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Top 10 places to backpack

How lucky are we to be living on this beautiful earth?!? There are so many countries to discover that it is so hard to pick which one you want to see first! Within each of these different places there are so many things to experience and learn. Travelling is so important in enriching your life. It exposes you to other parts of the world that can influence the way you think and feel about things. You meet all walks of life and see how people live differently all over the globe. You can see the beauty of the natural earth in some places that are untouched by the hands of man. You can meet really amazing animals in their natural habitat. You can also try really different and interesting styles of cuisine and food that you could ever imagine. Travelling allows your eyes and mind to be open and just how huge and amazing this world really is. You can plan out your trips the best you can but you will definitely have some surprises along the way. They can be amazing, scary but most of all they will be memorable. The world is too big to not leap at the opportunity to go and see it!

10. Nicaragua

This destination is a perfect choice to newcomers in the backpacking world. It provides adventure, beauty and does not empty your bank account. Nicaragua is located right near Honduras and Costa Rica leaving you with a wonderful hot climate and lush greenery. A really popular activity to do in the north of Nicaragua is something called volcano bombing. It is really popular and a thrill for adrenaline seekers. Action seekers can hike up Cerro Negro and slide down at full speed on the way down. Doing something like that on a volcano is really a story to tell. You also can explore the amazing beaches and mountainous trails. Do not forget about the opportunity to explore some caves as well! If you really prefer moving around to different places you can organize a really short one night stay in Nicaragua or draw it out to even two months. Everyone is different and there are countless new things to discover every time you visit this magical place. It is well worth the travel for all of the beauty, adventure and fun you will have. Whether it be on your own or with a group, backpacking here will be unforgettable without a doubt!

9. Philippines

The Philippines is such an interesting place that encompasses tons of things to peak your interest. This is the type of place that you will always have something more to discover. Whether it is a new island of the seven thousand they have, a new cuisine or amazing people that become life long friends, this is the place that has it all. It is relatively inexpensive to live there if you are packing Canadian or USD. Time flies when you are there and most people stay for months at a time. The water is absolutely jaw dropping, it is crystal clear and turquoise. The beaches are to die for and there are plenty of diving areas if you are feeling up to that challenge. There is so much to see in the oceans, you can rent boats and explore the sea life for a day. You can view the amazing coral reefs, explore inside of caves and even experience old World War II ship wreckage. You can experience the culture and get to know the locals, they are very warm and interested in tourists. Tourism is a huge part of their livelihood. When you go there you really feel like you are in another world, it is a must see!

8. Sri Lanka

This is a place that is not really a very popular destination. In comparison to the Caribbean islands or all inclusive resorts, most people don’t have Sri Lanka on their bucket list. A lot of people do not know what they are missing though! Natives from the area are very proud of their country and heritage and they have every right to be so. It is hot, unique and has many hidden attractions that will blow your mind away. One of the best things about travelling to this area is that it really is not too expensive. For two people at most you can spend $50 a day and live like royalty. You are able to get small meals for about $1-$3 each and stay in an accommodation for the night from roughly $10-$30. Most of the upscale hotels have been build near water so that it has an amazing view and overlooks sunsets and beauty. You can visit temples and old towns, relax at the beach or waterfalls and even climb mount Ella, which is a popular destination spot for visitors. The locals are known to be very laid back and welcoming when it comes to foreign visitors. It is a definite must see for many of these reasons.

7. Thailand

Now when it comes to Thailand, this country has definitely become more and more popular for tourists over the years. It is full of fun, beauty and a time to remember. Whether it is The Hangover movies that have peaked your interest into this crazy and beautiful place, or just on your bucket list, you will have no regrets one the plane lands. There are plenty of green jungles, unreal beaches, tasty food and people from all over the world that are on the same vibes as you are! It is a place that has been made to easily get around and see as much as you can without difficulty. You can walk, rent a bike or motorcycle or even hop on a boat and set sail to explore the next best destination. There is something for every type of personality in Thailand. If you are looking to unwind and meditate, there are plenty of places that welcome and explore those activities. Thailand is not just an area to relax, it is home of some of the wildest parties and nightlife. Some of the natural sights that you see will have you pinching yourself asking if you are really still on earth!

