day!

5. Pizza-La

In Japan there is this place called Pizza-La and it is clever. It is delicious. It is the highest grossing pizza spot in Japan, that is right below Domino’s… Because – let’s be real – Domino’s is awesome. Pizza-La is cool for so many reasons and some of those have to be just because it is Japanese. For example, the name is a sort of play on the monster Godzilla. Pizza-La… Godzill-La. Get it? They also have a mascot, because hey – it’s Japan and why not? – who is shaped like a slice of pizza and has a little face which goes through all kinds of emotions. You can see the mascot surfing waves in summer advertisements or handing out with friends in what seems to be a karaoke party. When you go to Pizza-La you get great food with lots of options, but you also get some heart-warming entertainment. Sometimes fast food should have a bit of kitschy personality, no? That is why we need a Pizza-La in the U.S. We need it because Pizza Hut does not have a mascot like the slice form Pizza-La and Pizza Hut is not names after a local sea monster and Pizza Put actually just does not have as many options. Right? 

4. Chicken Licken

The next restaurant that we wish we had in America is Chicken Licken. Chicken Licken was founded in 1981 in South Africa. It is exactly what it sounds like: a chicken fast food joint that will obviously make you want to lick your fingers and maybe even lick up whatever is left on your plate because of how yummy it tastes. Like, come on, with a name like Chicken Licken how can the food not be good? They have chicken in all kinds of forms for your eating pleasure; they’ve got chicken hotwings, chicken drumsticks, chicken burgers, chicken fingers, chicken poppers, chicken sliders, and even chicken club sandwiches. They also serve something called Lick’n Lekker which is ice cream that can come in either a cup or a bowl. Basically, they are like a South African McDonalds that is all about chicken. Even the style of the restaurant’s menu and font will make you think about McDonalds. Chicken Licken is the next place you want to be licking your fingers after eating some chicken. Too bad you can’t do that in America. It really is just too bad.

3. Wow! Momo

Wow! Woah! Wow! Jee Wize! Woah! Is the excitement there? Are you ready to hear about the chain which gets you pumped up just by its very fun name? Nothing like a little onomatopoeia to get the heart pumping and the smile on. Right? Wow! Momo is a fast food chain that started in West Bengal India in 2008 by a guy named Sagar Daryani. Wow! Momo has flourished since opening and has become one of those success stories you hear about in which a person starts from scratch and then works hard and ends up earning tons and tons of cash. Sagar Daryani started the business after taking a loan from his father. He approached a local grocer and proposed opening a stall outside of the grocer from which he could sell his food. As in any startup story there was also a garage. Sagar Daryani worked and cooked in a garage that was fashioned like a kitchen and transported food to his stall to sell. His days were long and tiring but boy has it paid off. Now, Wow! Momo really does make you go wow! That is, if you are in a country which has Wow! Momo for you to eat. Wow! Momo is known for their dumplings. You can get them steamed or pan fried. You can also get them with different kinds of filling and with different kinds of sauces. For example, you could have a steamed Paneer Momo, steamed Chicken and Cheese Momo, or a pan fried Corn and Cheese Momo with Schezwan Sauce or Tomato Sauce. You can even get a Chocolate Momo for dessert! Wow! Momo also offers a MoBurg, which is a burger! We need this in the U.S because we don’t really have anything like it. Fingers crossed that one day the bright yellow and red stall of Wow! Momo will grace our food courts and busy streets. If and hopefully when it does come, you just won’t know what hit you.

2. Supermac

Next up on the list of the Top 10 Restaurants We Wish We Had In America is Supermac. Supermac is an Irish fast food chain which offers eaters all the things they are accustomed to getting at fast food chains, such as: burgers, subs, wraps, salads, and even fish and chips! Supermac’s also has a dope fry offering. You can get regular fries (boring!) or you could get curry and cheese fries (what?!), or garlic and cheese fries (come again?!) or just regular garlic fries (that rocks for the people who are lactose intolerant but love garlic) and the taco fries (ohhhh yeah!). They also have jucies boxes, like the regular apple or orange but also blackcurrant. They serve milkshakes and fountain drinks. They also Offer party buckets just like at KFC. In the party buckets you can get nuggets, tenders, potato wedges, or even sausages! Basically Supermac is awesome. It sucks that we don’t have it here. If you want to enjoy the wonders of Supermac you’ll have to go to Ireland.

1. Toast Box

You don’t even know it yet but you are really missing out without having a Toast Box near you. Toast Box is a Singaporean company which was founded in 2005. On their website it says they are a “contemporary coffee chain rooted in the recreation of Nanyang coffee and toast culture popular during the 1960s and 70s.” Apparently the smell of this place is heavenly. Caramelized coffee beans… Warm toast and butter… Rich spices and melting cheese… Mmmmm. Is your mouth watering yet? Toast Box serves luxurious coffee at a fast food pace and price as well as toast that will make you feel homesick for mama. Some of the traditional toasts they offer even have the crusts cut off. Somehow this fills us up with nostalgia even if we never actually cut our crusts off. At Toast Box you can also get a lunch or dinner that is a little more substantial than a toast. They offer hearty bowls with rice, chicken, pork, or fresh veggies. They also serve soups with coconut broth or potato based gravy with egg noodles, bean sprouts and egg. They’ve got fish cakes and prawns. They’ve got all kinds of comfort foods that may not be the comfort foods you are accustomed to but will learn to crave. They even have take home jars so that you can experience their comforting flavors in the tranquility of your own abode. You can buy their peanut butter or their Hainanese Kaya spread, which is basically made with a coconut milk base and pandan leaves and honey. They also have small coffee packs you can purchase and a little bit of branded coffee gear. So, all in all Toast Box is hip, homey, delicious, and seriously awesome. We really need a Toast Box in America. Like really really really. Like wish for it next time you blow out birthday candles or see a shooting star or find a magic lamp and speak with the genie. We really need a Toast Box. Well… need may be the worn word. Maybe we want a Toast Box, but still. We really really really really want one. Was that clear? How much we want one?

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