6. Peru

When you think of Peru, you automatically think of the world famous macho Picchu, but there is far more to discover that will leave you speechless. The main language spoken there is Spanish, but you will always find some locals who can get some English out, if need be. A must try when visiting Peru is the food. It is highly recommended and known for having some of the best food in all of South America. There are plenty of street food stands and local markets that allow you to try local cuisine that will not break the bank. There are many amazing cities to explore while in Peru, always remember to stay cautious though. As easy as it is to get lost in the love of travel, you are still a foreigner and easy prey if need be. If you do go to Peru, you should definitely try out a jungle tour. You can explore the Amazon jungle in a safe way with guided tours and protection. There are monkeys, sloths and massive snakes to say the least that you will find on your jungle adventure. To say the least, visiting Peru is an experience you will never forget!

5. Albania

Albania is one of those places that you do not seem to hear of on a regular basis. Maybe the country is trying to keep their precious land and paradise a secret from the world so it does not get invaded by travelers and tourists! They are water bugs there and have many hidden beaches that are absolutely stunning. There are seafood shacks where you can taste fish right from the water, now that is what we call fresh! You can relax, go surfing or scuba diving and take in some Albanian sunshine. One of the most popular beaches is Jale Beach that is in downtown Himara, this is where the party is at. There are many clubs and restaurants and everyone seems to flock there for the food, fun and adventure. Albania is a place that is really rich in history and has many stories to tell. There are several ancient ruins to explore and learn about. You can learn a lot about the culture as well by visiting Albania. There are many museums and areas that display the culture and the history allowing you to understand more about the way of life and the personality of it’s people.

4. Malaysia

There is a lot of variety in Malaysia for things to do which makes it a really popular travel destination because it pleases so many personalities and desires. You can travel and visit shrines and jungles and even go rock climbing. There are some amazing rainforests with animals in their natural habitat. What is really interesting is that Malaysia is home to some of the last endangered orangutans in the world. They really are a sight to see and brings on the message of how important it is to keep our animals safe, no matter where in the world There are many national parks to check out. Malaysia really is a place for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. Speaking of which, if you want to experience a majorly difficult mountain climb, head over to Mount Kinabulu. You actually have to hire a guide to take you and cannot go alone. You will also have to obtain a permit worth roughly $100 if you want to try to reach the summit of this crazy mountain! There are really cool bat caves all over the country and out of this world views. Malaysia is a place that has definitely earned a spot on many people’s bucket lists!

3. Australia

Australia is actually known for having one of the nicest beaches in the entire world. It is no surprise that many other parts of this unique country have mind blowing sights and attractions all year long. You must take your time when you visit this great place, there is so much to do and see that a mere week would never suffice. You must go sailing and you absolutely must swim in the Great Barrier Reef. The colors will amaze you and really draw attention to how important it is to properly preserve our beautiful earth. Damaging great places like this is too much of a shame to destroy it’s natural beauty. If there is one thing you should really take note of is the fact that Australia is home of some of the most unique and intense looking animals on this earth. Be cautious of your surroundings and protect yourself from danger that sharks or spiders or even snakes can bring by being aware of where and what is safe to go and do. Australia has a lingo of it’s own and it truly is one of the coolest spots on earth with great, welcoming people. It is a must see!!!

2. Nepal

When travelling to a place you have never been before, it is important to do your research and know what you are getting into. Customs are not always like the ones you are use to back at home, so it is important to be aware of how locals live and conduct daily life. Napalis cover themselves up and wear clothes that are not too tight or exposing. This is especially important to know if you are going to visit some religious sites. Being improperly dressed can cause major insult to locals when not respecting their customs. There are many things to do when visiting Nepal. It is a very old place, so there are plenty of old buildings that are rich in history. Nepal is not a wealthy country, so coming as a tourist you are very advantaged with the dollar. The country knows that tourists bring in money for them so they tack on many fees and permits in order to make some money. A common thing that most people insist on is getting really good guide if you are going trekking. Always remember to try and eat where locals eat also, so that you do not get any unexpected sickness.

1. Vietnam

Backpacking in Vietnam should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. There are amazing lush, deep mountains, incredible water, insane sights and mouth watering food. That is all to say the least, the great list never ends when it comes to one of the most beautiful places in the world: Vietnam. Surely, in the past it definitely sang a different tune for obvious war torn reasons, but today it is a popular destination for adventure seekers. You can visit the Temple of Literature that was founded in 1070 and was actually the country’s first university ever. You can motorbike or bike ride to get around the country and explore more amazing sight. An area called Nha Trang is actually a fun and popular destination to get in the water and get active. There are many activities like windsurfing and jet skiing. A plus is that there are really inexpensive accommodations in Vietnam which does not break the bank for your trip. The ticket alone there can really be high, so saving money where you can is ideal. You can use Air BNB or even rent a private room for as little as $3 USD per night! You will be so busy throughout the day and night anyways, who knows if you will even stay there!

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